Character Spotlight: September!

🌟 Another month, another spotlight! 🌟

As most, if not all, of you know we like to use the start of each new month to celebrate one of your characters that has caught our attention for one reason or another. This could be an incredible biography, intriguing plots or a remarkable personality. Usually, it's a combination of a few factors that has left us impressed and willing to see more. Whatever the reason, a spotlighted character is one that we adore and the monthly spotlight is a great way for us to celebrate your creativity!

This month we're spotlighting Tempest Vero, RPed by the amazing Kiersten!

Tempest is still a young character but we've been loving her rp's so far and cannot wait to see her fullfill her potential. For more information on Tempest make sure to check her bio right here!

As is tradition, we asked Kiersten a couple of questions:

What was your initial thought when you were contacted about being spotlighted?
Well, Marijke labeled the message "Plots" so I was initially excited at the idea of something unexpected for Tempest :r But after realizing what the message actually was, I was very surprised!

What was the inspiration for your character?
The initial idea of the family started with characters being inspired by the seaven deadley sins. It definitely inspired all their names, but I feel like both Tempest (and Enzo) have veered off from my initial idea of who they would be. I also remember that Tempest was initially going to be a boy, but I changed her right before sorting.

What is your favourite RP that your character has taken part in?
Sharing a Room was from her first night ever in the dorm where she met June and Astraea. I don't think any of it was planned, but I found it fun how quickly Tempest and June grouped together and then poor Astraea is stuck with two of the worst roommates. :lol:

What is your favourite aspect of your character?
I really never know how she's going to react to a situation, and it's fun to kind of figure that out. I've been discovering a lot of her insecurities this year, and while they're still internal at the moment, I'm excited to see those play out as she grows up.

Your least favourite aspect?
Her stubbornness for sure. Sometimes, it doesn't feel like she would naturally have a large outward reaction or something that would movie the plot or story along; I almost have to push her out of her comfort zone. It can be very challenging.

If you could meet your character in real life would you want to? Why or why not?
Not at this point in her development. I feel like she'd probably make me cry:lol:. I feel like it might be interesting to have a conversation with her when she's a little older, though.

What do you feel your strength in developing characters is?
I tend to really think about their background (and maybe overdo it on some complex stories), which helps me as a writer even if no one else is aware.

Your weakness?
I feel like I can get a lot of ideas in my head or new ideas for characters, and I would probably have 1000 characters if I created everyone I came up with because I struggle to focus on the characters I already have. I forget that these characters aren't just surface ideas sometimes and need personalities.

What would you recommend to those looking to further develop their characters?
I think joining random threads and also lessons are great ways to just get to know your character better with low stakes. It's especially fun when you can make the threads more than just "hi" and "what's your name" and just be silly.

What are you most looking forward to on HNZ in the next several months?
Even though I don't plan to sort for the next few years, I always love a good sorting! Seeing new characters and younger siblings or children pop up and reading new bios - it just brings me a lot of joy!

What is your favourite part of HNZ?
Everyone says the community, but it's true! I feel lucky to have met at least one person irl and hope to meet more, but it's just nice to have people to talk to and learn from.

Please join us in congratulating Kiersten on this month's spotlight! And if you have any questions about Tempest feel free to ask them below.

(on behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)
Congrats Kiersten! Tempest is such an interesting character and I love reading her threads!
Yeah Tempest!! I love her :wub: seems like we are getting to know more of her everytime. Curious to see how she develops.

Marijke being like just chatting about plots. Good one xD
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Congratulations, Kiersten!!! Very well deserved and I just love Tempest's bio, it's beautiful!!

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