Second Years Lesson Five

Mallory smiled as her students came into the classroom. She stood. “Alright, darlings, today we’re going to have a bit of fun with this lesson. Does anyone remember the game of hide and go seek?” She asked, her Russian accent light. She used to play it all the time as a child, and Dimitri always won. She smiled as the students looked at her in confusion, chuckling softly. "The spell for today is Homenum Revelio. Can anybody tell me what it does?" She asked, calling on a student. She smiled warmly, nodding at them. "Very good, dorogoy, two points for you. Homenum Revelio is a spell that reveals the presence of humans within a specific room or area. The location of the humans or the humans themselves are then indicated by a marker to which only the caster can see,"

Mallory walked slowly along the front of the room, looking to each of the students in turn. "Those who have been discovered by the spell are likely to feel something swooping over their head," She continued to pace slowly in front of the class. "Wand movement is just holding your wand out and incantation is Homenum Revelio. Repeat after me,” Malloy ran through the pronunciation with the students a few times, smiling when she was sure they had all gotten it.

“Now, leave your things and follow me so you can practice your spells, do make sure to grab your wands," she said with a small grin and headed for the door, waiting for her students to follow her, a small notebook in her hands. She made sure each student had their wand as they left the classroom, then led them once again to the second floor.

Once they were on the second floor, she turned her attention back to them. "Now. As I said earlier, you'll all be playing Hide and Go Seek. One of you will seek the others for a maximum of five minutes each. And each of you are all given half a minute to hide. If you weren't found by the first seeker, it's alright if you stay in your spot until someone finds you. Just make sure to come out if I am the one who calls out," Mallory chuckled, wondering how many would be able to survive this game. "Each of you will get to play seeker and for each classmate you find, I'll give you a certain number of house points. Remember to stay on this floor for the game, alright? So, you can be the first seeker," she said with a grin as she pointed to one of the students who was closest to her. "Oh! And all the doors are locked right now. So, good luck. Everybody ready?" she could see that at least some were eager to get this game going. She just hoped though that some of them were smart enough to actually use Homenum Revelio for this little game. It was quite useful for things like this after all, especially since they had limited time to seek. "Go!" she announced. and with a chuckle she supervised the game, making sure to tally how many classmates each of her students found, and adding a few points to the student that never got caught. Soon enough, the last seeker's five minutes were up and with a few reminders, she had sent them off to get their things and class was dismissed.

-limit of three student finds per seeker-
Charms was definitely Lucy's favourite subject - with all the fun spells, and the fun games, it was just that: fun. She entered the classroom, excited to see what they'd be doing next. Lucy was chosen to answer the question, and answer she did: "It shows if humans are in a particular area." She was pleased when she got the answer right. She repeated after the teacher the incantation a few times until she felt like she got it. They all then moved to a new location, leaving behind their things except their wands. Lucy was chosen to be the first seeker. Lucy closed her eyes, counting to thirty, then set off in a rush to find her classmates. She remembered to use the spell, and with it managed to find two students, the third escaping her. Lucy was a bit disappointed she hadn't found the third but it was only five minutes - not much time at all. It was then Lucy's time to hide - she remembered to lock the door behind her as she hid in a room, waiting. She was found by some, but not by others, in the different times they played. All in all, she thought she'd done rather well and had had a great time doing so. The spell was really interesting, and she kind of wanted to keep playing and have another go being the seeker but the time was up and she had to carry on with her day, fetching her things from the classroom.
Audrey wasn't necessarily someone who could fit in tight spaces. She wasn't exceedingly tall, but she wasn't short by any means. She was broad shouldered, an unfortunate inheritance from her parents, and as she had just turned thirteen she was in an awkward state of growing. Accordingly, Audrey was almost a little hesitant when she found out they would be playing hide and seek in Charms class. Almost. She knew she did well with charms. Audrey loved the work, and she was dedicated to it. But she didn't like the idea of not being very good at the class because of not-Charms things, i.e. hiding.

Still, she was determined to try, so when they were set off Audrey jogged down the hall as fast as she could and unlocked a door. Not the furthest away, that was too obvious, but still far enough that it wouldn't be easy to find her. She wanted to practice the spell herself first, but Audrey didn't want to fail and get caught so easily. So she thought, anyway. After squishing herself rather uncomfortably into a cupboard in a classroom - only barely able to close the door - she waited. And waited. And waited. Before she even realized it, Audrey was getting upset. Her brain, always working at a million miles an hour, suddenly came up with the thought that what if nobody finds me and they all forget I'm here and between that and the enclosure of the cupboard, she burst out of it with a sharp yelp, breathing heavily. Soon enough she was found - thankfully, though, by then she'd calmed down. It did take her a few goes to get the new spell right, though, as she was still a little shaken. She was at least able to find one student by successfully using the spell, but she felt disappointed in herself for only finding the one.
Toby would much rather just learn the stupid spell in the classroom instead of having to play such a childish game like Hide and Seek. The boy very nearly scoffed when he heard it, huffing as he folded his arms and followed everyone outside. This was so immature and sounded absolutely boring as well. He couldn't care to hide very well, the house points not meaning anything to him. And he barely put any effort into practicing the spell and finding anyone else, either. He wasn't going to waste his breath running around trying to find as many people as possible. Frankly, he just wanted this lesson to be over and done with sooner rather than later.

He did, however, manage to come across a couple of other students when it was his turn to be the seeker. It seemed as though they sucked just as much as he did at hiding. Or maybe they just didn't care. But it didn't matter, once the lesson was over, Toby shoved his hands into his pockets and headed back to the classroom to grab his things.
Bellamy wasn't sure how this year had flown by. Well, this semester to be exact and Bellamy liked to be exact. He felt like he had retained most of the information this year, which meant he wasn't quite worried about the upcoming exams. He was worried that he hadn't learned enough though. He had so many questions in so many subjects that just glimpsed on the information that he craved. The last few weeks better keep adding to that information or Bellamy would be vastly disappointed. He had hoped for Charms though. The lessons were always rather interesting.

The Ravenclaw boy entered the Charms classroom. He took a seat at random as he took in his surroundings about the room. It seemed about the same as last week, making a few mental notes about the classmates and the few differences he noticed. The lesson soon began. Bellamy turned his attention to the professor. He was more than pleased to hear that they would be playing hide and seek today. It was a like a mystery to be solved. Bellamy couldn't wait. He listened to the short lecture before following his classmates and professor out of the classroom.

Bellamy wanted to be the seeker first. That was obviously the best position in the game, the detective class of hide and seek. But instead he wasn't chosen first. He would get his turn but first he had to hide. Bellamy took out his wand and ran for it. He found a locked door at the end of the corridor and unlocked it using the previously learned charm. Bellamy entered the room and found the best place he could think about to hide. After hiding, he waited as silently as possible.

It took awhile before he was found. He felt a whoosh and found a mark over his head. Bellamy was now the seeker. He left the room and closed his eyes, counting for awhile before beginning his search. The Ravenclaw boy used the process of elimination as he entered each classroom. "Homenum Revelio" he said in each room. By the third room he found two people hiding, the markers showing where they were. Yes. Bellamy spent the rest of the lesson finding tricky places to hide. He was not found again which was definitely an achievement.

The Ravenclaw boy only came out when the game was over and the professor dismissed them. He had loved that class finding himself rather excited now as he headed off into the castle to find something to do with his time, not having any other classes today.

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