Sorting Ceremony Y44

Callie was in awe of this new place she had found herself in. She was of course confused, confused about all of it but in awe. The school was grander and more beautiful than anything she had ever seen and she was surrounded by a feeling of magic, surrounded by magic. Callie was glancing every which way as she entered a hall that very much could be called great. She stood in amongst the other students at the front of the hall as a man started speaking, and then a hat started singing. She heard someone whisper that it was enchanted and she thought that was selling it a little short. It was enchanted, yes, but it was enchanting. She ended up being one of the first names called, and gave a small greeting to the headmaster before she took her seat on the stool. The hat was placed on her head and she closed her eyes. Not sure what would happen next and just ready to find out.

"Strange new world, right? Bet you never thought you'd see a talking hat. Let me have a look and see where you'll spend the next seven years. It seems like you have a good head on your shoulders. That will suit you well as a witch, and in your new house...Hufflepuff!"
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Friday Weeks had been looking forward to Hogwarts for a couple of years. There had of course been the fear that she would be the sibling to not have magic, and therefore be left out of this world, but that had not been the case. She had magic and she was finally at the school. Friday was eager to get started, looking between the different people in the crowd of students, trying to pick out whom she could be friends with. It was difficult to do so just by looking at people, but friendly faces or people who smiled back would be easier to be friends will. She didn't really care if the friendships didn't last, she just needed some. Friday had been given a talk from her brother about behaving and not breaking the rules, but she was immediately deciding that she was going to break some. Even before she'd even been sorted.

Friday followed the other students into the great hall, she glanced between the tables, spotting Monday's blue hair at the presumably ravenclaw table, then Thursday's ginger hair at the hufflepuff table and finally Wednesday in gryffindor. She waved to them, giving an excited giggle. She approached the front with the others and weeded her way through the crowd, so she was right at the front, though with a surname of Weeks she was absolutely going to be the last one sorted. Friday thought the song was cool, but was quickly getting impatient. She just wanted to get sorted. The names were being read out and sure enough, Friday was one of the last standing there, and then finally, it was her turn.

Friday stepped forward and sat down on the stool, glancing quickly once again at each of her siblings before the hat was placed on. She had no preference, and had a more than 50% chance of ending up somewhere with someone she was close enough to, and that would be fine.

"Another Weeks? But you're all quite different. You've got a strong desire to be recognized. That will be up to you though your house can surely help you with that...Gryffindor!"
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Hogwarts felt abuzz with energy, and it was infectious. Beni could hardly stand still, getting up on his toes every now and then to take in the sky, the tables, the...the hat at the center of attention. Watching it sing had been one of the greatest pieces of Magic he'd seen, and he'd grown up around magic. Benicio clapped as it finished. He'd be there a while, his surname smack in the middle.

When his time came, Benicio mustered all of his confidence and quickly went to the stool, happy he didn't trip. He took a seat, getting a quick glance at all of the house tables before the hat was dropped onto his head, his vision darkened as it went over his eyes. He was afraid to touch it and adjust it, not sure if they were allowed to touch such a piece of magic. Now what?, he thought to himself wondering if he was supposed to do something. It hadn't looked like the people before him did anything, but he couldn't be sure. Benicio took a deep breath and then another.

"Now, you let me do my thing. Sit there, relax and imagine all the fun you'll have while I look about your head.....I see a lot of adaptability which is useful in a place like this when things get started, and I think you'll make the most of it in...Hufflepuff,"
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Excitement went without saying as Veronica lined up with a small crowd of first years, her twin sister at her side, as they stood in the very spot their parents did so many years ago. She hoped to replicate some of the things they had during their time, both of her parents had achieved a lot during their school years and even after leaving the school, it was quite the legacy to live up to but Veronica was confident she would be able to do so. Bailey had gone on and on about how much fun she had had during her first year that it had driven Veronica crazy, she loved her older sister but she hoped she wouldn't have to share a common room with her, she needed a break from the Hufflepuff.

