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Lada Anichka

OOC First Name
Sexual Orientation
10¼" Hornbeam Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core
The Basics
Character's Name: Lada Ursula Anichka
Character's Birthdate: November 6th, 1986
Hometown: Manaraga Mountain, Russia
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand: 10¼" Hornbeam Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core
Educated At: Koldovstoretz House: --
Occupation: Former Second-In-Command of St. Mungos Healing & Potions


Hair: Deep red

Eyes: Dark brown, almost black with what appears to be a naturally derived shade of red

Height: 5'4"

For the most part, Lada dresses in a neat-casual attire - often accompanying her well sized under garments with a long coat. When she is undertaking her business however, she often presents herself in a more formal attire; possibly in witches robes or a well fitted dress. Her hair, however, is often kept in messy as is true to her character and style.

Other Distinguishing Features:
Her most notable feature is that of her hair. The vibrant red colour it possess as well as the fact that it is often messed up, taking no true form or purpose on her head makes it an often drawer of attention.

A Little Deeper

Lada is not your typical kindhearted, caring witch by the run of the mil; even despite holding these traits. Having been raised in a very steadfast and strong family, she has always been hardened, strong-willed and quick to lead with emotion in the way that she reacts and approaches situations. She could, at a glance, be seen as spiteful, grudging and unforgiving - however- underneath all of that hardened exterior - Lada truly does care for those whom she puts particular value in. Whether that be family, friends or even peers, when it comes down to it, she is a woman governed and lead by her emotions and as such, can be unparalleled in the degree that she can care for others.

Ultimately, her strong personality and reliance on her emotional state of mind makes for Lada to be a very impulsive person. Whilst one minute she might be friendly enough, the next she could have you at wand point - telling you to head on your way before she blows your head from your shoulders. It all just depends on how interactions unfold and how people treat her. One does not often dare challenge the fury of her Russian roots.

Special Talents/Abilities:

Expert Healer: Having spent most of her life as a healer, Lada is near to unsurpassed in her abilities as a medical-based witch. Her limitations in healing are endless and often times, she is sought out by witches and wizards alike to be healed from matters they wish not to attend St. Mungo's for out of a need for discretion.

Masterful Duellist: Raised in a very hardened Russian family, Lada's training in duelling commenced from a young age - and as such - her learning of spells commenced even before she had entered school. As a result of this head start on her fellow students, as well as the fact that she started at such a young age with a desperation fuelling her need to become formidable with a wand, Lada only continued to grow in her prowess with magic. Nowadays she has been noted to be able to fend of some of the most skilled dark wizards and witches and has been stated to have all the wand-skill required to be an Auror, but none of the discipline.

Wandless Magic: Lada is capable of casting reasonably powerful wandless magic. Whilst she is capable of doing so, she doesn't often duel without the use of her wand however.

Expert Potion Brewer: In correlation with her time at St. Mungo's as well as that of her schooling, Lada is noted for her prowess in potion brewing; particularly in the area of medicines. She often brews Wolfsbane Potion and distributes it to wizards and witches effected by Lycanthropy free of charge as an act of sympathy, granted that her own father suffered the condition.

[li]Born in Manaranga Mountain, Russia, also known as Voodoo Mountain; one of the most dangerous and few mountains which has not been summited by muggles. Her mother and father erected Anichka Manor atop its uneven surface with the help of magic to stabilise its fortifications, with Flavia forming the Voodoo society atop its summit. This society was and remains to be responsible for the peculiar weather occurrences which help to disguise what lies atop the mountain, as well as prevents muggles from climbing its face.</LI>

[li]Began training in the art of duelling at an early age, even prior to beginning her schooling with her mother adamant that she learn to defend herself and be an "independent Russian woman". These trials often left her bruised, bloodied and beaten as a result of her lacklustre ability as a duellist to begin with - however - lead into her natural ability to heal and treat injuries and wounds. As time drew on, her duelling became much better.

