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  1. Addison Beckett

    Closed Dancing Away With My Heart

    Addy was still a little stunned thinking this was going to be her final dance at the school, and as she lingered by the drinks table waiting for her date, she couldn't help but feel nostalgic. She watched the lights twinkling in the air, a bit lost in thought. She'd had such an interesting time...
  2. Addison Beckett

    Closed Advice

    Addison had been thinking a lot lately. The Yule ball had been... something else. Ryan had quickly inserted himself into the night, even sticking close to her and Augustus as he walked her back to her common room after. She had gotten the distinct impression he didn't like her. She knew that he...
  3. Addison Beckett

    Closed Time To Tell the Truth

    Addy had been nervous to meet her uncle. But her uncle had been very sweet, and she adored him already. But there was one thing on her mind since talking to her uncle. She needed to talk to Augustus. Honestly, she expected him to reject her. Maybe not want to be her friend anymore. But her dad...
  4. Addison Beckett

    Closed Together

    Addy was planning to meet up with Augustus at the dance. She had finally started to settle into something resembling a new normal. She knew a lot of that had to do with Augustus. He had been her rock through everything, and she had thought long and hard about a way to thank him properly. She was...
  5. Addison Beckett

    Closed Unpleasant Truths

    Addy was having a tumultuous year. Between the loss of her mother, and the unexpected surprise of her time with Nik, Addy wasn't sure what to think. She sat down in the student lounge, writing in her journal. "Did you know the fastest way to get over your grief is to go through it," She...
  6. Addison Beckett

    Closed First Date

    Addy couldn't believe she was here. Well, not at the feast, really, but on a date. After Augustus had unknowingly broken her heart, she had just assumed she wasn't that appealing as a girl. But Nik liked her. He had kissed her. And she liked him. He was nice, and cute, and a big party was...
  7. Addison Beckett

    Closed Haven't Seen You Before

    Addison's break had been.... heartbreaking. After the death of her mother, she had felt.... lost. She had barely spoken to Augustus since the dance, and even less since the game when they had kissed. It was all for the best, she supposed. Her ill-fated crush on him had faded more and more as...
  8. Addison Beckett

    Addison Beckett

    Character name: Addison Beckett Play-by: Lucy Griffiths Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: Did You Know? Colour Scheme: Something bookish please :)
  9. Addison Beckett

    Closed The Truth

    Addison had always found facts to be comforting. She loved her odd tidbits and interesting information. But this new truth, the one she knew was fact, it hurt her deeply. She had been so infatuated with Augustus, she had been so enamored by his dark hair and his deep blue eyes. She adored him so...
  10. Addison Beckett

    Closed Secrets are Better Kept

    Addison was having an... interesting semester. She'd done it. Finally. After talking to Lucas, she had decided to send Augustus a note. She hadn't signed it, thinking by now he should know her well enough to know it was from her. It had taken her a week to write it, and another week to slip it...
  11. Addison Beckett

    Addison Beckett

    Character name: Addison Beckett Play-by: Raffey Cassidy Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: Did You Know? Colour Scheme: anything really :)
  12. Addison Beckett

    Closed Different Pages

    Addison was both nervous and excited for tonight. She was on an actual date, Augustus had asked her on an actual date. She was already unbelievably happy, and had taken the extra time to dress up for the ball. She was waiting for him eagerly, practically bouncing with excitement. She already...
  13. Addison Beckett

    Closed Try, Try Again

    Addy was terrible at this, that was it. She just didn't know how to be cute. She was still going to try again though, maybe be less forward about it than before. She wore a cute sundress, and she felt a little awkward in it, but she was sure she looked... alright? Her hair was styled into a cute...
  14. Addison Beckett

    Addison Xiomara Beckett

    Addison Xiomara Beckett Date of Birth: March 9, 2039 Astrological Sign: Pisces Hair Color/Length: Long, straight, falls mid-back, chocolate brown Eyes: Alert, pale emerald green eyes Face: round heart, full lips Clothing Style: She prefers simple clothes, liking long sleeve shirts and jeans...
  15. Addison Beckett


    Addison had to admit she was nervous. She had been noticing things about Augustus lately. How pretty his eyes were, how nice his laugh was. Odd little things like that, and it made their agreement to come to the dance tonight... well, a little different for her than it had been before. She was...
  16. Addison Beckett

    Closed To Be Thirteen

    Addison had asked Augustus to meet her in the gardens, humming as she sat near a lilac bush. She liked the smell of the purple flower, and she enjoyed the shade. The breeze was nice, and she was ready to give him his birthday present. He was taking forever, it seemed, but she was patient. She...
  17. Addison Beckett

    Open Breakfast

    Addison was hungry. She probably should have waited for her cousin to get up but he tended to sleep in and she was hungry now. She took her notebook with her to breakfast. She fixed herself a large breakfast. Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast. She got a nice cold glass of milk and settled into her...