Second Years, Lesson One

"Hello, everyone," Gabrielle greeted, giving the class a small smile and nod as they took their seats. She didn't really mind where they sat too much, as long as they didn't start chattering and disturbing the class. "For those of you who do not know me or have forgotten, my name is Gabrielle Moncrieffe, and I am your professor for first through fourth year History of Magic. You do not have to address me formally, though I expect you to address me respectfully and not rudely." It was hard being so teacherly. She didn't like being strict, but she knew it was important to set ground rules for the class. "Makes it easier for me to do the same back." She hoped that would lighten the mood a little. There were plenty of teachers she'd come across who didn't respect their students. They were usually the worst kind.

"This year we'll be looking at a couple of major figures in history, and we'll be writing a few essays as well. I'll go over essay writing in class if you would like. I'm not looking for perfect structure at this stage, but we'll work up towards improving your writing over time." She gave a sympathetic smile to the class. It wasn't the most thrilling subject to talk about, but it was important for all their subjects, not just History of Magic. "You'll thank me when you get to your OWLs and NEWTs."

"Just a short lesson today. I won't keep you too long, as I'm sure you have plenty of gossiping about your holidays to do,"
Gabrielle joked, raising an eyebrow at the class. "If you are struggling with History, or with any of your classes and need someone to talk to about it, my office is open. I can promise you a cup of tea and no judgement. Unless you're coming to tell me how much you hate history. I might judge you then." Gabrielle shrugged, smoothing down her robes again. "But if you want to do further history study too, have the spare time and would like to take on any additional projects, please let me know. I am always very happy to encourage the pursuit of passion projects in history, and will gladly help you find resources to learn more about any subject you are keen to further research." Her eyes shone a little as she spoke, hoping that there would be some students who showed a real interest in history. "But that's all for today. Go enjoy some fresh air, and I'll see you all next lesson. Come ready to take notes."


RP the lesson. Let me know if there's any major figures in wizarding history you would like to talk about at the end of semester!
Morrie slouched into the History of Magic classroom, already rolling her eyes as she dropped into a seat at the back. She barely glanced at Professor Moncrieffe, but her cheerful "Hello, everyone," drew a groan from her, she wondered if the professor would consider being called Gabby or Gabs as respectful? Morrie didn't see a problem with it. She didn't listen to much of Gabby's lesson, preferring to strop instead. She left the classroom as soon as they were dismissed.
Kyousuke entered the history of magic classroom in good spirits. He enjoyed history, especially since it was history he wasn't really exposed to when he was younger. Kyousuke took his seat and readied himself. He listened to the professor, thinking it reason enough that she wanted to be addressed respectfully, but was a little disappointed when they didn't end up learning anything new. There was always next time, and Kyousuke knew he had to get more used to essay writing if he wanted to excel in the subject. He was intrigued by the idea of potentially doing extra history but he'd have to think about it. It was early in the semester and he had to manage his time carefully if he wanted to maintain his perfect grades. When the lesson came to an end, Kyousuke departed.
Helios had really tried to bargain for his place at home. It had to be better and safer to be at home, but his sister had a boyfriend, or something close to that, so of course she was back to having no time for him. Or so he perceived her to have no time for him. Though they had spent plenty of time together over the break. He just knew that this would go badly for him, that she just wasn’t seeing what he was seeing and wasn’t able to predict what he was predicting would happen. So he was stuck back at school, and needing to spend time doing classes. He headed out of the dorm with plenty of time to make a safe journey to his class.

Helios walked into the history of magic classroom and took his usual spot in the room. He glanced at the professor as the woman got started, and he nodded along to what they would be doing in the lesson. It was definitely going to be an interesting semester, though he was sure it also was going to be at least safe, comparatively with some of his other classes. He wasn’t too bothered that it was a short lesson, and he just headed off, knowing it would take him double the amount of time as most to get to his dorm room. Since he always moved more slowly and carefully that most.

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