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[name] Demitris Nathan Zhefarovich
[etymology] The name Demitris means one who is the follower of the goddess Demeter and gives off the impression of wealthy, intelligent and ambitious chap. Nathan means a gift from God which gives off the impression of a capable, trustworthy and quiet man. His surname Zhefarovich means comes from Bulgaria and it means powerful, dexterous, virulent enforcer. The name more or less fits him, except he does not follow the goddess Demeter at all. He doesn't follow any gods or goddesses. Overall, he is intelligent and trustworthy, in addition to quiet.
[origin] he surname Zhefarovich originates from Romania and Bulgaria. However the heritage of Romanian has long since washed away. The Zhefarovich family are large, containing three branches, with one typically being the main branch, which is the darkest, another being the more likely to be in businesses, and the last branch being the quietest and also the more pleasant if one could consider them pleasant at all. Most of the Zhefarovich family are pure-blooded, and have laws and strict rules which they are known for, and many are either Death Eaters or associated with them. They are known for their tightness and also on how they hate muggles and anything to do with them. While allying with some other families, the Zhefarovich do control others. They are very isolated, and while some people consider them to be legendary, they are also very hostile and malevolent, and will not stop a fight until they die from it. More often than not, they keep to themselves in Bulgaria while some spread around, their main base is in a Manor where no one can access unless they know where it is, and have many other secret places. The Zhefarovich had this tradition to give into the inner dark nature, and many other traditions that if broken, one would die. Demitris was originally spared of this name, but soon adopted it. His first and middle name are picked by his mother, and a first in his family.
[nicknames] He actually does not have one. He is quite proper and prefers his first name.
[alliance] Demitris is ultimately neutral. He cares only for his own well being.
[birthdate] He was born on September 11th, 2004 in his home town in a muggle hospital, much to his dad's dismay.
[age] Demitris is currently thirty-years-old.
[gender] Demitris is a male.
[sexual orientation] Heterosexual which means that Demitris is attracted only to the opposite sex, which is females. When it comes down to choosing whether Demitris is attracted to aesthetics or personality, it is personality. He could give a rat's ass about how they look except in extreme cases.
[dialects] After many years, Demitris has mastered three languages. English, which he still struggles with to some level, Bulgarian and Russian. His preferred tongue is Russian, as he is most familiar with it.
[hometown] He was born in Plodiv, Bulgaria, and he does not remember much of his town. He lived in Russia for most of his life anyhow. So he doesn't care that he originates from Bulgaria.
[residency] Demitris currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand, living in a hidden house. His house is made to be huge, as he spent most of his inheritance on it when his father signed it over for being a lousy one. There are many rooms of his house which include: foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, dance room, spa, game room, den, movie room, Demitris's bedroom, guest room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, bathroom 1, 2. Demitris is the only one that lives there at this time.
[heritage] Demitris is one-half Russian, from his mother's side, and one-half Bulgarian, from his father's side.
[blood status] He is a mixed-blood. He comes from a line of pure-bloods and Harrington's which descend from muggles and wizards alike. He doesn't care much about this.
[blood type] AB Negative is Demitris' blood type. It is rumored that in his family, those with AB Positive align with the side of good, whereas AB Negative align with the side of evil. This has been proven both wrong and correct. There is a belief in Japan that a blood type would give someone good traits and bad. The good traits from this belief are cool, controlled and rational, and the bad traits are critical, indecisive and unforgiving. These traits are true to his character.
[wand] Demitris' personal wand is the Bloodwood 15 3/4" Core of Phoenix Talon. The bloodwood is a wood of strength and energy and will produce potent magic out of love or anger. Excellent for protection and not for novices. The phoenix talon provides strength and it is not suited for dark magic. It possesses healing abilities and provides protection and lasting charms for the possessor. Overall it will only obey him. It is rather sturdy and will not bend.
[occupation] He writes history books, whether it is textbooks or regular history, of the magical world.
