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  1. Ainsley Lynch

    A slow return

    Welcome back Kaitlyn! :party:
  2. Ainsley Lynch


    Welcome baaaaaaaaaaack!! :wub: :hugs:
  3. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! :wub: Monty is an angel :wub:
  4. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! RIP billions of spiders :P
  5. Ainsley Lynch

    Ainsley Jessica Lynch

    2048 Get This Party Started With various partygoers Wands, Wand At Work with Padme Hume Silly Sticks At Work with Daintree Vaskevold A Magic Stick At Work with Hattie Thorne and Jeremy Thorne An Explosive Combination At Work with Eric Holland Then It Came To This At Work with...
  6. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    I also thought it was probably 'why', but then my brain ran away on a tangent that made no sense whatsoever rather than considering 'yes' as an option xD
  7. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    Wow I feel dumb 😂 my brain jumped to characters whose names started with Y for some reason, I was like.... 'Yevheniy? Is she talking about Emzies???????????? Emzies=a criminal????? How deeply did Cyndi encode this message????????'
  8. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    Another thing that clinched for me that it couldn't have possibly been Emzies was at the very end she didn't seem to realise that Annabelle had been cleared as definitely a villager :P The remaining wolf definitely knew who was on Kris's safe list, and it was pretty clear Emzies wasn't trying to...
  9. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    I reckon Jesse's advice that if anyone with a special role found themselves on the chopping block they should claim their role (and in the case of the seer give the village all the info they had gathered) could have done us some good, but it's hard to know how much to give away when you're...
  10. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    *he :r Man I gotta get better at this game, I really enjoy theorising and trying to sleuth out the wolves but it's way too easy for wolves to use that to their advantage x_x
  11. Ainsley Lynch

    14th Birthday Werewolf!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO x_x I realised as soon as I was wrong about Clara that it had to be someone who was paying closer attention to the game and wished I had been more explicit about suspecting Marga, but it was too laaate x_x Once it gets to a point with so many people who've been quiet it's...
  12. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! a classic
  13. Ainsley Lynch

    Y33 Dueling Tournament: Sign-Ups

    yessssssssssssss dueling Second Years Third Years Fourth Years Fifth Years Sixth Years Seventh Years Blake Irons Dominique Malone Charlie Madison Alistair Lancaster October Alcott Nell Wright -
  14. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt!

    My bad, I found Maia Purdue and assumed that account must have been older without actually looking at the numbers xD Either way I couldn't find any first welcome thread from you :P
  15. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! Does this count? It's the oldest post in the welcome forum so there won't be an original welcome post from any of the staff who joined before this point, which I think rules out everyone who's left at this point. Kris and Daph both beat me to...
  16. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt!

    This is a tough one! Teen pregnancy drama and a love triangle in this very old thread that I was supposed to reply to but never did oops
  17. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! Post #4,309, Geovanna Volt
  18. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! Cries bc Daphne posted my own patrol thread faster than me
  19. Ainsley Lynch

    Treasure Hunt! Was talking about patrol threads with Jasmine literally 5 minutes ago xD EDIT: DANG IT DASPHNE
  20. Ainsley Lynch

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update, Nick!