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Rome Savage

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Rome Pyper Savage

Rome - The name Rome is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Rome is: Strength, power'. It is also the name of the capital of Italy, Roma
Pyper - Transferred use of the surname of English and Scandinavian origin which is derived from the Old English pípere (piper, one who plays the pipe) and the Old Norse pípari (piper, one who plays the pipe).
Savage - Savage is of early medieval English origin, and derives from the Middle English and Old French "salvage, sauvage", wild, uncontrolled. The surname has the distinction of being first recorded in the Domesday Book.

Much like her twin and their father, Rome was named after a city, specifically the capital city of Italy, written in the english way, due to the fact that Rome and her family are English and not italian. Her father desired to carry on the tradition of naming children after cities like he was and so he chose Rome for her and Cairo for her brother. Rome has always liked her name, she's found it interesting and different, though not perhaps as uniques as her brother's. People do not struggle to pronounce it, but it stands out and she knows that people end up remember who she is. Her middle name Pyper was the addition of her mother, unlike with her brother, her middle name has no further reference to anyone within their family, but just that in giving Cairo a middle name after the grandfather they couldn't not give Rome one, so they called her Pyper, spelling it with a Y rather an I, just to be a little different. Rome has never been bothered about her middle name, since no one ever really calls her that, and she's never had any issues with it being a non-important name. Finally, on her surname, obviously the name which comes with being born into any family, Rome has always enjoyed her surname up until people realise who she is because of it, who her father or mother are, so she tends to not say it. She does like it, the way it sounds what it means, she really wants to live up to the word, more than the name.

Because of the shortness of her name, Rome, she has never wanted a nickname, the only person who would ever be allowed to call her it would be her twin, and since she doesn't have one, she has never really had this problem, and she doesn't ever expect to have it, because to Rome, nicknames are just about the worst things ever. She doesn't give them to people, nor would she call someone by their nickname, even if they told her to, unless they were somehow good friends with her and could give her a good reason to. If they introduce themselves by their nickname then she'll call them that until she finds out otherwise.

Rome is currently thirteen years old. She and her twin share a birthday, but Rome is older than him by ten minutes. She has always enjoyed their birthday and holds no ill feelings in having to share her birthday with someone else. Her and her brother and very close and there is no one she would rather share a birthday with. Rome enjoys being able to celebrate with him, while also spending most of the day reminding him that she is the older twin. She enjoys celebrating their birthday as long as they don't do anything too big, Rome likes attention but she does not enjoy that kind of attention.

October 13, 2027, born on a Friday in London, before her brother. They were born in their home in London, in a fairly uneventful birth and pregnancy, she was obviously born first by ten minutes and had a full tuff of blonde hair which was different from her brother.

Student, since she's young and therefore can not have a profession legally.

Oslo Savage, Musician. Oslo Savage is a well-known musician around the entirety of the wizarding world for his place in a rock band. Oslo is a mixed blood wizard who was born and raised in London. He found his passion in music early on and is grateful to be able to place for large crowds following his passions. he has never really questioned as to if it is or isn't a good environment to raise children, and has always tried his best to do right by them, though he isn't always sure he gets it right, he attended Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin.

Vivian "Hampshire" Savage, Writer, Journalist. Much like her husband, Vivian worked hard to achieve what she had. She is famous within her field and has followed her own passions as much as her husband followed his. She wasn't a very hands on parent believing in letting her children do as they pleased as they grew up and were able to wonder around on their own. She is also mixed blood and attended Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin.

Twin, Cairo Savage, as he is a twin, he is the same age as her, and they look incredibly similar despite obviously not being identical twins. Cairo attends Hogwarts New Zealand with her currently. They are incredibly close, Rome is the older twin by ten minutes, she feels therefore that it's her duty to look after her brother in whatever they do.

Currently neither of the twins own any pets, Rome has always said that their slightly crazed life before school has meant they don't really need to have pets, they can't really have them. So, she has never really had one. Right now, Rome would really love a dragon miniature, she thinks they look amazing, and she thinks they would perfectly suit her and her twin. However, for now Rome doesn't have any pets. Growing up she was never that bother by it, she could see how insane their lives got so often that she knew it would be no environment to have pets, just not a good place for them, too loud and too busy, so knowing this she's never really desired a pet of any kind.