[health status] Demitris suffers from claustrophobia. It is an extreme or irrational fear of confined places. This is why he requires to live in a place with large space.
[allergies] He is slightly allergic to latex.
[pet] He does not own any pets yet.
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[five words] Intelligent, Trustworthy, Quiet, Honorable, Cold
[personality] Demitris' personality is nothing short of complex in many different forms. While he is in fact, intelligent, he also appears to be cold and serious as well. He knows much more about the history of magic, and does not fail to know any sort of date. He does not have pride in what he knows, as he is a straight-forward guy that knows things, and educates others without criticizing them. However when he gets aggravated or angry, then he will turn his nicer leaf over to reveal something of a darker, bitter nature. He can be rather sarcastic when he is stressed and aggravated, to the point where it can be insultive. He once carried a cruel nature within, and it is still known to surface every now and again, due to the fact when he was in Durmstrang, he embraced it and became a terror to all that met him. Since graduating, he managed to bottle that within, and become a colder person, somewhat nicer than what others would have ever expected. However it still is within him, and urging to be released one day.
[beliefs] There would be only one sort of belief that he believes in. He believes that history repeats itself if one is too ignorant to learn about it. Everything else is more or less, live by the day philosophy.
[boggart] His greatest fear would be locked in a box, chained down and unable to see out.
[fears] Demitris is claustrophobic. He hates small spaces to the degree where he will not tolerate them, not even in his closets. He also fears the Scitorari and the Aurors, knowing that one is corrupt just like the other, and believes that they will one day try to recruit him. He also fears of getting married again.
[likes] There isn't a lot that Demitris likes. He does love children, even though they are generally messy (but they give him something to do which is clean up after them). He loves to write in his novels, whether it is for a history textbook or just general fiction that is based on the past. Demitris also enjoys the winter weather, which would include snowboarding and skiing. He appreciates dance quite a bit, and loves to ballroom dance. Although he doesn't want others to know it, he is into extreme sports, and that also includes zip lining.
[dislikes] Demitris is rather tight on things he does not like. Anything that could be dirty like mud and such being tracked into his home is unacceptable. Demitris is very tidy and won't deal with messes that much. He also tends to dislike it when people ask him for things. He prefers to be left alone if and at all possible now. Demitris also dislikes the summer because of the heat, and that includes swimming. He hates getting out on boats because he gets seasickness from the motion of the waves. He also hates being tricked into doing things that he would not normally do.
[goals] His goal is to become the best godfather to Jaken's daugther, Olivia.
[good habits] He tends to keep everything clean and in tip-top shape.
[bad habits] The above could be bad because if someone messes up something that is his, he will snap at them.
[strengths] Demitris' strengths come from his mind. His intelligence is his strongest aspect of his character. How he can analyze the situation, predict the outcome, everything. Demitris is one of those men that thinks before he does anything now, and he can easily outsmart someone in many fields. However he also has his limits. He does not know everything of course. He can also use his mind to shield his emotions and make himself not feel something all at once, such as a death. He can hide just about any secret as well, and he is shown to be one of those trustworthy people that is loyal to the end. When it comes to magic, Demitris is highly talented in potions and dark arts even if he does not want to admit that. He can also tell someone all about history of magic. He can teach and write to the point where it makes him sound like he was about wiser than an older man. It could be a bad thing, but his wisdom is indeed the strongest point in him.
[weaknesses] Of course, Demitris would have his weaknesses as well. Demitris can be really cold and apathetic toward people that he does not know or trust. To get to know him is rather difficult. He has this wall that he puts up and he doesn't allow anyone to get through. He does not trust easily, and he will not talk to just anyone either. He does have a weakness to pretty girls at times, though he does not show it. He prefers not to allow anyone to know that he does appreciate aesthetic beauty. Demitris does have another weakness to anything that could be labeled as dark, because it has a pull that is wanting to pull him in and make him devote his life to the dark arts, which he doesn't. Rather than pretending to be a good guy, he is simply neutral which places him in a good stance. Demitris cannot cast that many successful transfigurations, in fact, he doesn't have them last for more than an hour. Demitris also has a hard time adapting to change, the smallest amount.
