Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Beauxbatons

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Reeve went about his preparations which included a quick visit to both teams to remind them of the rules. It was the final match of the season, and he was quite enthusiastic in wishing both teams good luck before reviewing some rules.

The air was crisp and the sun was shining brightly. It was a beautiful day for a game. Reeve hoped for a good turnout in the stands to enjoy what was likely going to be a great game.

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Alicia was kind of thrilled to be here at Hogwarts. She knew of it vaguely, mostly because her cousin taught here and her other cousin used to go there until she transferred to Beauxbatons. Alicia was glad she had, as Violette had been able to tell her quite a bit about Beauxbatons before she actually went there. Alicia glanced up at the stands, wondering if Grace was in there somewhere. She wasn't as close to Grace, as she barely ever came to France. Alicia glanced at her captain, wondering if she was confident about this match.
The international game meant didn’t mean much, everyone knew that, so Ivelisse didn’t particularly care what would happen. She had already won them back the cup and she’d leave the school with her name added to it once more. It was kind of nice going into a game with no expectations though, not feeling any kind of nervous because frankly, she didn’t care.
Ava was glad they had won against Ilvermorny, if only because that meant she could take to the skies with the team once more. She waited on their side of the pitch in case Xenia had some big emotional speech planned, ready to hopefully do a whole lot better than she had during their last game.
Seamus arrived on the pitch for this last game of the season, ready to get started. He was more than sure they would win.
Atlas wasn't all that bothered about the international game, it didn't mean much after all but it was another chance to play which she was always in favour of and it prolonged her time with the team before her graduation. She made her way out onto the pitch and waited for the game to begin.
Xenia had never expected to get this far. Really, if one were to look back at the last game, statistically, they shouldn't have got this far. They were clearly outplayed at every turn by Ilvermorny, and she'd had to put herself on the line and catch the snitch in order to claw out a victory. But a victory they'd had, and if that had been Xenia's last act as a Quidditch player she knew it was something she could hold her head high over, as ugly as it had been in the moment. But it was not to be her final act - they had one more match to play for glory. Hopefully they'd be able to win it, and hopefully it wouldn't be as rough as the last game had been. But no matter what happened, she knew she and the whole team could be proud of what they'd achieved.

She still wasn't proud of her speeches though. "Well, this is it," she said, fidgeting a little as she looked over her team. She nodded at Ava - this would be the last time they both took the field for Beauxbatons, and she hoped they'd both have a good game. "No matter what happens up there, we must never give up. Let's go out, do our best, and have no fear." Even if this Hogwarts team was stronger than they were, which was very possible (Xenia had to be realistic, after all), grit and determination would keep them in the game. "And dinner is on me if we win." She didn't really need to say that much more than that, it was better just to get up and flying. She handed the team sheet over to the ref and went to shake hands with the Hogwarts captain.

@Vincent Poe Seeker
Ava Hastings, @Malik St. James Beater
Alicia Richelieu, @Claire Blanchet, @Asclepius Kuya-Jenkins Chaser
Xenia Nikolaidou (c)Keeper
Niniane Archambeau, @Bellamy Parish, @Tullia Whitlock Alternates
Celia was not a sentimental person, but as she stepped onto the pitch, she did pause for a moment to take everything in. She would not miss Hogwarts, but she thought she might miss Quidditch. It was a ridiculous sport, so heavily predicated on luck, and yet she had loved being a beater. She'd loved racing the wind itself, cracking bludgers at her opponents, and making the crowd gasp. It really was a shame that her past had been marred by so many matches cut short and that her future did not have room for professional Quidditch. Instead, there was only the here and now, this one last fleeting opportunity to play a perfect game and knock an entire team into forfeit before she set down her bat forever.

Normally, Celia spent each pre-match team briefing going over strategy and the opposing team's strengths and weaknesses. However, she didn't know much about Beauxbatons, having barely had any time to study their tactics last year before their seeker had caught the snitch. Regardless, Celia knew her team was expecting her to say something and so she turned to face them after giving Reeve her lineup. "Alright, listen closely. The last time Beauxbatons was here, they caught the snitch in ten minutes flat. We need to be ready as soon as Reeve starts the game, and we can't let up for a single moment."

"Now, I know some of you might be operating under the mistaken belief that this game doesn't matter. If that is the case, please let me know, and I will gladly let you ride out this meaningless match on the bench." One might assume that a bunch of athletes in Slytherin of all places would always be hungry for victory, but Celia knew better. The entire student body was infected with complacency. However, as long as she was captain, she would not tolerate it on her team. "We might have the cup, but I still want to see one hundred percent effort from each of you. We've only played one game this year. If you're graduating, this is your chance to prove the last one wasn't a fluke," she said, gaze boring into Ivelisse and Atlas. Then she turned to everyone else. "As for the rest of you, what happens today sets the tone for next year. The entire school is up in those stands, and they're all trying to decide how much of a threat Slytherin will be next year." Her gaze drifted from face to face. "Give them something to be afraid of. Make sure they understand that Slytherin's strength is bigger than any individual player." It was perhaps a very un-Celia-like thing to say, but she didn't know how else to convey to her teammates that cup or not, they should want to win and do well in this game. God knows she did.