Mixed Blood

Blood status was never an important part of their lives before school, since their family just never bothered with that, with more pressing matters on their hands than blood type. It was only as Rome arrived at school that she found herself more concerned by it. They are however mixed blood, which she believes is likely a pretty good thing, she doesn't necessarily hate muggleborns or muggles, but she'll outwardly show hate or be hateful towards one, if one crosses her path. She'll bask happily in being mixed blood, and wallow at not being pureblood at times, but, it wasn't really until school that she even really thought of her blood status.

London, England

She's been living in new zealand. She travels a lot for her music but she has a place in new zealand

Too young to know, Rome is only thirteen, and while most would identify at such an age as straight, Rome has never really thought about it, she lacks at this point the ability to trust most people so it would be difficult for her to ever like any one, she has yet to experience any crushes on either gender, so as of right now, Rome is just too young.

Too young to care


Hasn't happened yet

Hasn't happened yet


Too Young

Too Young

To come

I won't waste another day ,
wishing this would fade away

Rome like her brother has distinct platinum blonde hair which she dyes, her natural hair colour is still blonde just not platinum, she unlike her brother keeps her hair long, reaching to the midpoint of her back, she likes her hair being so long, to her, it just lovely when it's long, she can do more with it, and she likes the way it looks in the wind, and against the sunlight, she likes tying it up in loose buns and being able to do things with it. Rome has always kept her hair at this sort of length and would likely be unwilling to ever change it.

Despite having blonde hair naturally, she like her brother dyes her hair to make it platinum. She prefers it like this, believes she has more options with it and truly does enjoy it. She knows that most people would just find it a lot of hassle, but she definitely disagrees with that. She likes being able to do things like that, and she would have no problems dying her hair other colours if any of them took her fancy, not that they have as of this moment.

Rome's eye colour is slightly different from her brothers being a slightly more muted blue colour, her eyes seem less distinct than his, but still manage to express the same amount of coldness that his do. She has never been bothered by her eye colour and has never felt any jealousy towards her brother whose eye colour is different and slightly more clear than hers. She also does not need any classes, for which she is greatly thankful. Rome would wear contacts over glasses if she had to, or would just get surgery if possible to fix it.

Rome doesn't have any visible birthmarks, when she's full dressed and out and about, but she has a small birthmark beside her belly button, aside from that however, Rome has a pale complexion which would normally lend to her having freckles but much like her brother, she is void of freckles. Her skin tone, is unlike her brothers in that it's a little warmer than his, but is only really visibly noticeable during the summer when Rome tans a little faster than he does. However, aside from that, Rome's skin is pale and largely void of any birthmarks and freckles. She's always been very happy about this and has enjoyed the paleness of her skin, even if most other probably wouldn't enjoy it.

Rome stands a little shorter than her twin, but she is still above average in terms of height for her age group, she is tall and lanky, a trait which she shares with her brother and with her father. Because of her height, Rome has a small body mass index, but this does not however mean that she is in any way underweight just that because she is fairly tall she would appear to be very thin. Rome has always liked her body shape, although it can appear slightly more awkward and she knows that as she grows that she might have a bit of trouble adjusting to certain aspects of her own lankiness, but she likes the way she looks, she would hate to be small, she enjoys being the height which she is.

B (+ve)
Because of all the travelling around which she and her brother did with their parents, it was always vital for them both to be aware of their own blood type in the event of an emergency to which neither of their parents were able to be contacted. Rome does not understand what her blood type means, but she knows that it was important for her to know, and it is important for her to be able to say her brothers to. She as the older sister has always felt responsible for him and she wants to be able to take care of him and be helpful if something was to go wrong, so she knows both her own blood type and his.

Left Handed
Much like her brother, Rome is left handed. Cairo was always smarter than Rome, so he began writing before she did, and when she say him do this, she began writing too, copying him in beginning to use her left hand as well. She writes pretty well, and is naturally left handed like her brother, so it was more than just a matter of seeing him do it, but that was what motivated her to begin writing. She has always liked that she and her brother write with the same hand at least because it makes it easier when they are both sitting at a table writing, they don't have to sit in a specific way to avoid knocking elbows.