Veronica knew she was in for a bit of a wait as students were called forward in alphabetical order of their surname of all things. Walden-Cade would be near the very bottom and her sister would go first of all things! Veronica didn't like that her sister would be sorted first because she was worried it would colour her own desire on where to go and she knew the hat considered personal preference. She didn't want to be in a house just because Millie either was or wasn't in it. She knew where she wanted to be and she wouldn't let anyone or anything change her mind. She watched as Millies stepped out before her and had the hat placed on her head and had her house announced for the whole school, then it was her turn. Veronica stepped up to the hat and sat in silence as the hat was lowered. All manor of thoughts ran through her head, any attempt to quiet her mind as failed and she was sure the hat could hear everything.

"I can hear it all, but it's quite useful for me. Allows me to see all those last worries or thoughts you have. This can nerve wracking, but know I will pick well, and for you, I see an easy choice...Gryffindor,"
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Mille didn't do well in large crowds so finding herself tucked in with a group of first years and the eyes of the rest of the school trained on them made the young girl very uncomfortable, her sister however seemed to be in her element as she eagerly awaited her fate. Millie had never put much stock into which crest she would wear on her school robes, wherever she ended up she just wanted to be able to find somewhere she could call home and somewhere she could have a little nook to curl up and read while the rest of housemates went about their busy lives. Millie had a good idea of how she wanted to spend most of her time at Hogwarts and she knew it wouldn't involve parties or much in the way of social events. She planned to devour the Hogwarts library and learn everything she could.

The group started to thin as the professor at the front of the Great Hall read through the list of names but Millie knew she would have to wait until the very end to find her home. She would be going before her sister and she couldn't help but wonder how Veronica felt about that, the elder of the twins always took the lead whenever they did things together so Millie learning her house first, knowing it meant so much to Veronica that she end up in the same house as their parent's, must have been eating at her a little bit. Millie took no pleasure in that, at least none more than a regular sister. Finally the list of names reached the W's and Walden-Cade came out of the mouth of the professor and up Millie stepped to find out her fate.

"This'll be easy, trust me. I can tell very quickly where you should go. Hufflepuff could've been good, and you'd have been a decent Gryffindor. But you have a curiosity and an intelligence which will see you achieving your best in...Ravenclaw,"
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Katherine Tolentino finally found herself at Hogwarts ready for sorting. Her student robes were on, the place where her future house badge would be empty. And ready to face any challenge and ask a lot of questions, Kit waited for her name to be called. Her parents had been very proud of her acceptance but were of course surprised that she wanted to attend the New Zealand school once closer to home. But the young girl always dreamed about going down to the southern side of the planet. While she didn't know much she had always heard fantastic tales of adventures and so on from family members that had been before. Especially her elder cousin who works here in New Zealand. That was likely the only reason her parents allowed her to attend so far from home, having family nearby. But as it was the fun older cousin she didn't mind that reasoning.

"Tolentino, Katerine"

Shaken from her thoughts Kit heard her full name being called and she walked towards the stage. She wasn't an easily nervous kid but something about the importance of this moment humbled her. She kept her head low as she turned and sat on the bench not wanting to see all the faces of the older students watching her. Briefly, her mind recalled a song her mother and father used to sing when she was very young. Where ever the hat decided to put her Kit knew she'd make some friends and have a good time. Closing her eyes she waited to hear her house being called out, not expecting a voice inside her head.

"This is an important moment, but it will be the first of many on your school journey. I see a very logical mind, a mind that seeks knowledge, is a keen learner....hmm, I know where you should go...Ravenclaw,"
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Amauri was straightening her robes as the others were getting ready to be sorted. She knew that in a few minutes she'd be overlooking the rest of the school, with all the eyes on her, and she had to be ready for their first impressions. The school itself was exciting, but Amauri kept her thoughts to herself, taking in the scenery quietly and without a fuss. Perhaps it was because she came from a magical family that she didn't seem as over the top as other students, but she was happy to see them happy. She'd heard all about Hogwarts of course from her large family, and with the majority of her aunts in Slytherin she had a feeling she may too have ended up in there. Wherever she ended up, she was going to do everything she could to make the most of her time at school, and figure out which direction her adulthood was about to take.

