DADA First Years, Lesson Three

Every desk, excepting the professor’s, had been removed from the room for today’s lesson. Lydia stood with her arms at her sides, wand already in hand. Her robes today were deep purple, so dark they looked almost black. She nodded to the students as they filed in. A few were visibly confused at the lack of chairs, but they found spaces to stand.

“Welcome,” Lydia said, the student voices dying down to a whisper. “Wands out, please, but no casting until I say so.” She waited as the students drew their wands and turned their attention back to her.

“Both of the spells you will learn today are critical to self-defense. Adult duellists use these charms routinely. Even if you never plan to duel, it is in your best interest to master both.”

Shifting on her feet, Lydia continued, “The first of these is the Shield Charm. It casts an invisible protective barrier, or shield, around the caster. This is extremely useful for deflecting another spell or even warding off a physical attack.” Lydia looked over the group of first years. Hopefully, most of them had never experienced a situation where they would need to protect themselves from danger, but this was something they needed to think about seriously as they continued their education.

“The incantation for the Shield Charm is Protego. Repeat after me.” Lydia gave a swish and flick of her wand, encouraging the students to follow suit. Protego.”

“This is the most basic shield charm. There are more advanced versions, which you will learn in later years.”

Lydia took a breath. “Next is the Stunning Spell. This is a practical way to disable your opponent briefly. The Stunning Spell can give you a few needed moments to escape a bad situation, or an advantage in a fight.”

“Next, I need a volunteer. I’ll be casting our second spell on you for a demonstration.”
Lydia then added, with an encouraging smile, “You'll be back on your feet right away. And it comes with extra credit.”

Lydia picked from one of the brave few who volunteered. She beckoned the student to the front and had them stand in front of her. “Listen and watch carefully.” Lydia raised her wand and cast, “Stupefy!”

The student collapsed to the floor. Lydia fell to the student’s side, and with a quick and quiet Rennervate, brought them back to consciousness. Lydia thanked the student and turned back to the rest of the group.

“I would like you all to partner up and practice these spells on each other. Remember, the incantation for the Shield Charm is Protego, and the Stunning Spell is Stupefy. If your partner casts the Stunning Spell, you cast the Shield Charm to block it. And be sure to switch off.”

Lydia did not say it out loud, but she had cast a charm to cushion the entire classroom. She did not want the first years to feel like they were being treated like little kids, but she also wished to avoid as many injuries as possible.

“You may begin! There will be other opportunities to practice these spells throughout the semester, so don’t worry too much if you can’t get them right away.” A few moments passed before she added, “If your partner gets struck by Stupefy, bring it to my attention, and I will revive them.”

Roleplay the lesson.

The first student who participates as a volunteer in the demonstration will receive extra credit.

As always, feel free to tag @Professor Lydia Drage if you want me to interact with your character in some way.

Elizabella Drake

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Elizabella was happy that today she will be worked with partner @Dmitri Pieterse . He was her best friend and she was happy be there Dark Arts and finaly together leason.

"Protego!" she made an exceent protego shield and she was not so sure if that was a gift charm. But she did good job and she smiled Dmitri. Now she listened what next need to do. Bella will be started first and then Dmitri will be. "Comon Dmitri. Stupefy". She made the spell right and it worked. She hoped that Dmitri made protecion apell.

Bella finished her leason good and then she take her stuff and walked the next leason.

Charlie Helkovaara

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Charlie was slowly picking up how to make a few things himself. It wasn’t as good as his dads cooking, but it reminded him more of home. And he found that he always missed his home. He went into class with Eugene, taking a seat at the front. He pulled out his wand, listening to the professor go on. He swallowed nervously when the Professor asked for a volunteer, slowly raising his hand.

He shot a look to Eugene, standing shyly and walking up to the front. Maybe this was a bad idea. He didn't have time to take back his decision before he'd hit the floor. Everything went black for a moment before the Professor was there. He got up, groaning and rubbing his head before shuffling to his feet.

Charlie partnered with Eugene for the rest of the lesson. Unfortunately, Charlie wasn't the best with his shields, and he got hit more than once. Every time he woke up, though, Eugene was right there with the Professor and helped him to his feet. For his part, Charlie only managed to hit Eugene once. He was quick to hurry over, calling the Professor. He smiled, offering the other boy a hand. The lesson ended quickly after that, and Charlie followed Eugene out, asking about a trip to find some snacks.

Eugene Nestor

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Eugene had loved the valentines celebrations, they were so cool, just like everything at this school he was utterly in love with how amazing and magical things were, how easily the school was able to engage and embrace so many cool things. He had lamented again the fact he would never be able to share it with his mother and that his cousin would only ever hear about it, but he knew that it was just so cool and so amazing that he shouldn’t get too upset over it. He was getting himself together, gathering up books and notes and getting the different things for this day together. He had some really interesting classes this semester, and while he wasn’t sure if he found them more interesting than the last semester, they were definitely as interesting. He just really liked learning about magic and the magical world. He double checked that he had everything he would need, before getting dressed, humming cheerfully as he put on the uniform, being careful with his tie and then once dressed and completely ready he headed out of the dorm room and to the first class he had that day, knowing today would be a good day.

Eugene walked into the defence against the dark arts classroom and took the same spot as he had in the few weeks before, sitting beside Charlie. He looked up at the front of the class and listened excitedly as the professor began telling them what they would be doing, finally some spells. Eugene excited got out his wand and held it tightly. He nodded and listened as she went over the different things that they needed to know. He practiced giving the same wand movement and incantation as she was showing them. For protego at least. He watched as someone else volunteered and watched as the student collapsed to the floor. But then they were allowed to get started. He was paired up with Charlie and it was pretty easy. He let the other boy do the protego one first and Eugene cast stupefy. He managed to get stupefy with some ease and was pretty pleased with himself when he did. He did unfortunately hit Charlie a good number of times, and would each time rush over to him and flag it to the professor. When they switched Charlie managed to hit him once but most of the time his shield was just strong enough. Eventually the lesson was wrapped up and Eugene was able to pack up and leave the room.

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