Rome was born and raised in London, by two english parts, so she has an English accent. Her accent is a little harsher and more apparent than her brothers, largely due to the fact that Rome is slightly more aggressive and generally just speaks harsher. She didn't really notice her accent all that much growing up until she was once speaking to someone while on tour when they were about eight, a kid roughly the same age as them pointed it out to her, and she's always tried to make it less harsh but is completely unable to do so. She used to mind her accent a little in the following year, but eventually got over it, and it hasn't really bothered her since.

Despite going to so many places while growing up, Rome can only speak English fluently, she can manage odd words here and there, but she doesn't know how structure any sentences or anything of that nature in any other language than english. It has never really been vital for Rome to learn any other languages so she never has. She also doesn't have much of a desire to learn any other languages in all of her travels Rome has only ever needed English, so she thinks she can get by in her entire life with just that.

Not unlike her brother, Rome isn't allergic to anything. She knows it would be fairly hard to lead the kind of life that they lead if she was also allergic to things no matter how small the allergy, because there wasn't always a wide variety of food available for them at certain venues. Rome likes not being allergic to anything, most as it keeps her life fairly uncomplicated when it comes to food. She doesn't desire for her life to be complicated when it comes to food.

While Rome likes to keep her style simple, it is obviously a little more complicated because of her father. She choses to wear dark, more monochrome clothing most of the time, keeping things casual but within style. She likes wearing the uniform at school, and finds it a refreshing change from what she usually has to wear. Rome would say that she's a little more stylish than her brother, and has a keener eye for taste. She likes formal clothes on occasion but would much rather stay away from it permanently. Rome will not chose bold clothing or fancy colours but will stick to simple, sleeker designs that suit her better.

Pyper America

A never ending replay ,
with memories I can't erase ,

Rome loves lying, it's perhaps not the best thing to love, but she loves making stories and twisting words and pretending to be someone else. She likes annoying people and being able to mess around with them, she finds it fun to see how far she can push someone. Rome likes when people join her schemes or don't figure them out. She likes being one above people and likes being better than others. She likes being active though this doesn't necessarily mean she likes being outdoors but she's not as studious or as much of a reader as her brother so she's always out and doing things. She doesn't usually settle on one thing, she'll jump between things until she's no longer bored. Rome loves music, she loves listening to music, writing music all of that kind of thing. She likes being around others who like music and she likes people who are like her, like mischief.

She dislikes when people tell her to grow up, she dislikes being laughed at, or people laughing at her brother, she dislikes countries which are too humid. She dislikes when people crowd her about her father, she hates when she has to make an effort for something or someone. She doesn't like classes too much, and finds them usually pretty boring if she isn't able to do any spells. She doesn't particularly enjoy sports, either doing them or watching them, but she can understand why others might. She dislikes beaches which aren't sandy, she doesn't like places that are too quiet and thrives when there are lots of people that she can annoy. But she doesn't like being the centre of attention or having all eyes upon her. She really hates when people think they can harm her or her brother and get away with it.

Unlike most others, Rome has few goals, she wants to get through school, she wants to have fun and mess with as many people as she can. But, long term goals aren't something she gives too much thought to. She would like to have a family, perhaps some day, really she wants to make music for a bit of her life, her goal would never be to be famous like her father but just spend some time making music and having fun with it. She'd like to be on tour and doing more than just sitting in the dressing rooms eating snacks and drinking juice.

Easily losing her brother, they are really close, and he is the only person that she trusts, and they've been through so much together, that losing him would honestly be the worst thing that could happen to her. She doesn't even want to think about it. She would hate it, it would destroy her and what little trust she's got left. Rome would just see him dead and there would be nothing she could do, because that is truly her worst fear, losing him, would destroy her.

A falcon.

When Rome was about six years old, her father brought her on to the stage at the end of his set so that she could look at the audience and soak up some of the atmosphere that she'd never been able to. By this age, Rome understood what it was her father did, but she had never seen the scale of it. Hearing and seeing all of the people within the crowd absolutely opened her eyes to it all. She had loved the feeling of the applause and the cheering, Rome had never really enjoyed being in the limelight of having to suffer through it all, or being the centre of attention but that had been something so entirely different that it had filled her with all this strange joy and pride over it.

Her worst memory was from a time at some concert venue when she had fallen asleep on the couch and woken up to find no one was around her. She hadn't been very well, and had been too tired to follow everyone else, waking up in the room alone, and without her brother had been terrible, she'd stopped herself from crying and searched the venue up and down until she'd found them. Rome almost burst into tears at that point, but she didn't. The feeling when she woke up of thinking she was alone, thinking she'd just be left by her family, it was the worst feeling in the world.

