Danae Jusantrea.

Danae Jusantrea

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13,5 Inch Black Walnut Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
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Danae Jusantrea
AGE: 11
BIRTHDAY: 22 December, 2038

❄ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn ( Capricon born is 22 december) are often subject to some more or less dangerous journeys, missions and journeys, frequent changes and alterations, fractures or rearrangements in life and destiny, or other types of unfortunate displacements. Despite being quite attractive and sympathetic, with personal fascination, they are often greeted with unhappy love, failed marriage and family.
❄ELEMENT: From an early age, people on the earth element have clearly thought about what they want from life. Utopian thought and plans don't last long in their minds. Their goal is always practical and realistic. They are not trying to take a new niche and give the world something new. Representatives of this element have a clear purpose and a set of priorities in life. They are not rich in imagination, but they are coldly cautious and determined. If you need wise advice, it is best asked by the people of the earth.

❄PLANET: Saturn. The position on the astrological map tells us about our living conditions, about the teachings, trials, and failures or failures. The position of the Saturn in the horoscope (house and sign) indicates tension, deceleration, the need to concentrate and act in the appropriate area. Saturn is called an evil planet, but it gives us the opportunity to develop, to evolve, to become stronger and more responsible. Saturn is a symbol of ambition, maturity, reason and austerity. A man ruled by Saturn is introverted, lonely, quiet, discreet, ambitious, has good observational abilities and seemingly emotional coolness (but in fact, he is patient and does not want to show that he is sometimes weak, sensitive, sentimental). He can show how stingy, cruel and dry he is.

❄EDUCATION: Hogwarts New Zealand
❄ CLASS: ---
❄LEAST FAVORITE CLASS: History of Magic, Care of magical creatures.

WAND- Straight 9 Inch Sturdy Willow Wand with Erumpent Hide Core
❄ Wood: An excellent wand wood for healing and non-verbal magic, the wielder of a Willow wand more often than not has an something about themselves which makes them insecure unnecessarily.
❄Core: Fwooper feathers make wands that are great for use in Charms and Care of Magical Creatures classes. The wand caster should be warned that they will likely have trouble casting the silencing spell though. If rumors about this wand core are to be believed, it is said to slowly drive the wand wielder mad.

PLAY BY: Madison Mclaughlin
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
STYLE: Danae loves wear light colors and darks somtimes. She love feal free to her.


: The girl seems to have grown very fast. Perhaps it was due to the rigorous upbringing, perhaps the girl just had such a character. Despite the fact that Danae's feelings for the world were divided, the girl received all that her parents could give her. She was happy. Danae always wanted just the right thing, so she hoped to get it back. She was open to others, always responsive and helpful. Jasmine often failed to distinguish between good and bad and wrong, which sometimes led to painful experiences.

The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, Logicians have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.


Danae was born in the winter. It was another year when winter could be enjoyed in all its glory. The fateful December 22, when Danae saw the light in this world, was no exception. There was severe frost outside, snow exceeding 20 cm, but despite the bright sunshine high in the sky. It was also a sunny day for the Jusantrea family.

The girl's parents were Half-blooded, trying to be together for the last few years of their lives. Her mother knew that James Jusantrea had two more children. It was Thomas Jusantrea and daughter Jenna Jusantrea. Her father had not yet announced to her children when they had another daughter. Danae was looking forward to meeting another family she hadn't yet met and was deeply afraid of whether the new family would accept the girl. Meanwhile, her father, James Jusantrea, raised her daughter firmly, but in the meantime, she spent her free time with friends in New Yourk. A lot of roller skating and sports. She also wanted to take part in a skating competition. Show everyone a winner.

LIKES: scating, snowbording all sports things.
DISLIKES: Loud noises, lies of people, trade.
FEARS: Being alone, being rejected by her siblings, being seen as weird.
STRENGTHS: Danae is very cleavar girl and she is always alm and always try to think with a clear head.
WEAKNESSES: Water! Danae can't swim.
BOGGART: Acromantula
PATRONUS: Thestral
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