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</COLOR></FONT>[ul][li]covets the stereotypical view of a witch's life and power that she grew up consuming from muggle media</LI>[li]has resentfully settled for saying purple is her favourite colour because people have stopped buying her things in black[li]is convinced that she has had three separate ghost sightings; never believes anyone else when they say the same[li]likes to greet people each morning with their horoscope; immediately trys to find out the sign of all new people she meets[li]won't turn the lights on unless she absolutely needs to; consequently now knows there are twelve steps on the staircase[li]is constantly looking for anything that seems mysterious or strange; tries to manufacture it where it can't be found[li]collects mineral geodes and is convinced that different types tell her what she can expect from her day[li]is highly intrigued by the idea of tattoos and automatically has a higher opinion of people she meets who have them[li]always sneaks out of the house during a full moon and attempts to spend the entire night outside, no matter the season[li]once paid a psychic at the country fair to teach her how to read tarot cards, then stole the woman's spare set[li]badgers her parents to let her read edgar allen poe tales, paint her room black, and wear gothic makeup already[li]wishes for her boring normal life to be disrupted, so has put a sign up in her window inviting aliens to abduct her[li]dares potential friends to walk through the cemetary at night; abandons the weak for ten minutes before returning to scare them<LI>[li]tried to dye her hair bright blue to annoy the school principal; was incensed people had to squint to even notice the resulting blue tint[/li][/ul]
born 18 november 2032; full name lucinda raven sylvester; muggle-born
raised in new zealand by her parents, edward and ellen sylvester; has a baby brother, charles
enjoys the mostly free reign her parents give her over her spare time. is pleased when they indulge in her love for old books, is less enthused when they object to her attempts to summon the supernatural
doesn't pay much attention to her baby brother; actively loathes the bright meaningless entertainment aimed at young children his age
hates her paternal grandparents with a passion due to the way their religious beliefs shape their interactions

doesn't like to ask for help and prefers to rely completely upon herself
puts on a nonchalant attitude that makes her seem uncaring of what goes around her
has a weird, piercing gaze that unnerves people; is always searching for 'interesting' people to spend time with
won't put effort into things she sees as a waste of her time; hates doing things for others with no clear benefit to herself
isn't the most trusting, you have to earn it; vehemently prefers people to mind their own business
has no problem telling people what she really thinks; is always upfront about her feelings for a person
is highly passionate about her interests; loves horror stories, the supernatural, and mysteries - the darker the better
doesn't forget anything she sees or hears; will always get back at someone she thinks has wronged her
has no problem ignoring those she deems to be idiots; blames a lot of what she thinks is wrong with the world on such people
enjoys having something to be mad about, and when angry is likely to lash out at anyone within range
thinks that no one will ever truly understand her, so brushes off anyone who tries to discover her deeper self
is inherently skeptical about people and their motivations; believes everyone is inherently selfish
loves acting mysterious; would prefer to keep people guessing about her than know who she is

<COLOR color="#000"><FONT font="Georga">|QUESTIONS & ANSWERS|
[ can you describe one of lucinda's supposed ghost sightings? where was she? was she frightened, excited, or something else? ]
the first incident: while she was out on a bush walk along a local track with some of her extended family, lucinda broke away from the adults to go on ahead, and once out of sight slipped off the path. winding her way through the trees, she suddenly felt a chill (she later thought), and looked up to see something she couldn't identify, pale and seemingly flimsy, moving back and forth between the trees in the distance. she immediately stopped where she was, trying in vain to make out more details of the object from so far away. unable to discern anything, she watched the form until it vanished, and later as she thought about it became quite certain that she must have seen a ghost. the excitement and smugness then built from coming to that conclusion, rather than being her initial reaction at the time - which was to observe whatever it was, as it was... and not discover something that could easily be explained.