Rome is very guarded person, she is not honest, and will very rarely tell the truth to anyone, the only person she is honest to is her brother. Under the influence of the truth telling potion, Rome would likely just spill that she doesn't feel she'll ever live up to what her parents were like, that she'll be the only one of her family to never achieve, she works so hard to prove herself to all of those around her that she's so worried she'll never be as good as any of them. Rome is not quite sure of herself at her age and has yet to really find her place within her family. She would work hard to try to achieve it but it would be what she was to admit.

Rome isn't sure what she'd see, at this point in time, she has what she desires, she has her brother, she's at magical school, there isn't much else she could really desire in her life. She would probably see herself doing fairly well in school, while never being academically driven, she does actually desire to do well in school and she would likely see herself graduating with respectable grades, she does also really like music and wouldn't mind following in her father's footsteps and making music herself. She thinks she good at it, and would likely see mixed in with the good grades, herself maybe on stage like she's seen her father do a hundred times.

The smell of freshly made coffee, of any kind, she grew up around so much coffee that it's something she really associates with home, her parents and things like that. She would also smell sweat, a slightly strange thing possibly, but having spent so much time around rockstars and large crowds of sweaty people it's another one of these smells which has been so much of a constant in her life that she associates it with good rather than bad. She likes the smell of the air on aircrafts, though they didn't fly around often, she's always liked the smell, and found it strangely nice though most others would say it was horrible. She also enjoys the smell of energy drinks, much like the coffee she was surrounded by growing up, energy drinks were a large part of her life, though she was never supposed to drink them. A lot of her favourite scents are oddly associated with things that were constants in her life and in touring. She knows it's all a little strange but she has never minded that, it's not like she ever thought she would ever have to honestly tell someone.

Rome would arguably say that she doesn't look up to anyone, but she respects her parents in their pursuit of their own individual dreams. She doesn't look up to them, or doesn't entirely ever want to be like them, because she's happier just being herself, or well, the people she pretends to be to annoy others. Rome doesn't particularly look up to anyone in the sense that most people would define, she respects people, but she doesn't look up to them. She's never seen much sense in looking up to people, since most people are just boring, or terrible. She would maybe claim she looks up at her brother, but with him being younger and she feeling like she's the one who drags him into situations, so she doesn't look up to him in that sense either, for Rome looking up to people is silly, she knows she isn't perfect but she believes in respecting people rather than idolising them in any way.

Raised within a secular family, Rome has never held any religious beliefs. She uses profanities include religious ones, but she has never believed in a god, or been taught about any gods. She's seen many temples or places of worship during her travels with her family, but Rome herself has never held any beliefs when it comes to religion and wouldn't even consider herself an atheist though she is one, purely because she doesn't really know about the gods and definitely doesn't believe in them. Her family was surrounded by many different things while growing up, and she definitely wouldn't believe in any higher power through what she's seen. Rome has never really thought about it as more than just a things which happens outside of her circle.


Every adolescent Libran's fantasy is to find the Prince or Princess of their dreams. As their lives unfold, the experiences, false starts, dramas, broken hearts and disillusionment they encounter seeking this personal Holy Grail, often shapes their futures in the most extra-ordinary manner. Love and love-lost makes a big difference to the Libran although their often happy-go-lucky appearance against all kinds of odds may not reveal this as fact.
Librans can switch off from the world around then and during these periods much more occurs on the deep innermost levels of the Libran's psyche, than their closest companions imagine. Many Librans after establishing a lifestyle that somehow falls short of their childhood dreams, manage to conjure up a most independent life and keep up an image of being dedicated to a "close relationship". They can escape into obscure role playing - and often this makes them extremely successful business people. When it comes to romance and love, Librans can be difficult to fathom yet in business many Librans discover they can not only be creative, but it provides an opportunity to express the more diverse sides to their personalities. Their charm can win jobs and provides powerful friends. But in both work and play, looking for peace and harmony, Librans often say "yes" when they should be saying "no".

