Second Years, Lesson Three

Landon folded his arms as the students filed in and took their seats. He was in a good mood and felt that last lesson was rather enjoyable to watch. He gave a smile to the class, "Good morning guys! How are you all?" He gazed over the class and just kept smiling at them all, even after nothing but a couple of nods from some of the students. "Well, remember the last lesson, you repotted the Mandrake seedlings. It wasn't all too pleasant, was it?" He chuckled softly. "Their cry isn't fatal yet, but it will knock you out for a couple of hours in the seedling stage. As they mature though, they put up more of a fight than what you saw last lesson."

Landon leaned against his desk and continued, "Those Mandrakes right now are in the toddler stage, and will be in the Childhood stage soon. Then, they will acquire more care and attention. But for now, all they need to get through the days is your care." He paused. "They prefer damp soil, shade to sunlight, and occasional food. It may sound easy, but it will take a combination of all three to help them thrive. I would like you all to go and find your mandrake and give them some water. Then, over in the corner are some barrels filled with food pellets. Only a fourth of a scoop twice a day to keep them satisfied." The professor smiled as he watched his students all scurry over to tend to their mandrakes. "Oh, and you'll have to poke the pellets down gently into the compost or they will over stimulate themselves trying to get to the food."

Landon sat at his desk the whole lesson, watching carefully as his students happily fed and watered their mandrakes. When the lesson ended, Landon quickly reminded them about their journals. "Don't forget to keep record of your mandrake. You will name it, talk about the stage they are in, and what you did to help it grow that day. Have a good week guys!"


Assignment: RP the lesson AND write a second diary entry about your mandrake for full marks. Both only have to be a few words.
Truth be told, Kyousuke found looking after his mandrake a bit of a pain. But it was necessary for good marks so he didn't complain - not during class time anyway. He entered the greenhouse and waited for instructions on what they'd be doing today. It didn't seem as strenuous as last week, thankfully, so Kyousuke got up and went to it. He watered his mandrake, made sure it wasn't in direct sunlight, and gave it some food pellets, pushing them into the dirt. Once satisfied, he started to work on his diary entry for that week.

My mandrake was easier to take care of this week. As for it's name, I'll call it Akira. I don't know whether it's a boy or a girl so I've chosen a gender neutral name. Akira is currently in the toddler stage but will reach childhood soon. I watered Akira, made sure Akira didn't get too much light, and fed Akira some pallets. I'm looking forward to seeing how Akira grows.
Apolline had liked the halloween celebrations in the previous year, but her struggle was costumes, she wanted to have a good costume, one that other people liked as much as she did, that wasn’t too terrible or cheap looking. She wanted a perfect costume, but she didn’t have any ideas for a costume and was struggling to figure out if she had any clothes that she could make into a costume. She didn’t want to ask her mum for just any costume, because as much as she loved her mum she was sure that her mother would pick a costume she wouldn’t like and then she’d be rude if she didn’t wear it. All these thoughts of the event were swirling in Apolline’s head as she grabbed the things she needed and headed to class.

Apolline walked into the herbology greenhouse and was eager to get back to looking after the mandrake. She glanced up at the professor as she took out all she would need for the lesson. She knew they’d have a little lecture before they were able to deal with the mandrake, so Apolline had her parchment out. As she’d thought the professor did have a little to lecture them on. Apolline took her quill and began writing down what the professor was saying about the stages their mandrakes were in. Making sure she got the information about what that stage meant. Apolline was glad then when they were able to just feed their mandrakes. She wanted to see it again, but they were focusing on just making sure it could grow. Apolline pushed the pellets into the soil, made sure it had plenty of water and picked a nice spot in the sun for it. She was pretty happy with it and then was happy to head out of the room.

My mandrake ate well today. It seemed 'hungry'. It has grown quite a bit since last week, but not much more than other mandrakes around it seem to have. I'm eager to see how it progresses further. I know I need to name it, but without seeing its face, that's hard to do.

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