Quidditch Game: Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw

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Today was the game that would decide which team was able to call themselves the quidditch champions for the remainder of the school year. The man knew this title carried a lot of weight for the players, a culmination of all of their hard work. The excitement was in the air, and even the weather seemed to be cooperative as the conditions were perfect for a game of quidditch. There was a gentle breeze, sun and clouds. It was set to be a beautiful day and hopefully a fun game.

Reeve went about his preparations, making sure school brooms were available for those who didn't have their own but still played. Reeve finished quickly, leaving time for a few laps. He settled back on the ground as he waited for the teams to arrive.

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Arrivals only please.
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Adrenaline was rushing through Joshua as he walked towards the quidditch pitch. He was impressed with how far they had come along during this quidditch season. The practice had gone well for him, so he had hoped that all the practice he did would happen in this game. Josh stood with the rest of his team, waiting for their team captain to give their speech.
Fraser was very ready for this game. Eager for the chance to win the cup when he was fresh on the team - even as a fourth year.
Savannah was ready, she needed to win this, she needed to catch the snitch. Savannah could feel the pressure of it, but she knew that she had to. This was the most important game.
Rory was ready for another game of Quidditch so he headed down to the pitch to meet up with his teammates and waited for the captain to announce the team.
Veronica knew she was likely spending the whole game on the bench but she still enjoyed being part of the team. She headed down to the pitch to wait with her teammates and for the match to begin.
Rāwhiti drew and held a deep breath before stepping out on the pitch, Firebolt tightly in hand. This was his real redemption - as a seeker, as a captain, as a man. After letting his team down at every turn last year, Rāwhiti wasn't going to let the cup slip through his fingers a second time. Gryffindor had been champions before and they would be again, he was certain of it. Losing to a team who hadn't even played their last match was... unthinkable. Gryffindor would play their hardest, and they would win - he was certain of it.

After handing in the lineup to Reeve, Rāwhiti drew a heavy breath as he returned to his team. A match was just as much about morale as it was about skill, and he knew how important it was to uplift his teammates now. "Alright, Gryffindor huddle!" He called out, doing his best to look and feel every bit as confident as he thought a captain should. "Right, we're going into this game with an advantage we wouldn't usually have, but that's no reason to get cocky. The fact that Ravenclaw haven't played this year means they've had plenty of time to hone their game behind the scenes, and we don't know what tactics they'll be relying on. We need to give our best every second of the match, and show them what we're made of. Beaters, I want you on their seeker as much as possible. Chasers, eyes on the ball and pass when you need to. Teddy, keep that focus up. We've got this." He put his hand in the center of the circle, gesturing for his teammates to do the same. "Gryffindor on 3 - one, two, three, GRYFFINDOR!" He called out, adrenaline rushing his system as he turned to face their opponents.

SeekerRāwhiti Te Rangi (Captain)
Beater@Aurora Archer
Beater@Santiago Torres
Chaser@Joshua Lynch
Chaser@Fraser Fergusson
Chaser@Miro Morales-Albertson
Keeper@Teddy Pirrip
Alt. Seeker@Milo Frogg
Alt. Chaser@Basquiat Jackson
Alt. Keeper@Veronica Walden-Cade
Lucy's heart raced with excitement as she joined her teammates on the pitch, bouncing a little on her toes. She had been disappointed that their last game hadn't gone ahead, especially as it had been her first time being put on the starting lineup, but even though she would probably just be watching today it was still exciting to be back out on the pitch with the whole school watching. If they were really lucky, there'd be another chance yet to play this semester. Win or lose though, the thrill of a game day buzzed through her. She looked over at the Gryffindor team and sized them up, doing her very best not to be intimidated. She did feel a little strange playing against such a close friend, but she gave Miro a broad grin and wave anyway - sports rivalry hardly counted with someone so important. Whatever happened, today was going to be a great day and Lucy couldn't wait.
Today was Teddy's first final, and he was so excited to get started. Playing against Audrey and Lucy for the first time added an extra level of excitement too. He tightened his gloves as he joined the rest of the Gryffindor team on the pitch to listen to Rāwhiti before the game. Whatever happens today, Teddy was going to give it his all.
Santiago was eager for the game to start. His performance during practice had been awful but he hoped he'd get a chance to do some damage today. He gripped his bat firmly and gave it a few practice swings before their captain gave his speech. He didn't need to be told to go for the seeker that was obvious. His heart was already racing as he waited for the whistle to blow.
Michael was feeling actually pretty nervous as he headed down to the ground with the team lineup in hand for the upcoming game. Gryffindor were, as it stood, the strongest team in the competition. And this year, they had actually backed up their on paper strength with a win against Hufflepuff (who had lost to a Slytherin side he'd all but written off - though at least he had been correct in assessing their seekers so he saw it as a personal victory). There wasn't a whole lot of energy around the Ravenclaw squad, but Michael could only really hope they'd all just been conserving it for today.

