Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin

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Hufflepuff, Slytherin Just a few months ago, these two teams were playing to see who would be able to call themselves the quidditch champions. Today, they were not. That was quidditch. Reeve finished setting up as the stands continues to fill. It was a hot day, the only relief a small breeze that would surface every now and then in a blink and you might miss it kind of way. The man wiped some sweat off his brow and then mounted his broom and did a few laps, the small breeze he created much more helpful. He settled back on the ground as he waited for the teams to arrive and the captains to join him.

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Oz wasn't feeling at all confident about his Quidditch skills, he was starting to wonder if he'd just made a mistake signing up for the team. It was pretty obvious he was no good at it. But he was here, and he wasn't going to let the team down. At the very least, he made it so they had a full team of people to take to the field, and that had to count for something...right?
If there was one thing Morrie was absolutely certain about, it was that she utterly, completely, and irrevocably hated Quidditch. She hated her team, she hated the captain, she hated how difficult it was to play, and most of all, she hated that dweeby first-year seeker. Yet, despite all her grievances, she still showed up to the game, mopey and miserable. After all, how would anyone know just how unhappy she was unless she made sure to ram it down their throats at every opportunity?

"I wonder if our captain will grace us with her presence this time?" Morrie moaned, her voice dripping with exaggerated despair. "Or might we just head back now and save ourselves the trouble?" She sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes for maximum effect, ensuring everyone within earshot knew just how she felt.
Marley had been enjoying quidditch so far, and she had been excited for the game. The Hufflepuff made her way to the quidditch pitch and stood with the rest of the team, as she awaited for the usual speech or what was usually said by the captain before the game began.
Callie was on the pitch and ready to get into the air. Ready to get started on this game. Hopeful that they would win.
Enoch hoped they'd actually get to play in this game. He had his broom and was ready for it.
Oskar sat on the bench not feeling particularly optimistic about the game ahead of them. At least he didn't have anything to do with their failures even if they did get to play. Maybe trying to be a part of this team was a bad idea? He didn't think of himself as a lucky person but maybe it was more that that. Being cursed would feel appropriate.
Chase really hoped today's game would be better than their last. He'd take third place over fourth any day. "Alright guys, as you know: not a fan of big speeches. Just do what you're supposed to and we'll try to win this, yeah? There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to." He simply told his team before walking over to the referee and handing in his lineup.

SeekerPenelope Marshall
Beater (+Captain)Chase Campbell
BeaterMarley Owens-Lee
ChaserOswald Brambleheart
ChaserDominic Owens-Lee
ChaserArtemis Vasilakis
KeeperCallie Cardoso
AlternatesMarcellus Vetrov, Bailey Walden-Cade & Noah Cosgrove
Ignatius thought he might like Quidditch, but really he hadn't played enough of it to form any sort of opinion beyond the fact that all the right people knew at least a little about Quidditch for important conversation purposes, and flying gave him something to do. He didn't especially like his team, especially not that red haired ogre of a girl who also played seeker. He waited with an expression that was half bored half totally-not-nervous, wondering if they'd even get a game.
Alana hoped the game would go ahead this time and she would finally get to play her first game as a Quidditch player. She waited nervously on the pitch waiting for the captain to arrive.
Dominic was keen to finally get out on the pitch in his full gear. He gathered around with his team as the captain spoke and nodded at his words. He was just going to try his best to stay positive and surely all that mattered was that he had fun.
Lennox knew she had made a mistake the first game of the year. She had focused so much on her other aspects of her life, things that involved her and only her. She was never much of a team player. But now she had to be. Lennox walked onto the Quidditch Pitch, ready for the game. She had responsibilities now to others, which made her angry but also powerful. She spoke to the team, not having much to say. "I know a lot of you are new. I need everything to do the best, not your best but better. The best. Let's go." She said simply. She expected just the best.

Lennox made sure to give the list of the players before mentally preparing herself for the game.

SeekerIgnatius Wolffort
KeeperHorror Zhefarovich
BeaterAlana Cosgrove
BeaterVanity Mettlestone
Chaser/CaptainLennox Addison
ChaserTerror Zhefarovich
ChaserEnoch Goldewyn
AlternatesSummer Irvine, Oskar Strom, and Morrie Ayre
Penelope was nervous about this match, but she was secretly a little relieved it wasn't the match for the cup. That took a lot of the pressure off, at least. She waited anxiously, glancing at the stands. She was glad Chase wasn't one for big speeches, they just tended to make her more nervous. She waited for the match to start.
Reeve gave the Slytherin captain a frown for her tardiness and then began to review the lineups. He gave the captains a nod, sending them back to their teams. The referee placed the appropriate charm on himself and addressed the crowd and teams. "Today, Hufflepuff will be defending the North hoops and Slytherin will defend the South hoops. Teams, please keep the game fair. Let's get into the air!"

The referee opened the game chest and released the bludgers, watching as they flew away quickly. He then released the snitch into the air. The ref grabbed the quaffle and headed for his broom. A moment later he was in the air, tossing the quaffle into the sky and yelling "Game on!"

OOCOut of Character: Game notes, please read
1. Be sure to review the rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be sent to your captain(s). If they cannot answer or need additional clarity to support you, they can PM me.
2. If you have any issues seeing the score on the referee's first post or with your access to the quidditch system, please send a PM including both me and your captain(s). It may be that they've forgotten to add you to the system or may be a bigger issue.
3. You should refresh the page before you post! Someone might sneak in a post while you are working on yours and first post counts.
4. You should always be pressing a button, whichever is appropriate for your game play during your post. Doing so boosts your success rate as well as allows the timer to kick in appropriately for your teammates and opponents.
5. After a player is hit by the bludger 3x, gameplay should stop. This allows for a quicker return to game post- substitution.
6. The game is meant to be interactive, so read your fellow players posts before posting! Stick with the game from beginning to end, from kicking off the ground to touching back down! Have fun!
Penelope took to the air once the whistle sounded, looking around for the snitch.
Vanity was ready to shine in this game, she was glad they could actually play this time. She grabbed her bat and followed one of the bludgers, though she failed to hit it.
Chase hopped onto his broom and looked for a bludger.
Horror went up to the hoops to keep a lookout.
Being actually able to play this time was good news. He heard the whistle, mounted the broom, and immediately went to snatch the quaffle to head toward the goals.
Slytherin got the ball first but that didn't stop Artie from tailing the chaser that had it.
Penelope flew around, looking side to side as she flew for a flash of gold.
Vanity kept chasing the bludger and failed to hit it again.
As the game started, Dominic shot up into the air, however was disappointed when he didn't manage to grab the quaffle first. He began to chase the older Slytherin, hoping he could find a way to intercept.
Chase flew after a bludger.
Ignatius swallowed all feelings of nerves (even though he was looking rather pale and a little green tinged to match his robes) and set about looking for the snitch.

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