Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Beauxbatons

Mischa was growing annoyed when he still failed to hit anyone.
Nina dodged past some bludgers as she kept on searching, but boy were her eyes tired.
If they managed to win this, thought Xenia, she'd go to church every weekend for at least the next year and wouldn't even complain about it.
Toby managed to get all the way to the hoops, so attempted a shot. It missed, however. Though maybe that was to be expected seeing as he wasn't really a chaser.
Nina seriously wondered if she should ask the ref if the snitch had actually been released but she wasn't quite sure how to ask that properly in English so instead she just kept searching.
Mischa finally managed to send a bludger in the right direction, grinning as it hit the younger French seeker @Niniane Archambeau
Malik was too slow to stop the bludger heading for Niniane, feeling quite bad for the younger girl.
Horror stayed at the goals.
Claire grabbed a hold of the quaffle, before making her way towards the other side of the pitch.
Celia sighed a little as Toby immediately went for the quaffle. She supposed she shouldn't have expected anything less from a fellow Slytherin, especially one who had insisted on trying out for the team as a first year. But at least he managed to avoid getting hit. Celia was much more pleased to see Mischa smash a bludger directly at the Beauxbatons seeker, though she thought the hit was long overdue. She did some quick calculations in her head. Slytherin just needed to land... nine more hits. Without her help. She sighed again and turned her attention back to Avery.
The snitch had to be around somewhere. He paused to take in his surroundings, and when he thought he spotted that telltale glimmer, he shot off in the same direction.
Xenia would have probably jumped off her broom then and there if that tiny Hogwarts substitute had scored on her so she was quite relieved that he was not able to. She cheered Claire on as she took the quaffle.
Nina winced, gasping in pain as she was hit with another bludger. Thankfully, she was able to stay on her broom, although she did feel a little wobbly. The fresh adrenaline rush that came with it felt good, but she knew she was going to be bruised tomorrow.
Avery continued on in his search, trying to avoid colliding with other players in his path.
Nina took a few deep breaths as she righted herself and kept on searching.
Xenia kept on watching closely, half keeping an eye out for the snitch herself when she could. Which probably didn't help the side of the scoreboard she was actually supposed to be working on. Maybe if she played Quidditch again - though she didn't really think she had the skills to make it - she'd play a different role. Maybe the Greece & Cyprus team needed a seeker, or a beater, or someone to run out water in time out.
Avery's brow furrowed in concentration, trying to make out the faint shape of the snitch amongst the dozens of other things happening in the air.
Nina was looking around somewhat frantically, trying to ignore the throbbing pain from where the bludgers had hit her, when she finally spotted it. Biting back a yelp, she pushed her broom as fast as it would possibly go until she caught up to the golden ball, reaching out almost uncaring if she fell off and clutching her hand around the snitch. She squealed in excitement, holding it up and waving her hand in the air, getting her team's attention. "Regardez! Regardez!" she called, the pain somewhat subsiding in the wake of her rush of excitement.
After games, Xenia had always felt mixed emotions. Their win against Ilvermorny had been ugly, a match they by rights should have lost but she had managed to claw out a victory, almost literally, in the wake of both Vincent and Nina getting hit out. Previous games against Ilvermorny had been horribly one sided, and she had not been gracious in defeat especially when she herself had been thoroughly humiliated by the chasers. And the games she'd played against Hogwarts had mostly been too fast to actually think much of anything at all.

Today, though, as her expression broke into a grin that threatened to split her face in two at the sight of Nina holding up the snitch, today Xenia felt nothing but pride and contentment. This had been one of the hardest fought matches she'd ever played. And she herself hadn't played to her best, she would be the first to admit that, but everyone had fought hard against an opponent where they actually felt evenly matched. Xenia wondered if it might have been different if the Hogwarts team captain had actually stayed in, but Ava and Malik had played it cleverly to minimize the impact of their most dangerous player. Even as the Hogwarts team inched further away on the scoreboard, Xenia never felt like they were entirely outplayed or outmatched. And that, she reasoned, was the way it was truly supposed to be.

Xenia had thought, when she woke up this morning, that even if they lost, she would be proud of herself for her own determination against Ilvermorny and could hold her head high as the outgoing captain. But this victory, one that her team had earned together, was even better than that, and she could truly say she was happy with what she'd achieved in her time at Beauxbatons.

She flew down to the ground after the initial screams of celebration, jogging over to the Hogwarts side to extend a hand to the Hogwarts captain. "Good game," she said in clear English, and in this case, she earnestly meant it. She knew she would've had the exact same reaction had the Hogwarts team won, in all honesty. It might have taken her an extra few minutes to get there after the disappointment, but whether they'd won or lost, she would have had no regrets.

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