Fifth Years; Lesson5

Professor Jacqueline Burke

Transfig Professor // Scitorari Leader
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Professor Burke decided that she was going to work a bit of conjuring today for her class, since they would be working with those next year. As they all sat down, she rose from her seat, walking to the front of the class. "Welcome. We are going to be working with a bit more difficult animal today." She looked at the class with a smirk, then quickly waved her wand, conjuring up a duck on the desk of a very surprised student. "Ducks!" she said, picking up the animal. "Now, I will conjure up your duck for you when we are ready. Conjuring will be the type of spell you will learn about next year. I didn't want to have a sord of mallards running around the room on us."

As she set the duck in her hands back down, it began to wander around the room. She tapped the air in front of her, and spoke the spell. The duck disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. "Alright. Now do remember that with the right amount of concentration. You don't have to be right on top of your duck. Experiment with moving around the room. I will conjure you a new one if you wish to try again as well. Now if you all will stand up, we can get started."

Once the students were up, she flicked her wand and moved the desks to the side of the room and then with another quick flick, a sord of mallards were in the open area. "Go to it!" she saint d with a smile, stepping back to watch the mayhem commence.

Homework:RP attendance. Completing the lesson is optional. Have fun with your duck! I am looking forward to reading your responses.

Simon Vanity

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Simon was feeling a little nervous about the upcoming exams, they were quite a bit away but he could help the budding nerves that he felt towards it. The teen had been working hard all of his school years, but he knew that none of that would matter if he didn’t also manage to do well during this year. He needed to do well during the OWL years to progress in all of the classes he wanted unhindered. He needed to do well to eventually be able to get a job, it didn’t help in his mind that he didn’t have the exams in this semester, he would’ve rather had them scattered so he’d know what he was getting in each of the classes. He just needed to get perfect grades. The boy wanted to do well, he wanted to perfect grades. The boy was getting himself ready for the day ahead, he was putting homework and books into his bag, he was making sure he had all of the notes and homework for the day ahead of him. Simon was working hard, as he always did, but there was an increased pressure this semester to really put in the work to do well. The teen grabbed his wand last and then headed out of the dorm. Simon headed into the transfiguration classroom and took his usual spot in the room. His gaze shifted up to the professor as the woman got started, they would continuing with the spell from the prior weeks. The teen took his wand and looked towards the woman as she said they’d be practicing on ducks. He didn’t mind that at all. He thought it was a more interesting animal, he was pretty keen to be able to make it vanish too. The first time he tried to vanish the duck it took a few tries and he aimed to remain stationary. He got the professor to summon more for him, and made each one vanish with increasing ease. The teen was moving around the room, lightly chasing after but still managing to make it vanish with each go. Eventually the lesson was drawn to an end and the teen packed up and left the room. He was pleased that they had spent so much time learning and doing the spell, he felt more than fairly confident about it.

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