Fifth Years, Lesson Three

James had arranged his classroom a little differently in order to perform the demonstration required for the lesson that day. The desks has been pushed to the side and cushions had been laid out on the floor in front of his desk with enough for one per student. As they began to enter the classroom in droves he turned his attention to them, "Come in, everyone take a seat we're mixing things up today," So far they had been reviewing old concepts in preparation for their exams but today they would be learning something new and that required a demonstration, something he hoped they would enjoy even if it wasn't the most practical of spells.

"Today we will be learning the Gemino curse," James said once he had closed the classroom door and leaned against his desk. "This curse is slightly different to what you've learned about so far as it does not directly cause harm to a person or an object, when the spell is cast on an object it will duplicate when touched, the copies of the item are however useless," He paused before continuing. "It might not seem that useful to you however it is often used as a security measure for high value items in Gringotts, items duplicating endlessly in a confined space will certainly have consequences for anyone foolish enough to attempt a break in. This spell should not be confused with Geminio which duplicates the targeted object as Geminio is not a curse, and it makes a double in appearance, and any magical effects it contains will not be duplicated. The doubling charm has the same name, yet, how to make it into a curse is a special case." James took out his wand and from his desk took a plate which held a single cookie on it. He cast the Gemino curse on it and touched it so it duplicated and passed the plate to the first student. "As you can see after casting the curse and touching the cookie it duplicated, I want you each to touch the cookie and watch as it duplicated and pass the plate on once you've seen it," James stood with his wand ready in case things got out of hand, but he had made sure the demonstration would be entirely safe. One by one new cookies emerged and by the time the plate made its way back to him it was full. He tapped his wand on the cookie to stop it duplicating and set the plate on his desk.

"I think that's enough for one day, I'll let you go and enjoy your free time before your next class, don't say I never give you anything, and speaking of, for homework please write an essay about the curse we covered today and why it's dangerous due next lesson, class dismissed,"

RP the lesson. Do the homework for extra credit. First poster feel free to have your character be the first person to be handed the plate.
Anisha was looking forward to the Halloween Feast and was excited to dress up with Raafe, though she wondered if he would be a bit more talkative at the feast. He had been very quiet lately and had seemed like he was avoiding her, it was troubling. Still, Anisha barely had spare time to ponder on it, she had to work hard on her studies if she wanted to get ahead of Dorian. Their meetups about their progress were sort of fun, but she knew she had to beat him in the end.

The Gryffindor girl took her usual seat int he room, curious to hear what they would be doing differently today. The professor told them they would be learning the Gemino curse, which was a new one for Anisha. It sounded pretty interesting, Anisha wondered if they would try casting the spells themselves. Unfortunately, they all just got to touch a cookie on a plate to watch it duplicate. Anisha was the first one to get the plate, so it was at least a little interesting, but it still wasn't as good as trying to cast the spell herself. She sighed when the lesson was over and left the classroom after noting down the homework. It didn't sound very difficult.
Savannah was enjoying the term so far, it felt nice to be challenged, to have a good and interesting amount of work going on. She also was looking forward to the halloween celebration. Savannah always welcomed the chance to show off a little and pretend to be someone else. She didn’t have any firm ideas on what she wanted to be for the event, but she knew that she would figure it out and have a good time while doing so. Savannah grabbed the last things she needed for the day, and took a moment to look herself over before heading out of the class.

Savannah walked into the defence against the dark arts classroom and took a spot in the room. She took out her notes and her wand, placing both down, since she wasn’t sure what exactly they would covering in this lesson. The ravenclaw then took her quill and began writing down what the professor was telling them about geminio. She made sure that she was getting down what the important things about this spell was. Not wanting to miss any part of it. Not wanting to be not getting the important information down. She thought the spell was interesting, and certainly if she had things of value it was the spell that she’d want to place on it. Eventually the lecture was wrapped up and Savannah packed up and she left the room.
The Slytherin was up a little late the previous night, so it took Terror Zhefarovich a hot minute to wake up. That seemed to be inevitable all week because he wanted to get ahead on his studying. He had a lot to practice since more of his classes were practical over theoretical. He practiced as quietly as he could, and even tried to get ahead with nonverbal but that ended up in failure. Then again, what should he expect with sixth year material? Terror was not exactly patient and wanted to hurry and get things done. He managed to almost be late getting ready and leaving the Slytherin house to head to class.

Terror walked in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. He noticed that the desks were pushed to the side, and how they had cushions on the floor. He sat down on one and waited for Professor Cade to start the lesson. Professor Cade started to talk about the Gemino curse, and what it was called. He took out his parchment, ink and quill to take notes over the curse, and then it was demonstrated with a cookie on a plate. And sure enough, he was given the plate, and then gave it back. They had some homework and then they were free to go. Terror got up from the floor, and left the classroom.
It was in the middle of the week, and Cassius Styx was not looking forward to the exams coming. Who knew that all classes would have this much of a load? Cass sure didn't. No one warned him either, but who would? He also had to watch Snow because he knew that something was going on with her. Maybe it was because her father was a werewolf, and had not told him yet. Cass already knew because of his connections. It was no big deal since Lucas Chase seemed like a decent guy - from what his cousin told him. The Slytherin prefect brushed this aside so that he could get everything he needed before he left to head to his next class. He looked forward to some of the material, but he prayed that it would not be in vain.

Cass walked in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom to see that they had cushions in the floor and not desks. He shrugged his shoulders, but he sat down regardless. Professor Cade let them know that they were going over the Gemino curse, which was about an object that would duplicate when touched. It was used in Gringott's for high value items. It did sound useful though. They were given a plate with a cookie, and passed it around. He touched it, and it duplicated immediately. Cass wrinkled his nose, and passed the plate away quickly. He got up and left since they were free to leave. He could do the extra credit, but he didn't want to immediately.

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