Rome is unlike her brother in some ways, and like him in others. She enjoys lying and getting her own way, she likes jumping into situations and fabricating stories to go along with whatever scheme's she's managed to come up with on the spot. She is harsher and a little more brutal than her brother, she is much more careless in what she does, she'll jump into situations without thinking, she is a lot less calculating and just desires maximum impact. She's a little more violent and far quicker to anger than her twin. She's also far less trusting of people in general, the only person she does trust completely is her brother, she barely trusts her parents, much less anyone outside of her family. She is loyal to her brother, and is very protective of him. If someone so much as touches him, she'll lose it with them. Her brother is her responsibility, that's what she's always felt protective of him, and has always tried her best to look out for him and them, despite her very often getting them both to jump into situations. She is loyal but only to those she trusts, which makes her loyalty a little void currently. She's also very musical in everything that she does and she enjoys scheming a lot, she doesn't like when people call her immature even if she is, and she'll be quick to defend her own honour and pride. As much as she likes pretending to be other people she doesn't particularly know herself that well, or like herself. Mostly, just due to the fact she barely knows herself, and without really realising it, Rome is quite lonely.
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<SIZE size="50">WAND:
Knotted 13" Unyielding Dogwood Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core

Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune.
Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: Dogwood wands are mischievious, and like the same in those who wield them. They refuse to perform non-verbal magic (and are often quite loud), and look for fun and excitement. However, in the right hands a wand with this wood should not be underestimated.
Core: As a wand core, essence of belladonna is useful in Potions and Herbology work. The poisonous nature of this substance makes the wand more suspicious than most wands are of the wand caster. For this reason, wands with this core take a long time to bond with the wand caster.
Flexibility: Unyielding: A wand which takes a special skill and determination to master; but once mastered its spells leave an unforgettable impression.

Rome bought her wand before her brother, and the entire process was something she had really been looking forward to. She hadn't known what to expect from it, though she knew how it would happen. Her wand felt perfect, she liked the style, the gore, and the flexibility, it was everything she could've wanted from a wand, and it was just perfect, like most it felt like a part of her that she hadn't even know was missing was suddenly back in her hand again and she'd honestly never been more grateful. Rome loves her wand a lot.

Hogwarts New Zealand

The school was unlike anything Rome had ever been in. She'd seen many great theatres, many great venues, but this was different, she had never been in the Great Hall, she'd never been into a great hall of any kind and this place was just so different from everything, she wondered what it would sound like to play in this hall. She thought the school was a strange place, her ideas of school were very different from how this one appeared to be, it was fancier, in a castle which she knew Hogwarts Scotland was in, but somehow, because the school is much younger she imagined that it would different, that it would be new, modern, sleek and like the schools she'd watched on muggle television on the odd occasions they were surrounded by muggles. She likes it, strangely because she thought she would hate it, but to her, it's exactly the kind of place she would enjoy. She likes all the little hidden bits of the school. She likes the way it's just so magical and filled with people for her to annoy. She was surprisingly impressed in her first impressions of the school.


Rome was fairly conflicted when it came to being sorted, she on the one hand, really wanted to be with her brother and doing what he was doing and then on the other, she wanted to be without him, to be sorted somewhere else, just to see what that might be like. He always followed her into things so she had wondered if that would change if they were sorted differently. This went unaided by the fact that Rome was sorted after her brother. She was nervous about it, nervous about being split up, even though part of her did want it, the thought of not having him by her side always did scare her. She had never liked being apart from him before, and while they'd be in the same school and she'd know where he was most of the time, she as the bigger sister had to look after him, it was her duty and she didn't know how she might be able to do that if they were in different houses. All in all, the entire process made Rome feel incredibly on edge and she was exceeding pleased when they were sorted together, although as the hat spoke to her, she feared they would be split up because she was more difficult to figure out.

Rome Savage stood proudly with her brother by her side, she glanced at him every so often, the only sign that Rome was even a little bit nervous. She wasn't really, just worried that she and her brother might be split up, after all with four houses, no matter how alike they were there was still that small chance they wouldn't be together, sharing a house and classes for the next seven years. Rome wasn't even sure how to react to that if it did happen. Their lives had been turbulent to say the least, though different and endlessly interesting, it had taught Rome a good few things, and most importantly that the only person she could honestly trust was by her side. Which by the end of the evening might not be true. Rome had never had much trouble before when it came to things like this, she usually was able to just dive right into any situation, make the most of it, get what she wanted out of it, her twin, well, he was her most trusted companion but he walked in her shadow, she was aware of this. Perhaps splitting up would be better? Allow him time to grow, Rome shook the thought from her head as quickly as it came, she would be selfish about this, her brother was sorted first, and she would for once hopefully be the one to follow him. The girl glanced around the hall as she walked in, resisting the urge to hold on to her twin's sleeve. She couldn't help but look around, her pale blonde hair moving in front of her eyes as she darted from one thing to the other, this place was so strange. Stranger than any of the places Rome had ever been within her short, though interesting life.