As her name was called, the brunette stepped forward through the crowd, emerging to the steps and taking a seat on the wooden stool. The bright faces looking back at her reflected her own inner dialogue, and she waited calmly to see which robes she were about to represent.

"Hmmm, I see you have a little family history at this school, but I wouldn't worry, that house is not the one for you. Instead, I see a hard worker, someone who strives to be the best. I see someone who revels in solving problems and for these things...I know where you should go....Ravenclaw,"
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Dominic had been waiting for this moment for a while, and to say he was keen to finally step into the castle as a student was an understatement. He was glad at least that he was doing this with Marley, as he was sure he would be a lot more nervous otherwise.

As Dominic looked around at his peers, he was shocked to see so many of them. He just kept within the group as they entered the Great Hall where there were four large tables for each of the houses and another large table at the front where the professors sat. He walked in between them until hey were faced with the sorting hat on the other side. He was unsure where he would be placed, as he really didn't have anything to base it off. He just hoped the sorting hat knew exactly what it was doing.

Dominic watched as everyone started stepping up to be sorted one by one. He appreciated the fact that the people in the houses clapped when they received a new member. It made everything feel a lot easier and welcoming. Finally it was Dominic's turn and he smiled as he walked up to the stool where the sorting hat was and sat down. "Hello sorting hat! I hope you've had a good day today." he thought, wondering if it could hear him. He figured if he was nice to it, it might be a little nice to him with its choice.

"My day has gone well, thanks for asking. I see that for you, there is just one house in our school where you could not end up. The other three, fair game. There's an intelligence, a creativity, a loyalty, a desire for adventure and a deeply hard-working spirit. This makes the decision fairly difficult…hmmm….hmmm…I see…okay then…Hufflepuff,"
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Natalie walked into the Great Hall with her head held high and couldn't wait to put Mic on her head and beg her to be put in Slytherin house, because she didn't want to be in any other house. That house and no one else fit.

Somewhere near the Slytherin sat the older brothers and sister. Of course, this group of students was also the sister of the news, according to the rules, students were called in alphabetical order and put on their heads, then they were placed in the houses where they fit. Natalie still stood with her head held high and proud, there was no anxiety at all. It didn't take long to get to the letter of the alphabet "L". At first Alexandra was named first and was sorted into Slytherin house. Now it was her turn. Called her name ''Natalie Larson''.

Natalie pushed her way through the students in front and didn't even apologize for stepping on someone's leg or even pushing someone. She proudly sat down on the chair, then put her cap on her head. ''Please put me in Slytherin because it's very important to me. Please put in Slytherin. Slytherin, Slytherin.'' she prayed with all her heart and hoped that her wishes would be heard, because they are so important. All that remained was to wait.

"I see Slytherin is all you desire, it overrides every other desire you have. It almost makes me think you should go anywhere but there, however…I see an ambition, a cunning that back up these desires, so…enjoy your wish...Slytherin,"
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The goodbyes at the train station was an emotional one for Kanao's family, everybody shed tears with, of course, a smile as well. The young girl did understand the sadness, she was leaving them for a little while and that never had happened before without anybody escorting her. The day school at Mahoutokoro was within the country and she was home by the afternoon, it was different than this one for sure. She assured her mother the most that she will eat and listen to her Sensei. Her father assured her that he was proud of her while her brothers gave her a big bear hug, almost lifting her from the ground.

