Character Spotlight: June 2024!

Hello HNZers!

Welcome to another month where we shine the light on a character. You might have noticed that there was not one for the month of May. That was because the site itself was the spotlight! Anyway, on to the main character for the month of June. What we do is look for a character that has a detailed biography that can be motivating for the site, or other factors such as personality, aesthetics, detail, or anything that catches our eye. And this month, it is Audrey Beauchamp, roleplayed by Camilla!

You should check out her biography, developments, and relationships!

And, as per custom, we had Camilla fill out the questionnaire, which is in the spoiler below.

What was your initial thought when you were contacted about being spotlighted? "Huh, why do I have a PM...oh!" For a second I thought I'd done something wrong! Very glad to see that wasn't the case.

What was the inspiration for your character? A few different things, I had been watching Twin Peaks and my favourite character in that (aside from Coop of course) was Audrey Horne, which was my starting point here. Neglected spoiled rich girl with hidden depths kind of deal. I also kind of wanted to make an obnoxious teacher's pet character who was personality-wise very different to Aine (and yet also somewhat similar). Originally she was going to be a bit more of a straight 'suck up to adults' type but early in development she became a little more playful, and I'm really glad she did.

What is your favourite RP that your character has taken part in? Honestly one of my favourites is the very first I did with her which is trapped in the Unsorted Role Playing dimension, but there's a few I enjoy. Menaces Coming Through from the Yule Ball sticks out, I ran out of time to continue it but I enjoyed it!

What is your favourite aspect of your character? Her confidence, which is at least partially an affectation but she's someone who genuinely vouches for herself. It might sound weird but I also like some of the minor jealousy she has, just because it adds some interesting dimensions to her relationships.

Your least favourite aspect? The self-doubt that manifests in her through my projection when I write. She's become more fearful of failure which makes the confidence a little shakier. She can also be a bit selfish and rude, but that can be fun to write.

If you could meet your character in real life would you want to? Why or why not? I don't think I would, she'd probably end up making a comment that would make me feel sad and sorry for myself!

What do you feel your strength in developing characters is? I definitely have an easier time with some characters over others, but I think it's just building their inner world and fleshing them out as humans. Sometimes I feel like I need to overcorrect with flaws so the characters are balanced, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

Your weakness? Aside from being slack with responding and forgetting things/losing motivation, I'm also not very good at plotting with other people. I feel too intimidated most of the time, or I don't have confidence in my ideas, etc. Also I'm not much of a visual person, no art skills to speak of and all, so that's kind of a detriment. And I'm no good at editing things down and keeping it simple. Did I mention the overcorrecting with flaws thing?

What would you recommend to those looking to further develop their characters? Little details! If you can add flavour to your character with likes and dislikes, habits, quirks etc, that can definitely help to make them feel more well rounded. I remember in an early RP with Audrey in the dorms I had her pinning posters up of bands and Quidditch players she liked, and even something small like that helped me get more of a feel for her.

What are you most looking forward to on HNZ in the next several months? Hopefully having more energy to do stuff, lol. I'm looking forward to the end of this IC year even though it'll be sad to see Aine graduate (but I am looking forward to her giving a speech), but we'll keep moving forward and have new firsties and new stories and more exciting plots.

What is your favourite part of HNZ? Is it a cliche to say the community? There are so many clever and talented people who write interesting and dynamic characters and because of that I love lurking threads. Keep it up!

So, let's all congratulate Camilla on another amazing character!

~ Ghost
(on behalf of HNZ site staff)
Wooooo! Congrats Camilla! Audrey is such a great character and i always like looking at her threads haha! can’t wait to see more of her around the site! Congrats again Camilla! :party:
Congratulations Camilla, well deserved. I love Audrey's spirit and every RP with her and Teddy is so fun to write!
Yay Prudence Audrey! Congrats, Camilla! Audrey's a great character, I love her wit, it's going to be fun to see how she continues to grow.

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