Stood with the rest of the students at the front of the room, standing before a stool and a hat, Rome watched as proceedings for this ceremony got underway. She sighed, feeling bored already, since the singing was prolonging the time to the sorting and really only wanting to get the process over with. After all, the sooner it was done the better, the sooner she could sit and then consider what her next move was if he wasn't with her, and if he was. She couldn't help but wonder about why the hat had to sing, the purpose of it seemed to escape her, was it just to teach people of the houses? The ones knew to the school and there unlikely to really know what Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin were, was it really for their benefit, and surely those houses would be better explained in a letter of some kind when they first find out about the magical school. Rome was glad when the song was finally over, it had been an assault on her ears she would rather forget but as soon as it was over the students then began to be sorted. Rome watched with fascination as student after student was sorted, and grew increasingly annoyed at their father for a surname beginning with S rather than something far earlier in the alphabet, though this was the first time she was cursing her father for something other than a splitting headache from the music, or the people who seemed to think it was neat to talk to her about her father in the street. Finally it neared them, she and her brother, and then all too soon it was her brother's turn. She watched him carefully, offering a smile to him as the hat was placed on his head, unable to be the first one to dive in to show him the way.

And, he was sorted, it was done, nothing more she could do. Then of course, with little pause for breath it was her turn, "Savage, Rome," Rome made her way up to the stool and sat down quickly, trying to spot her brother as he sat down at his new table, hoping that she would be sorted with him, she would soon find out as the hat was placed on her head.

"You are tricky to figure out, much more so than your brother. do want to stick together don't you? Alright, you asked for it. Slytherin!"



Rome was elated. That's the only way she was ever going to feel upon leaving school. She hated school, the people, everything about it and she was happy to finally be able to leave. She was also glad that she managed to graduate unlike others in her year.

In all seriousness, Rome had thought this day would just never come, it just seemed like, despite her best efforts, she would be perpetually stuck at hogwarts until the day she either murdered everyone else or herself. But, the day eventually came, and she couldn't admit to being unhappy about it. In fact, it was more than likely that this was the happiest most people had ever seen Rome, but at the very least, unlike a number of people in their year group she had actually managed to graduate. She would be leaving the school with actual grades and that had to account for something in the competition with others. She hoped that she would never see this place again. If her own children one day did ever come to this school, she would not come back, not even for this day for them. After all, if they took after her, they wouldn't enjoy this day much either. The teen listened to the speeches, dull as speeches ever were, but she was just wanting the entire thing to be over. Thankfully, each was blessedly short and they were called upon to cross the stage. As ever, with a surname like Savage her name was one of the last to be called, though the list of those graduating was far shorter than that of those she'd been sorted with. Finally after Cairo crossed the stage it was her turn. She had to stop herself from racing across though she wanted. She took the school diploma and went back to her seat. Finally! She could leave this damn place.

None, though Rome was unlike to ever achieve any.

First Year Grades
Potions: PHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: ACharms: A
Transfiguration: PAstronomy: PHerbology: PFlying: P
Second Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: O
Transfiguration: EAstronomy: AHerbology: P 
Third Year Grades
Potions: AHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: PCharms: A
Transfiguration: PAstronomy: AHerbology: P 
Fourth Year Grades
Potions: AHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: ACharms: A
Transfiguration: AAstronomy: AHerbology: A 
Sixth Year Grades
Potions: EHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: E
Transfiguration: EAstronomy: AHerbology: AApparition: Pass

Link To Gradebook

OWL Grades
Potions: AHistory of Magic: ADefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: E
Transfiguration: AAstronomy: AHerbology: A 
NEWT Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODefence Against the Dark Arts: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: O

DADA, though she didn't like most of her class, this was the only one that Rome ever tried in. She didn't bother with most, but she wanted to be good at that, so she tried hard in it.

Astronomy or herbology, she just did not have time for such classes.
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