And now, as she stood with the other new students, awaiting their fate. Kanao looked around, she didn't know that this school would be this diverse and welcoming. She was already loving the school, she already wanted to be friends with everyone but as the doors opened to a huge Great Hall, that thought was pushed aside. They all piled up in two lines and as the line moves, Kanao noticed the ceiling was twinkling. It was depicting the skies outside. She had seen powerful magics before but not this one, this one was unique.

After being mesmerized by the ceiling, Kanao's gazed moved to the front of the hall. She had to squint to make sure she was seeing who she was seeing. "Is that ... Noelle senpai?" She murmured to herself. The little girl doesn't have any knowledge about the school, all she knows about it was that Hogwarts New Zealand has another school in Europe. Once their group stopped enough for her to confirm the person, she was surprised that she knows someone in the new school. Kanao's mother would be happy about this.

The Sensei started talking and while that was on the way, she started looking around where her eyes can touch. It was a huge room but she still saw someone she knows as well, "Naomi senpai! what is happening?" Kanao whispered frantically to herself. She had thought at first that she was alone at this new school. Hard to get friends but then they appeared and she was relief all of a sudden. "Ubuyashiki, Kanao!" The Sensei called her. The girl confidently walked passed the other new students, waved at her uncle and sat on the stool provided.

She felt the hat being put on her head which went pass her eyes. Oohmp! I thought this hat fits me, I can't see their reaction. Bōshi san, you should have a charm that makes you fit on the head ... or do you? Really don't know anything about magical things or about you in particular. I hope my fate that you choose is the right one for me? Kanao really can't see the others but she can hear them.

"I am already rather enchanted enough, don't you think? But I will pick the right path, it'll be the right fate for you. I see great potential, a quiet desire to prove yourself and certainly a boldness and for these things, though you'd do well in Hufflepuff, I think you'll find your best path in...Gryffindor,"
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Since leaving her home Goldie had felt ill. It was a familiar ache of nervousness in the pit of her stomach that had been dull until she had stepped off the fateful train that had led her to Hogwarts. As she stood in the Great Hall awaiting her name to be called the pain had become sharper and sharper, almost to the point that she felt queasy but she stood as tall as her frame would allow her. The girl would simply have to wait it out so as her new classmates and house mates were quietly whispering amongst themselves while hearing other students names be called she listened to what the Sorting Hat said, taking to heart it's words whether they were friendly or not. She hoped that the dusty old hat would not be too critical of her because being exposed like that in front of everyone would surely make Goldie melt into a puddle of herself.

She tried to remember what her Auntie had told her about each house as the surnames started to get further and further from the start of the Alphabet until she heard
"Pippett, Marigold" called but could not recall what house her Auntie would think she should hope to get into. She knew her mother would be happy any way but she wanted to please both of the most important women in her life as much as she could so she hoped that where-ever she ended up would align with their wishes.

As Goldie sat down, she closed her eyes tight as if bracing for impact of the Sorting Hat and wiped her clammy hands on her new robes, feeling more and more self-conscious as she sat there in front of everyone. She hoped this would be a quiet, quick sorting process and she could fade away into obscurity quickly after.

"I do believe this will be rather quick, and you'll be able to join your fellow house mates in no time. I can see an ambition which hasn't found something to focus on, but a drive to work...and for this...Hufflepuff,"
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Enoch had been very much looking forward to the school. He had been to school before, but this was different, he was away from his parents and able to prove himself a little too. Enoch had a lot of plans when he got sort, and really it couldn't come quickly enough. He knew about the house, but he knew none of them would really matter. They would all be fine for him. A means to an end. He knew he'd have to be a little friendlier here than at muggle school, because he'd live with them, but Enoch wasn't really at Hogwarts to make friends, he wasn't at the school to be nice, or go on adventures. He had assured his parents that he was here to do well and had assured them that he would.