[loyalties] He rests his loyalties to the Zhefarovich Family.
[magical talents] Even though Demitris hated to admit it, he has a real talent for Dark Arts. His wand, now that it is specially made for him, does not do very well with the Dark Arts. He has a real knack for charms though, even though he did not do perfectly in that class. He also is almost a master of potions. Where these are his talents, he does not have any skill with transfiguration. He can perform nonverbal magic pretty well, and he is getting better at wandless magic.
[other talents] Demitris is very talented at board games. Especially those that require his mind. He has a talent with snowboarding. It is one of the only sports that he is actually good at, almost professional if he could commit to it. However he loves his knowledge for history too much to leave it to continue professional snowboarding. He is pretty good at skiing, and he is very good at organizing.
[patronus form] His patronus form is a Great Horned owl.
[annoyances] Anything out of place will set this guy off. From opened toothpaste caps to clothes lying in the floor. He also gets annoyed when someone questions facts of history, and tries to prove him wrong because they have not read anything or just listened to what someone said without looking it up for themselves due to laziness.
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[chinese year] Being born in 2004, it makes Demitris a Monkey. People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. There are few fields in which Monkey people wouldn't be successful but they have a disconcerting habit of being too agreeable. They want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, they become discouraged and sometimes leave their projects. Although good at making decisions, they tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly. They are most compatible with the Dragon and Rat.
[zodiac sign] Demitris' zodiac sign is the Virgo, the Virgin. Being a Virgo makes him modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytic which all fits in well with her character. On the downside, it also makes him fussy and a worrier, overcritical, harsh, perfectionist and conservative. What a Virgo likes are health foods, lists, hygiene, order and wholesomeness while they dislike hazards to health, anything sordid, sloppy workers, squalor and being uncertain. All of these tie in perfectly with Demitris' attitude and personality. The choice colors for a Virgo are green and dark brown, both of which are worn commonly by him. The starstone for a Virgo is the Sardonyx.
[mutable sign] A Virgo is a mutable sign, and a person that is associated with this sign is associated with adaptability, service-providing and expansion. This is true to his character.
[interpersonal sign] Also being a Virgo makes someone principally aware of and concerned with social and societal concerns. This is not so much true to his character.
[planet] The planet that rules the Virgin is Mercury. Under the influence of the planet, one would have a computer like memory that allows you to be able to assimilate a large amount of information and then present it to the masses in a more understandable manner. They are very good at expressing this type of thing but when it comes to something close to their heart, such as love or compassion, they find it hard to let the other person know and can thus appear to be aloof and cold They also can be argumentative, critical, nervous and tense and if they do not make a special effort to overcome these they will lose many friends and loved ones throughout their lifetime without a clue as to why. Though the good qualities are industrious, methodical, humane and loving while they can also be critical, petty, self-centered and picky.
[element] Being a Virgo, Demitris' element is Earth. An emphasis on this element indicate a practical, cautious, and pragmatic approach to life. In the majority of cases there is the need to build solid, 'real' material success, for example, home and career succeess. Earthy people may benefit from connecting to the earth element via gardening, pottery, facial mud packs. Long range planning and the determination to succeed are strong traits for this element, as is melancholy, greed and fear if taken too far. A person with a lack of earth may find it difficult to live in the 'real' world and to keep themselves grounded. Their expectations in general may be a little unrealistic. Demitris fits this rather strong, and some of his most prominent traits are truthful, straight-forward, sensitive, just, upright and virtuous in dealings with other people with the downside of being aggressive to some point though it is hidden, egocentric, suspicious, controlled, non-caring and thinking he is never wrong.
