Fourth Years: Lesson Five

Professor Sarah Harrington

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Sarah was really hoping her fourth years were enjoying the curriculum, and that it was interesting enough. She thought today's topic was going to be pretty interesting. Setting up was rather easy for her this week. Gathering up her notes and other things she headed to the classroom to get there before the students would arrive. The chairs and desks were all pushed around from a previous group and she quickly straightened them before opening the door for the students that were arriving early. When Sarah heard voices at the door she smiled and greeted each students as they entered, hoping to get all their names correct. "Kia ora*, hello! Good Evening Everyone, I trust you all are well," Professor Harrington said to the class. "Today we're going to look at wormholes," Professor Harrington continued.

Today was going to be a rather interesting lesson as most of it was theory as no one had ever been close enough to a black hole to test the theory of wormholes before. "Now a wormhole is alleged to be the connector between two different points in the universe far part from each other, and this is supposed to create time travel. Now the only way this is possible in the magical world is by using a pensive and accessing memories, but even these are not actual solid places you can be, time travel is possible, but by going through a wormhole that cuts through time and space, when you enter a wormhole you go through a process called spaghettification, which is where your bodies are elongated to extremely lengths, probably meaning you would die before getting to the other side."

Professor Harrington walked in the front of the classroom as she talked her hands moving to demonstrate the process."There may be hidden shortcuts for space journeys that would be otherwise impossible for a human to ever complete in a lifetime. If you were to enter a wormhole you could travel to the destination it leads to much faster than the speed of light, which is excruciatingly fast." Sarah glanced at the clock and frowned for a moment. "Ahh! It appears we have run out of time, so if you could pack up your things and finish your notes, you may then leave." She smiled. "Remember to do the homework." She added with a smile dismissing the class. She watched the group go and then headed down to her office to get a cup of tea before going to bed herself.

This Week:
*Kia ora means Hello in the Native New Zealand Language, Maori.
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Homework: Please complete this review from previous years.

Fourth Year Lesson 5 Homework
1.) What does the brightness of a star depend on?

A. the closeness to the Earth.

B. the size of the star.

C. the temperature of the star.

D. all of the above.

2.) Geocentric Universe is the

A. universe revolving around the moon.

B. universe revolving around the Earth.

C. universe revolving around the Sun.

D. universe revolving around the Solar System.

3.) There are a total of _ zodiac constellations and _ main recognized constellations.

4.) Planets that have rings circling the planet include:

Fourth Year Lesson 5 Homework
[b]1.)[/b] _
[b]2.)[/b] _
[b]3.)[/b] _ _
[b]4.)[/b] _ _ _ _

Diana Holland

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Diana always looked forward to Astronomy, and today was no exception. She left the common room in the evening, feeling cheerful, and walked to class with her friends. She had been cheerful lately anyway, as everything had been going pretty well for her. Her run-in with Simon had been great, and their talk at the Halloween Feast had only solidified that. She couldn't wait to go to the yule ball with him, and she hoped it would make Analei and Charlotte green with jealousy. The girl also had baby news to consider, but that wasn't really on her mind a lot. She hadn't really thought much about how her mother's pregnancy would affect her personally.

The girl made her way into the Astronomy classroom and took her seat. She smiled at Professor Harrington, who told them they would be looking at wormholes today. The professor told them a wormhole was alleged to be the connector between two different points in the universe, but the way she spoke made it clear to Diana that this wasn't completely certain. She went on to say that it was supposed to create time travel, and then added that that was so far only possible in the magical world with a pensive and memories. Diana wondered why she didn't bring up time turners. She had heard of those, and they definitely brought people to solid places in the past. She was half tempted to ask, but then decided to listen to the lecture instead. She took a few more notes, writing down that entering a wormhole would result in traveling faster than the speed of light. That was almost impossible to imagine. The lesson was over soon after, and Diana started to pack up. She took the time to write down her homework, then left the classroom along with her classmates.

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