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Professor Matt Alcott-Ward

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Classroom Policies years 5 -7, Professor Matt Ward

1. No talking or disturbing my lessons. I assure you, what you just have to say to your neighbor can wait until the end of class.
2. Feel free to ask questions, but be aware I might have to wait until the end of the lesson to answer them.
3. Homework is due one week after it's assigned.
4. Plagiarism is not accepted. Yes, I do check. Plagiarism is an automatic T grade.
5. Treat everyone with respect. Yes, even the Professor.
6. No one will get agrade lower than a P in lessons unless they specifically ask.
7. Your attendance in class will reflect on your grade, as well as the length of your post.
8. I hope I don't need to say this, but do bring a quill and parchment to this class.

Lesson grading:
You get a grade for roleplaying a lesson, and you can earn extra house points by answering extra credit questions or doing the assigned homework.

Post Length:
100 words or less - A
100 - 125 words - EE
125 words or more - O

The above numbers are a guideline, and the content of your post does also matter. If your character misbehaves in class, the grade will be lower. If the lesson consists of a quiz (as many seventh year lessons do) this won't apply as only to anyone doing the quiz.

Also please note the post length rules don't apply to lessons that ask for an attendance post. Any length is fine in those, within reason.

You need to have an A for sixth year History of Magic in order to continue into the final year.

Exam Grading:
Outstanding - 10
Outstanding - 9
Outstanding - 8
Exceeding Expectations - 7
Exceeding Expectations - 6
Acceptable - 5
Acceptable - 4
Poor - 3
Poor - 2
Dreadful - 1
Troll - 0

If anyone is interested in more information or help with your homework, you're always welcome to visit me in my office. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them!

Thank you,

Professor Ward
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