[ how does lucinda get along with her brother, charles? ]
as amicably as a two-year-old and a relatively disinterested older child can. lucinda doesn't take any initiative at taking care of or playing with him right now, and although she won't actively ignore charles, she can become quite impatient with his mindless children's shows and toys. mostly she's just waiting until he gets older and more interesting.

[ is there a particular reason she holds such a high opinion of people with tattoos? does she hope to get tattoos herself one day? ]
she absolutely does. already in her life lucinda has got the impression that some people consider tattoos to be 'other' and deviant, which automatically makes them, and the people with them, more appealing. she also respects the idea of tattoos having a specific story, although any she thinks she would want are of the occult and spiky art design at the moment.

[ did she ever feel guilty for having stolen the set of tarot cards? has she ever stolen anything else? ]
no, she hasn't. although lucinda is a fan of honesty, to her stealing the cards was acting on her honest want of them - with no other means of acquiring a deck, and the woman already having one set, lucinda felt justified in taking the spare set for her own. this incident aside, however, she generally isn't the thieving type. the aftermath of dealing with being discovered usually doesn't make it worth it to her, and if she has an easier method of acquiring something she happily will.

[ what is her deepest secret? ]
because she's only eleven, lucinda's deepest secret is more of an aspect of herself that she hasn't discovered yet, and perhaps won't for a long time. although she doesn't feel the need for friends, and doesn't want to fit in with the typical world around her - lucinda wants to feel connected; to feel like she belongs. on the surface she may be all about trying to leave for a different world, but deep down she wants to be in it already - and knows that really this earth is the only world out there.

[ has she ever demonstrated accidental magic? when? what happened? ]
unfortunately for lucinda, anything that did happen was always easily explained away by other means - doors blowing shut when she was angry (the wind), lights flickering when she was upset (faulty wiring), etc. perhaps she can semi-accurately read her day from the mineral geodes she owns, but then again perhaps that's just coincidence and wishful thinking.

[ how did she feel upon receiving her hogwarts acceptance letter? how did her family react? ]
initially it was shock all round. lucinda, at the fact that she had actually been right about being special; being different all these years, and her parents at the sudden implication of what magic being real actually meant. while lucinda was ecstatic and smug at the fact that she had been proven to be a real witch, her parents have been quietly cautious throughout their (compulsory) support. the letter raised a lot of questions for her father in particular, who had been raised by highly religious parents himself.

[ if she could travel anywhere in the world, where would she go, and why? ]
anywhere that something strange and mysterious might be happening - so places like the bermuda triangle, or area 51. lucinda would relish in visiting places that she thinks might be filled with secrets, or are typically cut off from the public. the idea of going anywhere just to shop, relax, or take pictures seems incredibly dull and pointless to her.

[ does she currently attend a muggle school? how does she get along with her classmates? what do they think of her? ]
lucinda does currently attend a muggle primary school, and her relationship with the kids there is quite happily negative. she's become the isolated student that none of the other children quite fit with, a situation which lucinda actively encourages. she finds herself impatient with the trivial things her peers seem to be concerned by, and doesn't bother hiding her disdain of their enjoyment of them. this aggressively independent attitude, coupled with her own less than conventional likes, has drawn a line between her and the other children that neither she nor they feel inclined to cross.

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Hi Kathy! I love this character already. I have a few questions - I hope that's okay!

1. Can you describe one of Lucinda's supposed ghost sightings? Where was she? Was she frightened, excited, or something else?
2. How does Lucinda get along with her brother, Charles?
3. Is there a particular reason she holds such a high opinion of people with tattoos? Does she hope to get tattoos herself one day?
4. Did she ever feel guilty for having stolen the set of tarot cards? Has she ever stolen anything else?
5. What is her deepest secret?
6. Has she ever demonstrated accidental magic? When? What happened?
7. How did she feel upon receiving her Hogwarts acceptance letter? How did her family react?
8. If she could travel anywhere in the world, where would she go, and why?
9. Does she currently attend a muggle school? How does she get along with her classmates? What do they think of her?

Thank youu!

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