Sixth Years: Lesson 5

Professor Matt Alcott-Ward

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Matt was glad to have arrived at the last of the founders to discuss, and one of his favorites despite being a former Ravenclaw himself. He waited for his students to take their seats patiently, before beginning his lesson. "Today we are talking about the last of the founders, but definitely not the least, Helga Hufflepuff. Her house is represented by the badger and the colors yellow and black, as I trust you all know. It's probably the house that gets the least recognition, but it brings forth some of the best people I know. My own daughter is in Hufflepuff right now, and I couldn't be prouder." He winked at April. It was still strange that she was in his classes now. "Helga Hufflepuff is known for being caring and kind, which is reflected in the house of Hufflepuff today. Her compassion and willingness to work hard are reflected by students of this house." He gave a nod to the Hufflepuffs in the class and paused so the students could catch up with their notes.

"Helga came from the 'valley abroad,' which most likely means Wales. She was particularly famous for her ability to charm food, and many of the recipes that you eat today in the Great Hall were created by her. She was also responsible for harboring House Elves at Hogwarts and giving them a very lavish place to live, she was concerned with their welfare, which is someting that not many wizards and witches at the time were worried about. She was also a good friend of Rowena Ravenclaw."

Matt knew that Helga Hufflepuff was the person with the least information recorded about her, so he was at the end of his lecture. He smiled at his class. "That was it for our lessons about the histories of the founders of Hogwarts. I'll see you all next week for the last lesson of the semester."

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Norton Gillespie

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Norton was enjoying himself as the semester went on, especially as he was working hard at the two extra classes that he wanted to do very well in. There was nothing he enjoyed more than showing that when he really put the work in he was capable. The teen had been working hard for a while, improving his grades and putting in the extra work so that he managed to do a bit better. He wanted to do something in one of the classes and he was truly interested in the subject matter that studying more for it was pretty easy. He was working hard a lot for it and it was good, he loved learning about it. He also thought it showed that when he put in the extra work it would pay off. He liked the fact it would pay off. Norton was getting ready for the day, he’d been up late looking at the stars, which made him a little tired that morning, but not in any manner than he could not handle. He was a big boy now! The teen grabbed the last few books and things that he would need for the day and then headed out to the class.
Norton walked into the history of magic class and took his usual spot in the room. The teen was a looking forward to this, saving the best house till last of course. Hufflepuff. He took out his notes and books and placed them down in front of him as the professor got started on the lesson itself. He had his quill in hand and looked to April as her father mentioned her. The boy had a wide and easily teasing grin on his face. He couldn’t imagine she liked the attention, but it had happened. The teen paid more attention back to the professor as the man continued with his class, telling them more about this woman, who she was, where she had once resided and little other pieces of information about her. It was all very interesting, and he was happy to listen to any and all of it. The boy had always like hufflepuff and he’d learned bits and pieces about it, but he had not gone out of his way for it. With that the lesson was wrapped up and Norton packed up his things and headed out of the room, pretty pleased that they didn’t have any homework and he could just revise and practice quidditch.

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