Second Years, Lesson Six

Josef was in the midst of going over homework assignments when his second-year class walked into the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. It would be the last lesson of the year with this batch of second-years so he wanted to give them the same opportunity he had given the first-year class. They could either stay and practice their wandwork or leave to study for the end-of-semester exam. While he hoped that most of the students would choose the latter option, he really wanted to finish grading these homework assignments before the end of today's lesson with the second years, he knew that he could use a bit of a break from grading homework assignments and helping with wandwork was the perfect distraction. ''I'm going to give you two options,'' Professor Wolf said as he walked to the front of the classroom. ''You may either choose to stay and practice your wandwork or leave to study for the exam in the library or somewhere else where it's quiet. Remember that the exam will consist of a practical and a written portion, meaning you must study both. You'll have to partner up with another student for the exam portion involving spell-casting.''

He then tapped his wand on the blackboard next to him and made some writing appear on it. ''This is everything I want you to know for the end-of-semester exam. Study it well. Please don't hesitate to see me if you have any questions about the exam. The door to my office is always open for questions.'' Josef dismissed the class to do as they pleased. He could only hope that those that would leave the classroom would not disturb the peace. Once those that wanted to study somewhere else had left, the professor waved his wand and magically pushed the chairs and desks to both sides of the classroom so that those who remained could safely practice their wandwork. As always, he was available for questions.

End-of-semester exam review
  • Definition of a jinx, hex, and curse and the differences between each
  • Explain why we learn about prank-like jinxes
  • Study the effects of the following jinxes practised in class: Jelly Legs Jinx, Trip Jinx, Knee-Reversing Hex (you are not required to master this for the practical exam)
  • Applicable spells for self-defence (such as the counter-charm (Finite) or the Shield Charm (Protego)
  • Study the effects of the following jinxes: Stinging Jinx, Ear Leeks Jinx, Antler Jinx, Bat-Bogey Hex
June was looking forward to exams. Some were not, most were not. But June was prepared and liked studying. It was something she was raised with and she couldn't wait to show her father her good grades. Now finally in person when he would come out of Azkaban over the break. It was exciting and June was wondering how her life would look like again when both of her parents could take care of her again and she would leave Misha's place.

The blonde made her way to the classroom and found her usual spot in the front, making herself ready for the lesson. The last lesson again and she wondered how they would revise the lecture this time. And June listened as the professor suggested two options. She would want to go to the library, since she had no intention of practicing she could already do that. So wanted to take the lecture all in. So as the professor ended with speaking, she made an quick note of the blackboard instructions. June took her belonging and gave the professor an small smile before leaving the room, going to the library.
Horror Zhefarovich was ready to get the exams done and over with so that he could head home. That was why he had not tied his tie very well. He also just did not care that day. Horror did not sleep much, and no doubt that it was because he was up all night trying to read. It did not work without using Lumos, and he ultimately chose not to. He wanted to avoid waking his dorm mates because he was sure that most were just annoying. He finished getting ready, grabbed his belongings, and walked out of the Slytherin house to head to the next lesson. Horror walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. He sat down and listened for the professor to start speaking. Soon enough, they could stay and practice their spellwork, or they can leave to study for the exam. He opted for that since he did not want to bother practicing his spellwork currently. He grabbed his things and he left to head over to the Slytherin common room to get some studying done with his best friend.
Fraser was so pleased the semester was almost over. Of course he wasn’t too psyched about the fact that he had exams, but it wasn’t like he was actually going to spend too much time revising. He had never before and really didn’t intend to now. Revising was boring and he didn’t want to do it. The Gryffindor walked into the dorm room, having spent time on the pitch as he tried to do most days before class. He got himself showered and dress and then headed out of the room and to his class.

Fraser walked into the defence against the dark arts classroom and listened to what the professor said they could do. He wasn’t what he wanted, practicing spells was always fun, but he also knew that heading out of the room could be as fun, the weather wasn’t terrible, so he decided to just head out. He told the professor he was leaving to go study, and would try to, but he knew he’d probably give up after a few attempts and just head to the pitch.
Conan was, admittedly, starting to get quite nervous about the upcoming exams. He wanted to do well on them. At least, he didn't want to fail any of them and actually get marks he could be proud of. So, he was pleased for the opportunity to practice and revise in their final lessons. Conan opted to stay in the classroom so he could practice some of his spells, pairing up as he went over everything they had learned over the year so he was as prepared as possible for the upcoming exams. Then, once the lesson was over, he packed up and exited the classroom, already thinking of where he was going to head so he could go over his notes again.
Gemma hoped the professor would take the easy way out this lesson and just have them review. Normally, she found those types of lessons annoying and a waste of time, but this whole semester had been a waste of time. The Slytherin girl didn't see the difference between just having them revise and practicing useless jinxes. Well except, she preferred the first useless option.

The Slytherin girl took her seat in the front row, leaving her bag on her desk just in case she was lucky enough to be able to leave. The professor began the lesson. Yes, they would be able to leave or stay and revise. Who would want to stay? Definitely not Gemma.

She did have to copy down a few notes though. Gemma took out her note taking items. She began to write what would be on the exam that the professor had put on the board. She wrote it down as quickly as she could before packing up her things and leaving. She had survived this semester in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Only the exam remained. Hopefully, it wasn't too bad. She could hope.

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