SeekerIvelisse Burleigh
KeeperHorror Zhefarovich
BeaterCelia Vuong (captain)
BeaterSeamus Reid
ChaserAtlas James-Cade
ChaserLennox Addison
ChaserTerror Zhefarovich
Alt. SeekerAvery Lancaster
Alt. BeaterMischa Falter-Butera
Alt. SeekerToby Oikawa
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Reeve was quick to review the line up cards. " This is the final match of the season!" he announced to the crowd before turning to the captains. "Please keep this game fair and fun. Best of luck to you all. Beauxbatons, you'll protect the North hoops. Slytherin, you'll protect the Southern hoops. Let's get into the air!"

Reeve opened the game chest and released the snitch and bludgers. They moved swiftly into the sky. He picked up the quaffle and tucked it under his arms, moving with ease into the air. When he was high enough in the air, he tossed the quaffle. "Game on!"
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Game Notes- please read

1. Be sure to review the rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be sent to your captain(s). If they cannot answer or need additional clarity to support you, they can PM me.

2. If you have any issues seeing the score on the referee's first post or with your access to the quidditch system, please send a PM including both me and your captain(s). It may be that they've forgotten to add you to the system or may be a bigger issue.

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5. The game is meant to be interactive, so read your fellow players posts before posting! Stick with the game from beginning to end, from kicking off the ground to touching back down! Have fun!
Xenia nodded along, and gave a quick look over her teammates with a half-smile as she headed up to the northern hoops. "Give them hell, les Bleus!" she called, quickly fixing her gaze on the quaffle as it was thrown into play.
Now that she'd hopefully motivated her team, Celia went off to get into position. Despite her words, she was playing for herself today and the one goal she'd set for herself at the beginning of the year. Reeve released the bludgers, and she tracked them as they soared across the sky. And then it was time for her to follow suit. At the referee's signal, Celia took off and immediately honed in on the nearest bludger, sending it flying towards @Asclepius Kuya-Jenkins. He hadn't been her target, but hitting him definitely helped with her overall goal.
Vincent smiled at the captain, and took to the skies to see if he could find the snitch.
Terror mounted his broom after Celia's speech, and flew once the quaffle was thrown. He caught it and took off toward the Beauxbatons keeper.
Horror flew off to start keeping the goals. At least his twin managed to snag the quaffle first.
i can vouch for the double post being legit i snuck in between action and post and made timing awkward lol

Xenia frowned as she saw Asclepius get hit, and then one of the Hogwarts chasers take up the quaffle. If it was going to be another contest against overwhelming odds, then she'd just have to continue to be stubborn. She prepared herself to block.
The chasers didn't matter at all in this final match, but Celia was pleasantly surprised to see that for once, the Slytherin chasers managed to get the quaffle first. It had only taken them literal years (and the other team's oldest chaser getting clobbered by a bludger). Celia turned her attention back to the bludgers and darted after one, sending it barreling towards Beauxbaton's seeker. Unfortunately, it missed him by inches.
Vincent continued on his search, wondering how this game will go.
It was stressful knowing that the snitch could appear at any moment, destroying her hopes of winning a game via bludger hits. But Celia had always thrived under stress, and she used it to fuel her, zipping around other players to catch up with one of the bludgers. She reached out to hit it towards the seeker, but once again the ball missed him.
Terror went to the goals and attempted to give Slytherin some points, but the shot was blocked.
Horror watched his twin brother attempt a shot, but it was blocked. At least Celia wouldn't hit him with a bludger for failing. Though it would not surprise him or anyone else at this point.
Xenia was a little relieved to have blocked the shot. Honestly, in the last game she'd ended up being much better as a seeker as a keeper. Which was worrying, as she'd been playing keeper since fourth year and had never touched seeker before. But she pushed that aside as she tossed the quaffle back out into play, looking to her chasers to get to some clear air.
Ivelisse hopped onto her broom and started looking.
Vincent hoped that he would be able to finish a game.
Celia was not surprised to see Terror miss his shot, but he wasn't really her problem anymore. Instead, he would be the next captain's problem. She regretted making him a full blown chaser and not an alternate, but there was nothing she could do about it now. All she could do was focus on her own goal for this game and try to knock as many Beauxbatons players out of the sky as possible.
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