[birthstone] His birthstone is the noble Sapphire. The sapphire has been linked with faith and purity, as well as foresight. It was thought that the stronger the sparkle of the gem, the more faithful and honest the wearer.
But you should know these colors that you're shining are
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[martial status] Demitris is currently single, and he is not looking for anything right now.
[whom] N/A
[demitris harrington and kailey paramore] Demitris and Kailey met late 2022, after she had broken up with her boyfriend, and he was visiting Jaken. They met in Madam Puddifoot's and starting talking when he was in his seventh year and she was in her fifth. He invited her to the graduation party that he was throwing. It was not long before they started to date. In 2024, he proposed and she said yes. They got married a year later, in 2025. The marriage lasted six years, before it abruptly ended in 2031, where Demitris just never talked or heard from her again after a Quidditch match.
[past relationships] Svetlana Snow (Khamidouline), Kailey Harrington (Paramore)
[innocence] His innocence was taken by Kailey in 2025, once they were married.
[past sexual partners] Kailey Harrington (Paramore)
[turn ons] Long hair, lavender scent, soft voice, common interests
[turn offs] Messiness, body odor, bad hygeine
[aphrodisiacs] Strawberries and chocolate
[the perfect female] A girl that is sporty enough to enjoy the same sports as he. He is also into girls that tend to be themselves, and also rather intelligent so he can have a good conversation with.
[the perfect date] A simple dinner.
Surely not the best colors that you shine
You are the antidote that gets me by
[playby] James Paul Marsden
[ages used] Ages seventeen to present.
[natural hair] His hair is a dark brown, the color that is the natural shade of the Zhefarovich family. It is naturally wavy when it grows out longer. He keeps it grown over his ears, and he styles it every now and then to make it look almost wet. When there isn't anything stylish in it, it is rather soft and fine. There is a lot of his hair too, and he keeps it clean and does not allow any sort of dye to change his color.
[eyes] He has hazel eyes, from his mother's side. It appears to have all of the basic colors, which makes his eyes seem a variety of colors at once. When one looks into his eyes, they will see that of a cold man, but when he is around someone that he trusts, he will have them show more than just coldness. They also darken to black when he gets angry. He can hide his emotions very well, even from the pools of his eyes. Hazel is an exciting combination of the inner strength and independence of brown, the compassion and healing qualities of green, the fluidity and sensitivity of gray, and the intense vitality of blue. Hazel eyes indicate a person who can draw upon all of these qualities.
[height] Demitris stands at a height of 6'5". He gets his tall genes on his father's side.
[weight] He weighs two hundred and three pounds. This is normal for his height, and quite a bit is muscle.
[complexion] His complexion is pale due to not being out in the sun. But it is smooth to the touch.
[scars] He does not have any notable scars.
[birthmark] A crscent mark on the left side of the neck.
[smile] His smile is small, gentle and almost invisible. He rarely smiles anymore though.
[body build] His body build is almost normal, but slightly larger due to muscles. He spends a lot of time keeping in shape for snowboarding.
[body modifications] He has the Zhefarovich brand that covers his entire back.
[dominant hand] His right hand is his dominant hand.
[style] Demitris only wears muggle clothing, consisting of dark colors and jeans. He is often found wearing a leather jacket, and boots as well. He is very casual but will dress up if he really needs to.
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[school] Demitris attended Durmstrang Institute for all seven years of his learning.
[special titles and awards] While he did not win any awards, in his seventh year, due to his grades and excellent turn around, he made Head Boy.
[extracurricular activities] Demitris did not participate in any clubs.
[favorite subject] History of Magic
[best subject] Dark Arts
[loathed subject] Dark Arts
[worst subject] Herbology
[favorite professor] History of Magic Professor
[loathed professor] Herbology Professor
[grade average] Exceeding Expectations
[owl grades]
Potions: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Charms: Exceeding Expectations; Exam: Exceeding Expectations
History of Magic: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Dark Arts: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Transfiguration: Acceptable; Exam: Exceeding Expectations
Astronomy: Acceptable; Exam: Poor
Herbology: Poor; Exam: Dreadful
Arithmancy: Exceeding Expectations; Exam: Exceeding Expectations
Ancient Runes: Exceeding Expectations; Exam: Outstanding