[li]Began attending school at Koldovstoretz, where she began properly learning magic and how to control it. Before long, her premature exposure to magic allowed for her to take to lessons far more effectively than most other students - and as such - her magic became powerful very quickly. She soon far surpassed her years in regards to offensive and defensive magic.

[li]Continued to educate herself in the arts of medicine whilst at school, taking particular time with the nurses and learning methods of healing outside of the school curriculum. Before long, she knew she wished to be a healer and invested all of her energy into that area of learning.

[li]Just prior to her graduation from Koldovstoretz, word reached Lada of her fathers death at the hands of his fellow colleagues at the Ministry of Magic when word came out of his Lycanthropy. The revelation left Lada broken, to which she did not even attend her own graduation. She remained locked away at the top of the Mountain she called her home for another year - struggling with the grief.

[li]Resurfaced one year later, pursuing her career in medicine where she thrived. Before long, she had earned herself a excellent reputation and was transferred to New Zealand to assist in a short-staffed St. Mungo's.

[li]Returned to Russia for a short time during a chapter marked in the Anichka Family Histories as Dark Days, in which she and her sons saved her brother, Nikolai, from the grasps of dark magic and its influences to which he had become a victim. She remained in Russia for a time in which she oversaw his recovery, only to return shortly after to St. Mungo's to resume her duties.

<LI>[li]Proved herself over many years, before soon earning herself the position as the Second-In-Command to which she pledged a great deal of her life to, only venturing to move elsewhere when she came to an older age.[/li][/ul]


[th colspan="4"]Immediate Family Tree[/th]






Viggo Alanico Anichka

- Served as a member of the Russian Ministry for most of his life.

- Suffered from Lycanthropy in secret for many years, before it was made public and he was killed for his condition by his own colleagues



Flavia Brutisha Anichka

- Created the voodoo commune atop Manaraga Mountain, which caused it to be labelled as a spellbound mountain, swamped with bizarre weather changes and the like.

- Resides in the Anichka Manor atop of the Mountain to this day, considering herself the overseer of the old ways

Alive, considered mentally insane


Nikolai "Niko" Kruvin Anichka

- A recovered practitioner of the Dark Arts and former worshipper of Pure Bloods, Niko takes care of Flavia atop the Mountain.

- A complete changed man, now focusing on good magic, desperate to escape the wrongs he once committed by smearing them from his life with good deeds.


[th colspan="4"]Family by Marriage[/th]






Kraven Pratzko

- Married to Lada whilst both of them were in their early thirties; neither took the others name for professional reasons

- Works as a well known Russian reporter for the wizarding newspaper

- Currently missing after pursuing a lead into the underground of dark magic

Unknown, last considered to be alive.


Kristopher Pratzko-Anichka

- Eldest of the boys

- Suffers from dyslexia

- Auror for the Russian Ministry



Bronson Pratzko-Anichka

- Youngest of the boys

- Highly intelligent with a strong work ethic and desire to grow as a professional

- Currently creating his own business which distributes medical supplies from country to country for those in need


[th colspan="4"]Estranged Family Tree[/th]






Genevieve Lydia Montgomery

- Served as a recruiter for Dark Magic Worshippers for an underground cult, turning her own husband to the cause until he broke away from its influence with the help of his sister and her sons.

- Stood trial and faced time in Azkaban, however, was acquitted as a result of corrupt Ministry Officials at her hearing.

- Still well and truly at large.



Vlad Yuri Anichka

- Arrested for his part in the practice of dark magic in Russia.

- Currently incarcerated in Azkaban, being framed for the crimes of Genevieve as well as those of his own. he is facing life without a chance of release.



Lydia Felicity Anichka

- Arrested with her husband, Vlad and sentenced to death at the hand of the Dementors.

- Received a more severe sentence than her husband as a result of her cruelty to victims of her crimes.

- Tried to escape Azkaban, however, escapes were foiled by the Dementors leading to her premature death.

Deceased; Dementors Kiss


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