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Willow Cullen

6th year Cub. Bold. Betrayed by the snitch.🇦🇺
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Knotted 14 1/2 Inch Flexible Willow Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core
16 (8/2034)
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It was the day after willows first duel. and willow was rocking a new style. After being hit by a scalping spell, entirely on purpose. she was completely bald. She had made sure to do her makeup well with winged eyeliner, eye shadow, and bold lips to counter any masculinity that may had occurred from her lack of a mane. she was waiting until after quidditch until she grew it back from magic.
right now she entered the great hall her head held high and a grin on her face feeling confident with her look as she took a seat at the gryffindor table. It was lunch time and she was hungry. She had only had something small for breakfast as she had been running before class. and now she wanted something decent. she sat down and reached to the plate of subs in front of her and picked up one with one hand and took a big bite.

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