[newt grades]
Potions: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Charms: Outstanding; Exam: Exceeding Expectations
History of Magic: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Dark Arts: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Arithmancy: Acceptable; Exam: Exceeding Expectations
Ancient Runes: Exceeding Expectations; Exam: Outstanding

[graduated] June of 2023

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Demitris Zhefarovich

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I know you're feeling like you're lost..."

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[mother] Diane Dionne Harrington
[born] December 5th, 1987
[blood status] Mixed-blood
[heritage] Russian
[occupation] Nurse
[education] Hogwarts Scotland: Ravenclaw Alumni, Prefect
[playby] Kate Moss


[father] Apostol Solon Zhefarovich
[born] January 15th, 1978
[died] January 11th, 2027
[blood status] Mixed-blood
[heritage] Bulgarian
[seeing] Diane Dionne Harrington
[occupation] Unemployed
[education] Durmstrang Alumni, Prefect
[playby] Fredric Lehne
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Demitris Nathan Harrington was born to Diane Harrington and Apostol Zhefarovich. The two had a very strange, unofficial marriage, and Demitris bore his mother's surname because he was of mixed-blood, like his father. Growing up was no easy task for Demitris. His father was on the verge of insanity, and his mother was working double shifts. Apostol finally got a job at the Ministry. Demitris never saw much of his parents, but he started his education as early as possible, which was being home-schooled for a little while. It was not long before they moved to Russia, where his earliest memories took place, and Diane made sure to earn as much money as possible in case Apostol was to go nuts some more. Demitris suffered from his father, and thus became a cold child. He eventually got his letter to attend Durmstrang, where he met Jaken Styx. Jaken was under the care of Demitris' cousin, Kalif at the time, which made perfect sense on how they became best friends. Demitris was unaware that Jaken was not his cousin, since he was raised by birth. However that did not stop them from hanging out. They also met Dietrich Metzger, Svetlana Khamidouline and Hayden Katsaros. Together they formed a tight group, where they caused a bunch of trouble for everyone they met in Durmstrang. Of course, Jaken transferred when he was in his fifth year, to Hogwarts New Zealand, effectively causing the downfall of the group. Once Jaken was gone, Svetlana was left destroyed, Demitris had to keep everyone from fighting and Dietrich remained himself. They recruited some more, but before the sixth year was over, they all went their separate ways. Demitris became Head Boy, Svetlana continued terrorizing everyone, Dietrich dropped out to play Durmstrang and Jaken was in love with Estrella Drage. Also he managed to woo a few girls from Hogwarts New Zealand. Steph was a Gryffindor but that never went anywhere. Then he met Kailey, someone he fancied from the start.

After his graduation, they started to see each other, despite that he was a few years older than her. Demitris was soon falling in love, and he could not help himself. He was really proud of her when she became Head Girl, as he had managed to get a publisher and a job all at once. He attended her graduation, and then he proposed and married her. They remained pure until their wedding night, and moved in together. Demitris was living a happy life, even after the pregnancy scare. He ended up losing his best friend, Jaken, to a horrible fate. The next year, Demitris also lost his dad, and his grandfather as well. Dealing with loss, Demitris turned a bit colder, not wanting to suffer so much again. However it seemed like there were other plans for him. A couple more years later, his own happy marriage turned bland and there was a divorce. Now he lives alone, not talking to anyone and ignoring his own mother and family. He is still snowboarding like he loves to, and he is still writing books, but he remains in a hole of coldness and withdrawn into a shell, after everything he had lost. From a best friend to a crazy father and then the girl he believed was the love of his life.

Demitris Zhefarovich

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Bloodwood 15 3/4" Core of Phoenix Talon
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but you should know these colors that you're shining are..."

But these colors that you've shined, are surely not your style
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