Herbology Make-Up Lessons Y43

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This is where students in all years can post any Herbology lessons that they may have missed. Once exams have ended, no make up will be accepted beyond that point. Plagiarism will also not be tolerated. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or Professor Carter.

Lessons Missed:

Zephryn Spencer

Athletic, Anger Issues, Twin, Competitive
OOC First Name
Name: Zephryn Spencer
House/Year: Gryffindor Sixth Year
Lessons Missed: Lessons 1 and 2

Lesson 1

Zee was certainly excited about Herbology this semester. She loved the course for many reasons, the main one being that she was able to let off some steam in a relaxing way. For some reason, the working with plants calmed her just as much as quidditch or boxing. She did not see the correlation between them, but honestly she did not give it much thought. If it worked it worked. The Gryffindor entered the Greenhouse, enjoying being outside on top of everything else. She found a seat just as the lesson began. She certainly wasn't early, but not quite late either.

The professor started with a little welcome before jumping into the topic of today, Screechsnaps. These plants were vocal and apparently had a thing against the professor. Zee let out a laugh, not bothering to stifle it as one of the Screechsnaps stuck its tongue out at the professor. These were definitely sassy. Instantly, Zee liked them.

She went right to work as they were allowed to do. They were repotting them today. Zee watched her plant for awhile as it made all kinds of sounds and not always the nicest. She could relate to that. She observed it for a little bit before getting to work. She put on her gloves and went to collect water and fertilizer. When she had everything she needed, she began.

Zee picked up the plant and placed it into a bigger pot. It made a lot of fuss with this. "Oh shut it. It will be better soon" She said. If the plant was going to be vocal so was she. Zee added some soil to the new pot. The Screechsnap calmed a bit, still not happy. She gave it some of the fertilizer and water, adding more of each as the plant continued to be annoyed with her. Finally, the plant seemed content. "See I told you" Zee said sticking her own tongue out at the plant. She cleaned up her area, leaving her content Screechsnap as she left the Herbology Greenhouse.

Lesson 2

Zee wondered if they would still be dealing with the sassy plants today. She quite liked them. A plant that could always talk back. She entered the Greenhouse, looking around for the Screechsnaps. She did not seem them though. Maybe the professor had something else in mind. Zee took her seat as she impatiently wanted for the lesson to begin. It did not take long for the professor to explain what they would be doing today.

The first part of the lesson was a lecture on Devil’s Snare. Zee did not really take notes, but instead listened along. Mental notes were her new thing even though she knew that did not count at all. At least it wasn't a lot of information. She would remember the rather lame joke about a flitterbloom and a murderous friend or I guess enemy at this point. If only she could give one to Louis. Now that would be funny, as long as he didn't die or anything. Knowing him, the know it all would realize it was Devil's Snare. That would just get her in trouble. She tuned back into the lesson.

The professor was taking them to another Greenhouse today. This was surprising. Zee collected her things and followed everyone into the Dangerous Plant Greenhouse. It was rather dark in there. Not like a Greenhouse you would expect. She took time to adjust her eyes as she followed the professor to see the Devil’s Snare. She knew it was dangerous but it did look rather harmless. She spent some time observing it as well as some of the other plants around. Some of them she thought she recognized, but probably not. She didn't spent a lot of extra time looking up plants that could kill her, but maybe she should.

After observing for awhile, Zee was one of the last to remain. She looked around surprised at how easily she got sucked into looking at the plants. She left the Greenhouse, wondering how much time she actually spent extra in there, afraid to know that she had shown such an interest in the class.

Angel didn't like lingering in the Dangerous Plants Greenhouse too long, though it was less because of the plants and more because of how humid it got in there. He was happy however to stay around a little longer if it meant some of his students got their fill of the more interesting specimens inside, especially ones like Zephryn who he could generally trust to not try to pet any of them. "Good work today, it's good to see some of you guy paying a little extra attention. Two points for your trouble," he said as the last of them exited the greenhouse together, making sure to lock the door tight behind them.
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