Enoch was frowning as things got started, all the fanfare seemed rather unnecessary, the song especially. But eventually things got started. His name was called and Enoch smoothed down the uniform, brushed back his hair and then went to the stool. He knew the hat would look in his mind, so he was doing his best to relax and let it see everything it needed to - though Enoch wasn't sure how he could do that. And then immediately wondered if the hat could give a prize for best mind, or clearest mind...

"I don't give out prizes per se, but you'll get a reward in knowing which house you should be in. It's an important decision, you know. You've got a mind and drive to get yourself right to the top. There's a house that will help you with that...Slytherin!"
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Faye was so excited she was practically bouncing on her heels in the Great Hall. She had heard stories of this place but had almost never dreamed her letter would come. She stood in tip toes to help see over some students who were taller, and anxiously waited. She knew they would call her name but she scanned the crowd for a hidden camera to see if it was a practical joke still. But it wasn’t and soon her name was called.

Faye moved to the front and grinned. “Hello Mx. Hat.” She greeted in gender neutral terms. She didn’t want to offend them after all and her parents taught her very young to respect someone’s identity. She sat beneath him and swung her legs, toying with her shirt sleeves. She just hoped wherever she went it would be more than just luck that landed her there.

"You've got a good sense of motivation and adventure, but you're also quite honest and kind. Slytherin won't do for you at all, no no. You've still got some figuring out to do. You're meant for...Gryffindor!"
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Ivy barely had time to admire the Great Hall as she was shoved by the other kids behind her. Catching a glimpse of a stormy sky, Ivy heard a name being called and saw a robed figure around her age stumble forward. Sitting on the stool, the kid looked how Ivy felt, terrified. Soon everyone was clapping and smiling as each kid joined their new house.

It was only a matter of time before Ivy herself had her name called out. She stood up straight and tried to look calm as she slowly sat. The hat was lowered onto her head.
"Hello?" Ivy whispered.
There was a silence that seemed to last forever. Suddenly the hat started talking; the words it said made her grin as a loud cheer went up.

"Hi there! Welcome to Hogwarts New Zealand. I'm sure you're ready to get to the feast. I never get to join, can't eat, you see, but I hear it's great. Let me just take a look right there. Ooh, you really like plants, huh? Fitting name. You'll do quite well in...Hufflepuff!"
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Bellamy had spent the whole train ride taking in all the details. He had read so many books about train murders and mysteries. If only he was lucky to be apart of something like that, obviously not the person that would be found dead of course. He couldn't solve the mystery then. But nothing as exciting had happened. There was still time. He entered the Great Hall, his eyes moving around taking in his surroundings. There was so much to see.

The sorting ceremony moved on quickly though. The headmaster began his speech. Bellamy listened, still looking around at the House Tables, the Professors, the students around him. He only brought his focus to one object when the hat began to sing. Bellamy had heard from Gemma and his parents about this hat. He listened to words of the song. Maybe there was some important detail buried within the rhyming words. As the hat ended the song, Bellamy's eyes grew wide. Had it said heinous crime? This, obviously caught his attention. There was a crime here at Hogwarts? But what was it? He wanted more details but the hat continued with the job. No more song. Bellamy was determined to figure it out now. He had some sleuthing to do. That would have to wait. He was soon called up to the stool.

Bellamy walked up, detaching himself from the other crowd of new first years. He took his seat on the stool. He closed his eyes as the hat was placed on his head. His thoughts were still on that one line of the song, the heinous crime. He of course wanted more information. Maybe the hat would be a good informant. So I know you have a job to do. But a heinous crime seems more important. What did you mean in your song? Do you have any details? What are the facts? his thoughts went wild, only thinking about that one line, not as much on the process of what was happening, his was being sorted. He continued to almost 'drill' the hat with questions about his song, through his thoughts as the hat made the decision about which house he would be placed in.

"Oh you are the curious sort, aren't you? Be careful what you dig up, you may find yourself in way over your head. Anyway, it isn't my job to talk rumors. I've got to get you sorted, and that'll be easy for you. Ravenclaw!"
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