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After dropping Scarlet off to the Hospital Wing, Jake had hightailed it out of there so fast he had almost given himself whiplash. It was ridiculous really, the amount of effort he had been putting in to get her to ignore him, or avoid him, or to do those things himself and then when presented the one opportunity he needed to get rid of her for good, he just couldn't do it. Figures. He was that weak. Did he want her to get hurt? Because that was how it all felt right now if he was perfectly honest. Shaking his head as he walked up to the Professor's door, Jake waited patiently. The Professor had still been at the Hospital Wing when he left, but he had taken the long way here and it was quite possible that they had been him here. He knocked on the door, just to be sure and waited patiently.

Omg, this sucks, I'm so sorry.

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