Second Years, Lesson Five

Professor Lillian Sword

HoM 1-4 | Intellectual | Driven
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Straight 11 Inch Rigid Black Walnut Wand with Manticore Venom Core
1/2010 (38)
Professor Sword waited until everyone was seated before she began. "Today is going to be easy; all I'd like you to do is study. You may do this with a friend or by yourself. You may go to the library or stay here. Whatever you choose I just want you to study for your exam, which will be in two weeks," she said, hoping the emphasis on two weeks would kick start some of them into studying. "Once again, it is up to you. For those of you who want to go to the library, you may go now. Everyone else, please get started."

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Selene Le Fey

Le Fey twin, Ravenclaw, scared of sleep
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Bloodwood 15 1/4" Essence of Phoenix Ash
12 (12/2035)
Selene made her way to the history of magic classroom. she had been right to doubt her optimism last week she had battled though the last few nights without much sleep at all. She took a seat in the classroom and drew out a piece of parchemnt as she waited for the professor to start to talk. if she didnt write notes today she doubed she would remember anyhting. if she sisnt write notes today she would possibly fall asleep. she was glad it was just a revision class. she tossed up between staying in the room and going to the library. if she left she would get in less trouble if she fell asleep but she would be more likely to. if she stayed the opposite would be the case. She decided to stay. she took out her textbook and started to read trying to force herself not to fall asleep but before the class was up she felt her eyes grow heavy and before she knew it she was jerked awake her head resting on the book. she must have only been asleep for a second she looked around nervously hoping that no-one had seen her. she kept reading this time focusing so hard on not falling asleep that nothing really much went in. once the class was over she went to the dorms and didn't even bother getting fully undressed before crawling into bed for a much needed sleep.

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