Seventh Years, Lesson Four

Enjoying the last of his coffee, Noelle could already hear his students approaching. He set his cup on its coaster by the window before making his way to the center of the room. All desks were pushed to the side apart from the usual refreshment table at the back, a shelf on the side where they could place their book bags, and another table with scrolls on it. Waving them in, he let them have a few minutes to get settled.

With a wave of his hand to close the door, Noelle smiled at the group. "Today, we are going to be performing wandless magic. I trust you have all learned to do nonverbal magic.", he gave them a small smile. "Many of you may have accomplished this when you were younger and training before you came to school. However, this is experienced with the more powerful spells as well. It takes constant and hard practice, great skill, and presence of mind." He let a moment of silence pass as the words sank in.

"Now, I want you all to stand in a line to this side of the room.", he gestured to his right as he began to move into position. Demonstrating both wandless and nonverbal, he raised a hand to move a desk from the front of the room to the back. "Waving my hand without the wand is already wandless, yet a bit simple to do. However," he pocketed his hands and looked at the scrolls, picking one to levitate and making it float towards the nearest student. "Catch.", he said before letting it drop onto their hands. "It's all in the mind. Since you are used to your wands channeling your magic, it will take extra patience and determination to succeed at doing wandless magic. Now, I understand if you all feel apprehensive about performing even the simplest of spells without your wands as it is and always will be an extension of yourself."

Noelle paced the length of the room and continued, "Clear your minds, concentrate on the scroll right across from you, and practice the summoning charm you all learned back in your first year. Accio. That is the easiest spell you can get when it comes to wandless." He turned to face them. "Visualize the scroll leaving the desk and coming to you.", he gave them a small smile, "If you feel the need, say the words aloud. You can practice the wandless and nonverbal in your own time. Now, shall we?", he gestured to the scrolls and they began. He took the time pacing around the room to guide whoever needed assistance. He knew it would be a great feat to even manage to lift the scroll but he trusted them to do their best. Soon enough, the class was over. "Good job today, everyone. Practice in your own time, feel free to come to my office whenever you need help." He waved to them as they slowly filed out of the classroom.

Assignment: Roleplay the lesson. First poster, feel free to catch the scroll.
Leonardo felt sad that he wouldn’t experience another Hogwarts Halloween. He had thoroughly enjoyed them, they were a good amount of fun, and even if he never looked like he was having fun, he certainly was in his own way. The hufflepuff just knew he wouldn’t have time for things when he was older. Leonardo knew adults weren’t supposed to have fun, and he certainly wasn’t about to start having fun as an adult. Leo was putting together the things he would need for the day, even if he didn’t have exams in this semester, he still had plenty that he needed to get to. And he needed to keep on top of things. Leo took the last few things and then headed to class.

Leonardo headed into the defence against the dark arts classroom and stood awkwardly towards the refreshment table at the back as others walked in. He followed their lead and put his things on a shelf at the side. Leo then glanced towards the professor as the man told them they would be doing wandless magic. Leo stood with the rest of the class in a line at the side of the room, and then looked towards the scroll at the other side of the room. He looked towards the professor as he demonstrated it and then let them get started. Leo visualised what he wanted, trying his best to stay concentrated on what he wanted, and then after quite a while of not getting it, Leo did eventually have the scroll fly into his hand. There was no time for him to practice again so he packed up his things and left the room.
Eston basically dragged himself to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. They had taken so many notes all semester. He was rather over it. He had no motivation to be here. He entered the classroom and took his seat, surprised that Professor Maxwell was back. Eston had assumed he wasn't teaching this year. Eston's eyes lit up slightly with hope of a more exciting class now that the professor was back. Eston listened as the lesson began.

They were doing magic today. He cheered slightly to himself. He listened as the professor explained a bit more before directing them to the other side of the room. Eston followed, his wand in his pocket. He knew he wouldn't need it, even if they were doing magic, but he liked to have to. He watched the demonstration, excited to give it a try.

It was much more complicated than Eston had imagined though. He spent most of the class period silent, wandless, motioning the scroll to come to him. He tried everything. He finally managed to summon the scroll to him at the end of the lesson. It did feel like an accomplishment though even if it had taken so long. He didn't have time to practice again, but he would have to find time outside of class. The Gryffindor boy packed up his things and left the room as the class was dismissed.
The last couple of weeks had gone a little fast for Evie. She had a lot of things to work on, including quidditch and her animagus training, as well as SDA and all of her classes. It was a lot to handle, but it also made her feel more confident in herself that she could do it all. She was handling it quite well so far so was sure she'd be able to get through it all eventually quite easily. The girl still had classes to do however, and so she made her way to them, hoping they would get a little more interesting for her.

Evie entered the defence against the dark arts classroom, shocked to see that their actual professor was standing at the front of the room. They had a substitute professor for all of the previous lessons, and so the teen thought that the actual professor had fallen off a cliff or something. Evie just took a seat within the room and listened as the professor started the lesson. He wanted to teach them how to do wandless magic, which seemed extremely difficult. They needed to try it on a scroll in front of them, in hopes that they would be able to make it come towards them. Doubting herself a little, Evie still did as she was told. She tried to focus on it coming towards her and said the incantation in her head, however it was quite difficult and she just couldn't do it. At one point, she thought it had moved approximately a centimeter closer, but that was definitely not what she wanted. Sighing, the lesson came to and end, so Evie just headed out.

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