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Philip Maxwell

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Our faith in the PRESENT dies out long before our faith in the future
Philip a boy's name that came from Greek origin with the meaning 'Lover of Horses'. The name has been popularize by the current Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Great Britain, Prince Philip. But as the origin of the name dates back centuries ago, the name was also in the bible and historical stories. George another Greek origin name with the meaning 'Farmer or Earthworker'. The name has always been used in Great Britain. Past and Present noble families from around Europe had used the name for either their first or middle name. Maxwell The Maxwell's has been around for centuries dating back to the middle age. Originally, the Maxwell's where from England and had moved to Northern Ireland when Carrigan Maxwell was made Viscount Hollingsworth in the Peerage of Ireland by King James I of England. The Viscountcies is a subsidiary title to the current Marquess of Donigael, Devin Maxwell, father of Teagan Maxwell and distant cousin to Philip. The Countess of Brickwood. The family has been known to the magical and muggle community of Great Britain. The Maxwell men had been a member of the House of Lords and Wizengamot. The nobility linage tradition has been broken starting with the current Marquess for marrying a commoner while the nobility lineage of the Beckham's had been nobility throughout.

WHERE did you come from, baby dear?
Out of the Everywhere and into here.

He was born on a stormy night on the twenty-eight of August in twenty thirty-five. At exactly nine pm with the labor starting at six am in the morning, fifteen hours of grueling pain his mother suffered. A healthy baby boy was delivered at St. Jame's University Hospital in Leeds. Although, his parents were still debating whether to give him his mother and father's last name, intertwine with one another. His mother didn't want him to be known as a Woodlock, she thought it would be a disgraced. Then, with a heart of gold, his father gave him his last name. He will be known as a Maxwell with its great history. A couple of days in the hospital, the family went to live in Pontefract, West Yorkshire where he grew up to be a fine gentleman. Him and his family had never moved out of the city where he grew up, instead, his mother bare another child or let us say children. On the Seventh of November in twenty forty fraternal twins emerge to the world of the living and they were named Diana Jessica Woodlock-Maxwell and Louis William Woodlock-Maxwell. They were a big deal for his mother, he didn't get it, he was confused but maybe he was just like that. His siblings are now seven years old and as he thought that they will be coming with him at school, he fears the worst.

Life is not always fair. Sometimes you get a splinter sliding down a rainbow

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Philip has a simple name but he is often called 'Phil' or 'Georgie' by his parents and siblings.
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As a descendant from the brother of the seventh Marquis of Donigael and as the grandson, he has no title or other names beside his Christian name. Only the direct descendant of the Marquis has the title bestowed to them or by marriage.
Philip is British if we look just in front of the facade of his life. In truth, Philip is American with both American parents that only his mum and his known dad know. His nationality or citizenship, legally, is British/Britain.
Blood Status
Half Blood is his blood status. With his real father being a muggleborn and his mum a half blood, it didn't triggered the young boy's curiosity. As the known dad was also a half blood.
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Interested in Somebody :wub: Avaria Lockwood :wub:


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