Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Beauxbatons

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It was time for the final game of the season, a rematch of the international schools game two years ago. Reeve wondered if the results would be the same. Either way, he knew they were in for a fun game. Reeve went about his preparations which included a quick visit to both teams to remind them of the rules.

It was a pleasant day, the sun was bright, but the clouds were just enough to keep the worst of it at bay.

OOCOut of Character:
Arrivals only please. Beauxbatons players: If you're unable to post and it's more than 10 minutes since this has been posted, please PM me and add your captain to the PM.Captains: Please be sure your lineups are all set up in the QCP prior to posting it in here!
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Veronique felt odd as she walked on the field. On the one hand, she was ecstatic that Hufflepuff had captured the cup. On the other hand, with her impending transfer, she was reluctant to want to play against Beauxbatons. She doubted her parents would let her be in any extracurriculars over the next two years, and this was really her last chance to play. She wasn't sure if she should be rooting for her current team or her new alma mater. She had framed some curls around her face, pulling most of her short hair back in two little Dutch braids, before adding yellow-checkered ribbons to the bottom. Veronique held her broom tightly as she waited for the game to begin.
Felix was feeling good. After securing the qudditch cup for Hufflepuff he felt like his work was done. Of course they still had their game against Beauxbatons but it felt more like a victory lap than anything else. Win or lose today he felt like he was going out on top and that all the stress of the past few years were finally paying off. He smiled brightly to the team as they gathered around. "Hey guys! We've already won the cup so lets go out there and have some fun alright!" he said encouragingly. "That being said, I don't want anyone too comfortable out there we still have a game to win." he added a big more seriously. "Thank you all for being a great team, now let's go show Beauxbatons what we got!"

SeekerFelix Carnahan (Co-Captain)
KeeperVeronique Chatelain
Beater@Chase Campbell
Beater@Marley Pattinson
Chaser@Renata Stepanova (Co-Captain)
Chaser@Leonardo Orr ardo Orr
Chaser@Artemis Vasilakis
Alt. Seeker@Penelope Marshall
Alt. ChaserFinley Holmes
Alt. KeeperZagreus Kohler
Leo was a little nervous about this last game of the semester. He hadn't been able to dedicate as much time to quidditch as previous games. He had NEWTs right around the corner after all. Leo was on the pitch and had his broom in hand, just about ready to get started, hoping that this wouldn't be too difficult.
Renata was pleased with what they'd managed. She could finish her time at Hogwarts with her head held high knowing that they'd managed to reclaim the House Cup. This would be the last game for her, Felix and Leo, and she hoped they could go out on one last win. But even if they didn't, Renata thought the three of them could be very proud of themselves for what they'd achieved. The team next year might not have the same core strength, but she could see the younger players had potential and enthusiasm, and Renata felt optimistic about how they'd rebuild in the years to come. Maybe she'd have to come visit them one day when she'd (hopefully) made it as a pro. For now, she just looked over the team with a smile, before turning to her two seventh year housemates specifically. "This is it, yes? Let's give them one last show."
Nina was content to be warming the bench again, as much as she wanted to play she knew it was important they had someone in reserve. She did hope she'd get to take to the skies, but she didn't really want it to be at Vincent's expense. Still, she was in her robes and ready to go if she was needed.
Bellamy was pleased they had won against Ilvermorny but some how had forgotten that would mean they would play Hogwarts New Zealand. Thankfully his first time as starting keeper had gone ok and he hoped that he would keep it up. He knew his mom would ask him a million questions about it when he got home at the end of the year. He took a deep breath and did a few stretches with his arms as he waited for the game to start.
Vincent Poe was honestly ready for this game. He could revisit his yearning for wanting to attend here, but it was a dream long since passed. He smiled toward his team, "Hey guys, so here we are! Just do your best out there, and do your best to knock them out. Let's show that we are the best!" They beat the American team, so why not this one? He was ready, and hoped that the beaters here were bad.
Vincent Poe (Co-Captain)Seeker
Malik St. JamesBeater
@Tullia Whitlock Beater
Bellamy ParishKeeper
@Light Zhefarovich Chaser
@Alicia Richelieu Chaser
@Claire Blanchet Chaser
Niniane ArchambeauAlt Seeker
It was Marley's first year of doing quidditch, and so far, the girl had enjoyed it a lot. She couldn't believe how far they had made it this year, they were now versing the international team and Marley was very much excited for this game. Marley quickly arrived and joined the rest of her quidditch team, as she listened carefully to the cap
Claire had a mixture of feelings now, she had been playing quidditch for as long as she could remember, and she was happy with everything they had achieved so far. Claire stood with the rest of her team as she heard the team captain say their piece as they waited for the game to begin
Reeve reviewed the lineups as he received them and with no issues noted gave the captains a nod. The referee placed the appropriate charm on himself and addressed the crowd and teams. "Today, Hufflepuff will be defending the North hoops and Beauxbatons, the South hoops. Teams, please keep the game fair. Let's get into the air!"

The referee opened the game chest and released the bludgers, watching as they flew away. He then released the snitch into the air. As it flew away, he grabbed the quaffle and headed for his broom. A moment later he was in the air. The ref tossed the quaffle into the air with a "Game on!"

OOCOut of Character: Game Notes- please read

1. Be sure to review the rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be sent to your captain(s). If they cannot answer or need additional clarity to support you, they can PM me.

2. If you have any issues seeing the score on the referee's first post or with your access to the quidditch system, please send a PM including both me and your captain(s). It may be that they've forgotten to add you to the system or may be a bigger issue.

3. You should refresh the page before you post! Someone might sneak in a post while you are working on yours and first post counts.

4. You should always be pressing a button, whichever is appropriate for your game play during your post. Doing so boosts your success rate as well as allows the timer to kick in appropriately for your teammates and opponents.

5. After a player is hit by the bludger 3x, gameplay should stop. This allows for a quicker return to game post- substitution.

6. The game is meant to be interactive, so read your fellow players posts before posting! Stick with the game from beginning to end, from kicking off the ground to touching back down! Have fun![=ooc]
Chase was kind of glad they got to play against one of the other schools, even if they didn't get to travel for it. He hopped onto his broom once the game was started and looked for a bludger to hit.
Veronique nodded after Felix's little speech and took to the sky once Reeve blew the whistle, hovering in front of the hoops. She didn't want to let Beauxbatons score if she could help it.
Felix took to the air to start looking for the snitch.
As the whistle blew Bellamy flew to the south hoops to take up his spot and waited for the chasers to make their move.
Veronique readied herself as she looked across the pitch.
Alicia grabbed the quaffle and started making her way across the pitch.
Leo followed behind the beauxbatons chaser who had the quaffle.
Tullia was trying to hit a bludger but completely missed.
[omg what]

Felix had barely done a lap around the pitch when a flash of gold flew right in front of his face. He flinched but was quick to follow it's path as it darted around the other players. Could it be that easy? His heart was beating fast and before he knew it he grabbed the snitch and held it in the air. Was this some kind of record? His excitement quickly faded as he looked down at the snitch. His time playing quidditch was really over now, and it had been so fast.
Vincent barely got in the air and started to look before he saw the seeker go, and catch, the snitch. His mouth formed a small 'o', before he just touched back down. What was that, a 30 second game?
Reeve grinned at the quick finish. That was quidditch for you. "Hufflepuff wins!" he declared.

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