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Alexis knew she had to get all of this done. Her mother was waiting for her in the food court and they'd run out of her mother's compensation months ago. She'd tried so hard to make sure that it lasted, but their rent had gone up, so now they weren't sure where their next pay check was coming from. She knew her mother was looking for another job these days, but because of it, Alexis tried to make sure that she didn't spend too much time out, she knew she would use all of her money and she wanted to give most of it back to her mother. Sighing as she looked in the windows, Alexis looked at her list. She only had a couple of more things to get and then she would be able to head back. She couldn't let her mum know she was deliberately not spending money. She'd never believe her if she wasn't late.

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Artemis was enjoying her time in New Zealand. It was a fresh start, one she felt was needed. To get a break from her life in France, and as much as she loved her sisters sometimes she wished she could have her own space and some time to herself. Her sister Octavia had taken her out to buy her Hogwarts supplies, as it was best to get it all done now instead of doing everything at the last minute. She checked her list and ticked every item she had received, running her finger down the page. She glanced around her at the shops, and her eyes landed on a girl around her age who seemed to be doing the same thing. Artemis waited a moment before she decided to approach the other girl, a small smile on her face. "Hi," she greeted. Hopefully, this girl was magical. "Are you going to Hogwarts too next year?" There were just a few months and Artemis had no idea how to feel about leaving to go live in a boarding school.

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Luna liked New Zealand well enough but she still resented the fact they had moved to the country a few years previous. She missed the states, where the seasons were at the right time of year but most of all she missed her family. Though there was a benefit of some of her family being in New Zealand and even at her new school which was the only reason Luna hadn't schemed to be sent somewhere else, perhaps one of her cousins would make HNZ bearable. As part of her preparations Luna decided she would tag along with her uncle while he was campaigning for the Minister for Magic election. It was strange for someone so close to her to be in the public eye like he suddenly was but she couldn't help but thing of how great it would be to have a member of her family in power. The possibilities were endless.

While Uncle Alex was handing out his flyers and pounding the pavement Luna decided she would have a venture round the shops. She was still a little while off getting things like her books and wand but she could still look around the general knickknack places and of course the Quidditch shop. Quidditch ran in the Cade blood and she hoped she would be able to continue her family traditions at her new school. As she wondered down the streets peering in the windows with a material lust her eyes landed on two girls. One of them was asking the other if she was attending Hogwarts in the new year. Which meant at the very least the one asking was. Luna saw an opportunity to not be the sorry loser with no friends on her first day. She could think of nothing worse. "Did I hear you mention Hogwarts? I'm going there too," Luna said as she approached the two girls with a somewhat fake smile on her face.

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