"Alright, everyone,"
he started, looking at the team with a nervous smile. "It's a big game today, but let's stay calm and take it as a normal game. Chasers, work with each other - you're all good at what you do, just don't be afraid to pass between each other, yeah? Their keeper is deceptively good, but just communicate and work together and we should be right. Beaters," he looked at the two younger girls, as he didn't really think Monday was in a fit state to play right now (and the older boy had agreed), "if you can get a hit or two on Rāwhiti, throw his game off a little and give Savannah a bit of an advantage, do it. Let's just...try not to have a repeat of Hufflepuff and Slytherin, hey. Play defensively where you can. Savannah, you've got this." He nodded at all of them, sticking his hand out into the middle of the huddle and gesturing for the others to follow his lead. "Ready? Three, two, one, RAVENCLAW!" Maybe it was a bit trite for them, but he was going to bring the team spirit anyway.

Seeker@Savannah Walters
BeaterAudrey Beauchamp
Beater@Lucy Holland
Chaser@Rory Styx
Chaser@Lucy Montague
Chaser@Ambrose Webb
KeeperMichael Watson (c)
Alternates@Violet Owens-Rosemary , @Monday Weeks , Kharon Styx
Audrey tried her best to look intimidating as she glared at the Gryffindor team. She craned her neck to catch Teddy's eye and glare at him as best she could, before turning back to her team. She'd be playing with both Lucys today, and tried very hard to stave off the jealousy she felt by both of them being better than she was at the sport. But she just nodded along with the gameplan - and maybe if she had the chance to swing a bludger in Teddy's direction she'd take it. It was just Quidditch, after all.
Reeve heard snippets of the captains' speeches, smiling at their obvious excitement. He gave the captains a nod as they approached him and submitted their lineup cards, sending them back to their teams quickly. The referee placed the appropriate charm on himself and addressed the crowd and teams. "Today is the championship match!" he allowed the cheers to die down before continuing. "Gryffindor will be defending the North hoops and Ravenclaw will defend the South hoops. Teams, please keep the game fair. Let's fly!"

The referee opened the game chest and released the bludgers, watching as they flew away quickly in opposite directions. He then released the snitch into the air. The ref grabbed the quaffle and headed for his broom. A moment later he was in the air, tossing the quaffle into the sky and yelling "Game on!"

OOCOut of Character: Game notes, please read

1. Be sure to review the rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be sent to your captain(s). If they cannot answer or need additional clarity to support you, they can PM me.
2. If you have any issues seeing the score on the referee's first post or with your access to the quidditch system, please send a PM including both me and your captain(s). It may be that they've forgotten to add you to the system or may be a bigger issue.
3. You should refresh the page before you post! Someone might sneak in a post while you are working on yours and first post counts.
4. You should always be pressing a button, whichever is appropriate for your game play during your post. Doing so boosts your success rate as well as allows the timer to kick in appropriately for your teammates and opponents.
5. After a player is hit by the bludger 3x, gameplay should stop. This allows for a quicker return to game post- substitution.
6. The game is meant to be interactive, so read your fellow players posts before posting! Stick with the game from beginning to end, from kicking off the ground to touching back down! Have fun!
Audrey immediately took to the skies, looking around for bludgers to hit away from her team and towards the Gryffindor team.
Miro hadn't really practiced being a chaser, but that didn't change that he was going to try his best that day to keep up with the rest of his team and prove that he was able to be an alternate in more roles than just as a beater. He arrived to the pitch feeling exited and cheered along with the rest of the team at the end of the speech, he then assumed his starting position and flew into the air as the game began. Miro clumsily caught the quaffle as soon as he could, feeling a bit startled and out of place in carrying it but trying his best to keep it tucked under his arm and his attention focused on the south hoops as he began to fly towards them.​
Michael nodded at his team, then quickly headed to the south hoops to defend. He saw Gryffindor take the quaffle quickly, and prepared himself.
Teddy mounted his broom and immediately flew up to the north hoops, dodging a bludger on the way there.
Lucy had been going towards the quaffle but missed it last minute. Drat. Maybe she could get it off this younger student who'd caught it. She tailed him, watching for any moment of weakness.
When the whistle blew, Josh quickly mounted on his broom and was quickly in the air. The older chaser noticed Miro had the hold of the quaffle, and quickly flew near by the younger boy for support if needed.
Miro tried to remind himself to breathe and not let his nerves get the better of him as he continued heading towards the south hoops. He noted when Joshua was flying nearby and tried to smile at his teammate.​
Audrey caught up with a bludger, hit it, and watched as it sailed wide of its target with a frown.
Michael narrowed his eyes, watching carefully as the young chaser approached. He felt like he hadn't seen the kid before, which could mean he was inexperienced, but Michael wasn't willing to give any quarter, especially not with Josh lingering about to possibly take possession at the last second.
Lucy was keeping an eye on the two opposing team's chasers, knowing that there was every chance once the younger had thrown the quaffle the older would try come in and scoop it up. She didn't want a replay of last year, where she felt she'd let down the team. Lucy wanted to score, and she wanted to keep scoring, to do her best and impress everyone both playing and watching. It was a big aspiration, but Lucy wanted to prove her worth.
Josh continued to fly near Miro as support as he approached the hoops, noticing that the opposing team's chaser was also close by.
Miro soon reached the south hoops, but began to feel nervous about shooting a goal himself. He had never played as a chaser before and felt as if he tried he would fail, so in the hope this was his better option he decided instead to pass the quaffle to Joshua, thinking the older boy had more experience and a better chance of getting a goal through than he did.​

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