Astronomy: Sixth Years Lesson Six


Professor Harrington walked into the Astronomy classroom from her office. The semester seemed to go by so fast, that she couldn't believe this was going to be it. Her students had done well through the semester and she smiled at them as they piled into the room. "You'll have this period to study today, come to me with any questions you might have, feel free to study here or in the library," she smiled before sitting down at her desk in the room. “As always, Kia Kaha!* Study well and I know you’ll all do wonderfully.” A few students came up and asked her questions and she was happy to do a small demonstration of the magic she had used in the previous lesson, similar to the Great Hall ceiling to display the nebulae to them.

This Week:
*Kia kaha means Be strong, keep going in the native Maori language.
Please post an attendance post with your student!
Extra Credit for creating a Study Guide
Aurora walked into the astronomy classroom and took her usual spot in the classroom. She glanced up at the professor as the woman got started, but it was just a revision period. Aurora didn't mind that, she pulled her notes towards her and began revising, working away until the hour passed.
It was the final lesson of the term, and Monday Weeks looked forward to finally finishing up the semester. He needed to just hurry, get to the NEWT year, and then graduate. Monday did not want to remain for long. He did not know what he wanted to do with his life yet, but maybe he would know soon enough. Monday could easily talk to his family about it. He wanted to find a job that would be worthy to not only help his family out, but maybe even scare the boys away from his sisters that would be unworthy. With that in mind, he gathered his materials for the classroom and headed out of the Ravenclaw dorms. Monday eventually made it to the Astronomy classroom. He soon heard Professor Harrington inform them that they would have the period to study, be it here in the classroom or in the library. He ultimately decided that he would study in the class. Once the hour was up, Monday felt rather confident in his ability to get through the exams. He gathered his notes and left the Astronomy classroom to head back to his dorm.
Kiara had been preparing for exams a little earlier than she thought she would, just out of fear that otherwise she would still somehow manage to stress herself out by taking it easy. She had her notes ordened and her study guides ready. Heading into the classroom she took her seat, not too surprised when they were offered the lesson time to revise. Deciding to head somewhere else she picked up her bag and left the room.
Zagreus was pleased it was the end of the semester, but not so much when he realized that also meant that exams were also coming up. He wasn't looking forward to that in the slightest. So, he was pleased for the final lesson of review, happily taking the time to go through his notes for the remainder of the lesson. He was surprised when time was finally up, hesitantly putting his things away before leaving the classroom. He'd need to do more studying in his free time if he had any hopes of passing his exams and making it into seventh year.
Margo couldn’t believe that the semester was practically over and their exam was so close. After the OWLs last year it almost felt odd to have their exams as the semester came to a close. But that was how it went and she knew she had a lot of studying to do if she wanted to do well. She made it up the tower stairs with ease and took her seat a few moments before she was greeted by Professor Harrington. She was happy to hear they were having a study period and she took out her notes to review. Margo didn’t trust herself to go to the library and not accidentally doze off at this hour. So she worked quietly until it was time to leave.

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