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Anyone who's ever been in my class will know there is just one rule:
Do not disturb anyone else's learning. In doing so will see you removed from the class and forced to scrub the toilets every lesson instead.


First years will have interactive lessons, which means that every lesson is split into two parts. The first part will be up every Wednesday, and the second part will be up approximately 72 hours after this (Aiming for Saturdays). In order to achieve the highest grades as a first year, you should complete both parts. How well your character works within the lesson will also affect your score, and so I look for the following:

Minimal Effort Input
1 Part Completed = A
2 Parts Completed = E

Maximum Effort Input
1 Part Completed = E
2 Parts Completed = O

Provided your character has attended the lesson, you won't score less than an A.
All lessons where no attendance has been made by the end of the semester, will receive a P.
If you're desperately desiring a D or a T, please shoot me a message!

Extra credit for first years with two parts to their lessons, may have two opportunities to earn extra credit, depending on the lesson available. For example if the first post contains a question, and the second post contains homework, you could get 7 additional house points.
Answering a question: 2 house points
Completing a task: 3 house points
Homework: 5 house points
As a third year, there is a lesson whereby your name will used in the group, with every student that has enrolled sent a specific task. If you're a student who has only enrolled towards the end of the semester, and you're making up the lessons at the end, please feel free to improvise with one of the other tasks set to a student.

*This post is partially for my own benefit so I can keep consistent.

Any problems, feel free to PM! :D
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