Felix Thomas Urie

Felix Urie

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Curved 17 Inch Swishy Larch Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
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Felix Thomas Urie

I sleep in late
Go ahead don't go
Another day

Name: Felix Thomas Urie
First Name Meaning: Happy, Lucky
First Name Origin: Felix is of Latin origin
Middle Name Meaning: Twin
Middle Name Origin: Thomas is of Aramaic origin
Last Name Meaning: Son of Urey
Last Name Origin: Urie is of Scottish and English origin
Nickname?: Fee, Fee Fee Licks, Urie - though is usually the one who gives them

Oh what a wonder
Don't leave my open arms all warm

Oh what a waste

Color: Felix does not have a favourite colour
Least favorite color: Felix's least favourite colour is Marigold
Music: Felix's favourite music is anything he can jam to
Food: Felix is simple, mac and cheese is his go to despite being lactose intolerant
Literature: Felix isn't a big reader, but he likes non fiction
Form of entertainment: Felix enjoys movies (Netflix and chill specifically)
Expressions: He expresses himself through his words and actions
Mode of transportation: He likes apparition
Most prized possession: The letter Kiera wrote him before she died, A Love Letter he wrote for Lyra when they got back together for the last time, A figurine of Falon, The Key to Lanithro's house (even though they life together now) The first sock Felix ever stole from Finn
Flower: Felix does not have a favourite flower

It's a Monday
And go see I don't know if your here for me

It's so mundane

Date-Of-Birth: December 29th, 2028
Place Of Birth: Australia
Current Area Of Residence: Lanithro's Manor, Obsidian Harbour
Birth Parents: Kylee and Tom Urie
Heritage: Australian and Scottish

What exciting things
Well look the afternoon is the only place where you and I belong
Will happen today?

Gender: Cisgender Male
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: Felix does not disclose this kind of information to people he isn't sleeping with
Dress Code: Mostly skinny jeans and pull over shirts
Sexual Orientation: Felix is attracted to both males and females, but he is not specifically either bisexual or pansexual, as he is attracted most to people in positions to physically overpower him. He is attracted to people he perceives as being able to physically protect him, whether through status, raw power, or physically
Turn ons: Physical closeness, Pressure, Food, Lose of Control, Innuendo
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
First Kiss: Dahlia Beauregard, Silus Hollister
Innocence: Lyra Potter
Skin Tone: Beige
Skin Type: Smooth and Clear
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length and Thickness: Short and Thick
Eye Colour: Hazel-Blue
Playby: Chace Crawford
Distinguishing Marks: He has a scar on his elbow from stacking his bike when he was eight.
Physical Health Status: Physically healthy
Allergy/s: Lactose Intolerant, Bees
Suffers From: Bi-Polar Depression
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Blood Type: A Positive

The yard is full of hard rubbish it's a mess and
Your mine forever and a day
I guess the neighbors must think we run a meth lab

Education: Hogwarts New Zealand; Hufflepuff
Subjects Taken for OWLs/NEWTs: Felix did not complete his schooling and dropped out in his seventh year
Wand: Curved 17 Inch Swishy Larch Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
Good Traits:
  • Bold
  • Original
  • Aesthetics
  • Showmanship
  • Practical
  • Excellent People Skills
  • Focused
Bad Traits:
  • Easily Bored
  • Poor Long Term Planner
  • Sensitive
  • Conflict Averse
  • Distracted Easily
Interests and/or Hobbies:
  • Parties
  • Quidditch
  • Food
  • The Ministry
Additional Skills: None
Graduation: Felix did not graduate
Current Job: Felix is a member of the Anti-Ministry group the Scitorari and is Manager in a Restaurant his friend owns
Boggart: Death of Falon - After everything he has been through with his twin, Felix feels as though he does not deserve Falon in his life and always fears her death due to the nature of her job and constantly worries for her.
Patronus Memory: Felix is unable to actually create a full patronus as he never was very good in school, but the first time Lanithro said he loved him.
Dementor: Telling Falon he chose Lyra over her
Animagus: Heron
Patronus: Heron The heron is known for its outstanding determination and intelligence. Herons live in three elements: water, earth, and air, revealing that the animal appreciates diversity. You have a mind like no other and work on whatever you’re working on until you’ve finished it. And of course, this is J.K. Rowling’s own Patronus, so you should be sure of this animal’s respect, beauty, and loyalty.[x]
Languages: Felix speaks only English
Accent: Soft Australian, specifically Ocker dialect
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Felix has Lyra's name tattoo on his hip, but he turned it into a constellation instead
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