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Second Years, Lesson Three

Professor Misha Haden

Charms Professor | Laid Back
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Looking)
Sexual Orientation
Ivy Wand 13" Essence of Gargoyle Tooth
8/2009 (38)
"Welcome back second years, I hope you've had good week so far and since we won't be staying in the classroom for long, I'll just jump right into it Let's get this started," he said as he clapped his hands to call the attention of the students, Misha smiled brightly at his students, keen to just get started, "Today we will be learning the locking charm and the unlocking charm, and they are quite self-explanatory if you have taken the time to read the chapter in book about them," the professor said with a small smile as he stood at the front of the room.

"Let's start with the unlocking charm," Misha announced as he looked over to each of his students to make sure that his students were listening. "The incantation is Alohomora. Say it with me everybody. 'al-LOH-ha-MOR-ah'. Good," he grinned as he listened in to his students practicing to pronounce it. As soon as he thought that everybody was ready he called them to bring out his wand and demonstrated to them the wand movement all the while making sure that everybody was getting it right. He didn't want any accidents after all and watching over the students would be the best way to prevent it. "That's great everyone. Now let's practice the locking charm so you can all get to using magic," he grinned and chuckled, looking forward to the students practicing the spell. "The incantation is Colloportus. Again. 'cull-low-PORE-tus'," and listened in as his students steadily got used to pronouncing them. After a while he had deemed them ready and called their attention once again to start with the wand movements. He was glad that his students easily understand things and were quite quick to follow as well, so it wasn't long before they were done practicing wand movements.

"Okay, everyone we're going to the second floor. Everybody follow me and please, no escaping from my class," Misha Called out with a smile as he walked through the classroom doors and waited for every student of his to get out before he closed the door with a flick of his wand, counting them to be sure he had all of them. He then led the students downstairs and noticed that some of them were curious about this activity of theirs. Justin didn't plan much of it really, but maybe this would be useful? He hoped it would. After a few moments they have arrived at their destination and Misha motioned for them to stand in front of him, "Okay guys, partner up and choose a door. Most of the classrooms here aren't used so you can practice on the locks and doors. You're welcome to explore too but I hope that you will practice the spells." he said with a small grin as he got around to looking over them. "If you're done, approach me before you go," Misha announced before watching the students practice on the doors of the countless second floor classrooms, helping with their spells if need be.

Roleplay the lesson and practicing the charms. Be as creative as you like.

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