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It was perfect morning for swim and Jenna waited her best friend here. She missed Kiara and spend time with her and why not swim? She was like now eating donats with sprinkle and she take with her some snuck. Chips our something nice to drink. First needed something eat and later go swim.

Kiara was happy that she took her swimsuit with her, but, of course, she wasn't going through Hogwarts in it. She had on jean shorts and a crop top. She didn't put her hair up in any way, she had just straightened them as always. "Baby!" Kia wheezed as she saw Jenna and immediately started to run to her and hugged her tightly. "So... What do you say?" She turned around as showing off her short hair and waited for best friend's reaction to that.
''Be careful, it's donat with pink color and white sprinkle.'' Jenna was so voried about her sprinkle and she looked to Kiara. But she hugged her gentle and let her go. ''I need finished the donat and then we can go the lake.'' Jenna again started eated.
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"The blue one is better," Kiara playfully winked at Jenna and fastly let her go and took some steps back, ready to start running if that was required. "Aaalright," she agreed and then dramatically rolled her lip. "I am offended, you didn't say anything about my hair." She even more dramatically turned around with her back to Jenna.
''You broke my heart. Tell me please, what camp we are going? So, i was wondering if i tell you? I'm thinking be together with Sirius. I can't find shcool but i think he is deserve a chance?'' Kiara know that he was a muggle and she was see him in New Yourk when she was sty in last summer at her house. 'They,are short? Looks good!'' She gave her compliment.
"I certainly did, love." Kiara lightly giggled with that and pressed a light kiss on Jenna's cheek. "Well, I think that we can go to the Arts one, pleaaaase? I know one pretty close to your house, it's for people who are sixteen and up, and both of us will be sixteen by that time." Kia had a soft space for everything with the arts and knew that Jenna was artistic. "Sirius? He is cool, but don't you think that it will be hard for you two to keep in a long-distance relationship? I support you, he deserves a chance, but I think you have to graduate at first. Otherwise, it will be hard for you two, you won't even be exactly able to break up with him if you will decide that." she lightly shrugged, she surely didn't have a big experience with relationships, but as talking, she took off her top and shorts, stayed in her swimsuit and laid on the ground as trying to take a sunbath. "Yes, they are. Thank you!" Wood sweetly smiled at Jenna, this moment reminded her of why she had a crush on Jenna last year. She surely was one of the most beautiful girls she had ever put her eyes on.
"Fine, my moon!" Jenna smiled her. "We can do that. I love arts and i wanna something new learn to." She agreed with her and summer she will be spend time with her dad and her brother Thomas. "You are right and i can't find here? I think there is more amaizing girls who boys like more not me. I just don't wanne be alone." Jenna told her and she was suprised when she kissed her cheeks and it was nice. "Let's go swim?" Jenna askedna finished donat.
Kiara excitedly giggled as Jenna approved her idea. "Yay! You won't regret it, I promise!" this time she didn't at least jump on her with a hug. After she took off her shirt, she tried to don't touch anyone, she disliked the feeling of skin to skin when they didn't have that much fabric between them. "Are you attracted to anyone? I can have a chit-chat with them and like push them a little your way. And well, boys are attracted to girls they think would suit them perfectly or exactly opposite. That's not your fault, you're wonderful. Maybe you just have to make the first step? Boys often are as shy as we are," shy surely didn't fit to Kiara. She was everything but not shy, but she still said we and didn't even feel bothered by that. "Well, I will go.. alright, let's go," Kia wanted to say that she will go later but instead of saying that actually she just agreed. She could sunbathe later, she won't tan anyway, her skin never tanned. "I will be first," she called out and immediately run into the lake. She understood that water was a bit too cold for that but she grew up in France, there often summers were colder than in New Zealand so she still run into the water without a real struggle.
She know that she won't regrit this but still she was glad about the camp with her bestie. It was summer and this year she will be sixteen years. How time go so fast and she felt a little older. "No, i know is bad! But i don't like." She take deep breath and why was so hard find somoune. Mayby she was to good for everyone. "Mayby Lysander and Dain was right. I'm to good and that my problem. They scared." Jenna told her and she know that Kiaras words was right. But right now she needed go swim and forgot sad thought.

Jenna walked closer to Kiara and started swim without running to the lake.
And how Jenna felt older with her sixteen years, Kiara felt weird that she was almost an adult. She felt like she just started Beaux, left her math specialized school and muggle friends, had to finish her art school while being on the other side of France and yet, here she was. Sixteen and half years old, in love, graduated from art schools, working in the best fashion shop, on a whole different continent, and she was absolutely enjoying her life as her parents would want her to. "You don't like making the first move? I can do that for you, just tell me on who and they will kneel in front of you," Kiara giggled at her own words while making her hair up, she wasn't exactly in the mood to get them wet. "I agree with Sander, BUT we are not going to listen to what Daintree said. He said that when you were breaking up and we don't listen to what our exes say at that moment. He was trying to soften his decision for you and tried to cover up the real reason why he did that. Whatever he said at that moment was just trying to make it easier for both of you, so we are listening only to our friends," Kia didn't have any real experience with breaking up, however, she had heard a lot, she had seen a lot and she had read a lot. She was sure that she knew what she was talking about because she was sure that no matter what circumstances, the break-up was always hard for both sides.

"Come on! You are no fun!" she lightly splashed water on Jenna and laughed.
Jenna listened to her best friend, but her words about taking the first step didn't make her feel better.
Kiara was very different from Jenna. She was able to find contacts with others much more and faster than herself. She didn't know it was a good idea make first step from her. Becouse she don't belive that would be work our she will be forgot again. '' I not that so confident as you, my darling. '' Jenna told her with warm and soft voice. ''Thanky for listening to me and cheer up. I apricate.'' Jenna blushed a little and swim water.

''I don't like run the waters but you love me.'' She smiled. It was weird yes, but she was that person who not running in the water.
Kiara laughed at what Jenna said. "Well, you don't even have to be confident. Just be yourself, you are adorable," she winked at Jenna and cheerfully smiled. Kiara knew that she was confident, but she also knew how many insecurities she actually had. "That's what best friends are for," the Ravenclaw lightly giggled and played with water.

"I love you and you will have to deal with cold water! Come here finally or I will pull you in!"Kiara splashed water again as a threat that she meant it seriously.
It was easy to say from her mouth. Kiara was so special and she seemed perfect and she understand why more boys choose her. Jenna smiled when she play the to the water.

''I wanna see that. I will wait.'' Jenna stoped for the minut.
Kiara laughed as Jenna said that she will wait to see that and immediately tried to run over to her. Of course, water was slowing her down but she got to Jenna anyways. And she got from behind her and started to tickle her, hoping that Jenna will run right into the water and that she was feeling tickles.
Tickle was so funny and Jenna was laughed with warm and nice voice. But she started to run the water. It was funny day and she started swimming her black hair was wet.
At this point, Kiara again was happy that she wasn't attracted to Jenna anymore. Even tho, this meeting reminded her of that all, but she tried to keep her mind of that. When Jenna started to swim, Kiara ran over and started to swim too. "I missed swimming," she laughed while swimming.
"Me to moon! I missed summer time" Jenna swiming and she was wondering if they see some mermaid to.

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