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Kaelan Borisyuk

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It was right around lunch time, and Kaelan Borisyuk made sure to head that direction toward the end of the hour so that he did not have as many tripping hazards as he walked. That was why he did not work with people often because humans in general were just so fragile. Plants, potions, and poisons were all easy for him. He really loved it when the plants tried to fight back. The bouncing bulbs gave him very little challenge, but it wasn’t often when he actually felt something hit him. Kaelan walked into the cafeteria and conjured himself a chair that he could sit in comfortably while he drank one of his protein shakes. Things like that gave him enough energy to keep going before he would cook a feast for himself at home. Cooking at home made him more relaxed overall. Plus, now there were less people here to bother him or stare at him. Kaelan knew that he was drop dead gorgeous but still, sometimes the staring got a little irritating.
Miran was visiting at St. Mungo's, exploring the hospital in what ways he could as a visiting healer in training. He was considering a move here, though he hadn't spoken to Martine about it yet. He wanted to have a more solid plan before he approached her with it. He had been having a good morning, but it was time for lunch now. He got some food, before looking around. There was no completely open tables, so he chose at random and approached a... mountain of a man sitting by himself. "Hey, mind if I sit here?" He asked, trying to be friendly.
Kaelan sipped from his thermos with his protein shake while thinking about what he would be doing after work. He had a few options, though a part of him thought about checking out the Medley, but would he even be able to fit in there, or move? It would be hard without actually changing his body. Kaelan glanced down when another man approached him, and asked if he could sit with him. His green eyes looked around at the other tables, and noted how not a single one was empty. "Nah, not at all. I’m not using the table."He gestured toward the empty table, since he was doing nothing but drinking from this thermos anyway.
Miran smiled shyly and took a seat. "Thanks," He offered, taking a seat and settling in. He looked up- way up- at the man, immediately curious. "My name is Miran," He offered. "Do you work here?" He asked, unable to resist. He just wanted to know, see if maybe this was someone he would see more if he decided to transfer here.
Kaelan did not expect the man to have a conversation with him, but low and behold, he was. That was a little shocking for the part-giant. He lowered his thermos to the table and made sure his hair was pushed back all of the way. "Kaelan," Kaelan replied back. This guy must either be new or a visitor to be asking him if he worked here. Kaelan chuckled, "Yeah, I do. I am pretty new. Why do you ask?"
Miran smiled as the man replied. "Oh, I'm thinking of transferring here," He offered easily. "It would be nice to know someone," He chuckled, sipping on his own drink. "What department do you work in? If you don't mind me asking," He took a bite of his food, studying the man as he ate.
Kaelan wondered why the man would want to transfer here. There was a lot more work to be done, and it was fairly busy. Then again, perhaps that was why. Kaelan only used this as a way to redeem himself for his past. Like helping people would erase or cover up his past aggressions. "So you chose to approach the most noticeable one to befriend. Sounds about right," Kaelan chuckled, not meaning anything with his words. "I work in the plant and poisoning department. What department would you sign up for?"
Miran laughed lightly. "You do draw the eye," He countered. He sipped his drink. "I'm not sure... my studies have been fairly general up until now. If I transferred in, I'd have to pick a field to intern in as I focused my work." He gave him a smile. "How are you liking the department?" He questioned, curious.
Kaelan looked himself over and shrugged his shoulders. That was true. He did have many things about him that drew attention. If it was not his height and body build, it was the ink. Miran explained that he had only been studying the general sort of healing, and not specialized like he had. That was understandable. "Well, there are several fields here to choose from. Can't really go wrong with any of them." Kaelan himself chose the one that he knew that he would excel in. "Well, it is what I am skilled in. Plants mainly. I imagine any other department would end up with me harming people more than helping, especially if I went to maternity. Can't say that the people there giving birth would want someone like me helping them out, you know?"
Miran couldn't help but laugh lightly at the mans words. "At least you could hold most babies with a single hand," He teased gently, before sipping on his drink. "Have you noticed any departments around that could use more workers?" He asked, thinking that it might help to go where he was needed the most.
Kaelan never thought of that, but he believed that someone like him would likely never have kids unless the woman was part-giant as well. So, he doubted that he could ever actually hold a baby. Why was that disappointing to him? "I honestly don't have a clue. I don't go visit other departments. I just do my job and go home." Kaelan could hardly think of how many areas there are, but the hospital could need a little of everything. "Any department you choose will benefit no matter what. Whether it benefits you, that is another story."
Miran laughed lightly. "You have a point," He conceeded. "Honestly I was also considering opening a private practice, as well." He sipped his drink. "But it's still all up in the air." He shrugged before smiling up at the man. "What got you into this business, anyway?" He questioned, curious.
Kaelan never thought of opening a private practice, but knowing him, he would be doing more of a morticians work than a healers work. Putting people in graves versus saving their lives. That was what he was trying to do, to erase some of the bad things he had done. "You have time to decide. You seem pretty young." Coming from someone who was 26, he too was still young himself. When Miran asked what got him into the business, he averted his green eyes. Oh boy. Lying it was. "Just wanted to do some good. And I'm good at it. I don't want my talents to go to waste." Or maybe not a complete fib...
Miran listened to Kaelen, chuckling. "I'm 22," He told him. "How old are you?" He asked, unsure with how old the man was, and a little afraid to guess. He smiled easily, leaning in a bit. He nodded at the mans answer. "That sounds rather noble," He complimented. Was there really any other reason to get into the business? Everyone here seemed to be good at or just wanting to help others.
Kaelan chuckled when Miran said that he was 22. Yeah, he was older. Not much older, but older regardless. "I am 26. I turn 27 in May." Kaelan knew that he looked his age, that was certain. He still never lost how good he looked, so he was not complaining about it. At least the man did not press on why he was doing what he was doing. He'd hate to go into the real reason with anyone. "Before this, I was a body guard. So, it was a big of a drastic switch. If it wasn't for my skills or school grades, I likely would have never got hired to begin with."
Miran nodded. He bet Kaelan had made a great bodygaurd. "That is a switch," He commented idly. "Well, still, I'm glad you're here," He gave the man an easy smile. "I think fate does tend to get us where we need to go. Even if we don't understand it half the time," He laughed lightly, leaning back. "I could use a friend or two in this corner of the world. Think you'd be open to lunch sometime?" He asked. "My treat, of course," He insisted, though he wasn't sure how much of his purse might empty to feed that big of a man.
A switch, well, that was true. Now, Kaelan was healing people and not, well... Let's just say he was really good at his job. Miran was glad that he was working there, which made him smirk subtly. And then Miran mentioned fate. That was one thing that he did not believe in. Fate doesn't bring people together. People's choices were all based on their own drives. "Sure, I suppose that we can hang out from time to time. Though it is easier to do so when people work together." Kaelan did not think the man could afford him honestly. Not just because of the amount of things he could eat, but the type of food. His diet was very specific. "How about we go dutch because I'm fairly expensive."

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