Second Years, Lesson Three

Noel looked up towards the door that opened with the second years who entered the classroom, for todays lesson. He was going to teach them the Trip Jinx today and wanted to start quickly as possible so that they would have enough time to practice it. Jinxes were not his favorites, and there were better jinxes to master, but would teach them whatever they needed to teach. '' Hello and good morning, everyone,'' Professor Waldgrave said as his friendly brown eyes scanned the room. '' Today we are going to review and practice the Trip Jinx. Now, the name is rather self-explanatory. It causes your target to lose their balance and trip, which can be useful in some situations.'' He than told them. When he was an student he for sure had some people who he liked to use it on. But Noel had always been an good boy and followed the rules. And he suggested this students to not mess with it.

''While the Trip Jinx sounds innocent, it can be quite dangerous if used inappropriately. Naturally, you have all been warned. Tripping someone as a prank can be sound fun, , but outside of pranks, the Trip Jinx should only ever be used in duels.'' He than told them, making sure everyone heard this. ''Let's jump straight into it, shall we? Find a partner and practice the Trip Jinx together.'' Noel then shared the incantation with the students and let them find partners among each other. He continued when it seemed that everyone had found someone to practice with. ''Once you have both successfully used the Trip Jinx on each other, I want you to use the Shield Charm as well to block the Trip Jinx. You may also cast the Jelly-Legs Jinx and the Stunning Spell if there's time for it.'' Noel walked around in the classroom, like he always did and kept an eye on the students and helped them in case needed.

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Morrie thought the trip jinx was a handy spell to have up her sleeve although she snorted when Professor Waldgrave warned them about its potential dangers since it sounded pretty low risk to her.

Morrie decided to join in practicing with a partner. Whenever her partner hit her with the trip jinx, she got cross, muttering under her breath and shooting dirty looks at them. But when the tables turned, Morrie’s mood shifted dramatically. She found it wildly entertaining when someone else tripped. Her laughter echoed through the classroom, and she'd cheer a little whenever a classmate lost their balance. It was fun when it wasn't happening to her.
Apolline had thoroughly enjoyed herself at the valentines day dance. There was little she did enjoy more than just dancing about and having fun, and she did always manage to have fun. The few that she had been to. She did now wonder how difficult it would be to have a date date to these events, but she hadn’t yet found anyone that she liked enough or who liked her enough that that would become a reality. Instead she was just able to have some light fun with her friends or whomever she spent the time with. Apolline focused her attention on getting herself together for class and then headed out the moment she could.

Apolline walked into the defence against the dark arts classroom and took her usual spot in the classroom. She was pretty eager for whatever it was that they’d cover, and the trip jinx was pretty awesome. She took out her notes and began writing down the few things the professor said about it but it was then immediately moving on to doing the spell, which Apolline would never complain about. She grabbed her wand and paired up with someone. She tried the trip jinx, though it did take her a number of attempts before she got it. Apolline then did the shield charm to prevent the spell from hitting her. Doing the two spells and the others until the professor wrapped up the lesson and dismissed them.
Aroha had found last lesson entertaining so she was looking forward to more of the same. She wasn't disappointed when she learned they'd be learning a new jinx to try out. She partnered up again, laughing each time either of them got tripped up by the jinx. She couldn't help it - it was entertaining. She was perhaps laughing too much and getting some looks from others, but Aroha was just having a good time. It wasn't like she wasn't taking it seriously either; once she started blocking, she found herself strangely proficient. It was like her wand had suddenly decided it wanted to obey her, or rather, than it saw her as worthy. Aroha was pleased with the fact, and kept practicing the different spells. It was like having a mini duel without the points. Aroha enjoyed it immensely. She was almost disappointed when the lesson ended, but she knew there'd always potentially be next class.
Kyousuke made it to the classroom characteristically early, taking his usual seat near the front (but some distance from Apolline). He wasn't really that enthused about learning jinxes; he supposed it was relevant to their education but he wasn't someone who particularly liked pranks and they mostly came across as prank-adjacent. He nevertheless practiced the jinx, performing it rather well though he had no joy in causing his partner to trip over. It felt like bad slapstick to watch it happen over and over, and for Kyousuke to have it happen to him didn't exactly feel dignified. The lesson was over soon enough, and although he'd learned something, Kyousuke couldn't help but find the whole lesson unworthy of his time.

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