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  1. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Open The Real Deal

    Of course, Hezekiah was looking for compliments. He had worked hard to put together this outfit! He glanced over his shoulder and a male student was redder than a tomato. It could have put his outfit to shame. He walked over to the two with his arms over his chest. "I heard your boyfriend here...
  2. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Yule Ball

    Professor Hezekiah Mowry Solo
  3. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Open The Best Chaperones

    Hezekiah had felt like going all out for the Yule Ball because why not? The werewolf became very good friends with the color red this year, and Hezekiah decided not to question it as he walked into Great Hall in his suit and excessively flashy, black knee-high suede pumps. That was indeed a lot...
  4. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    @Sapphire Michaels I just want the shoes to be honest.

    @Sapphire Michaels I just want the shoes to be honest.
  5. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    @Mordred Cavanaugh how high are the heels?

    @Mordred Cavanaugh how high are the heels?
  6. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    It'd be great if I could third wheel. thx.

    It'd be great if I could third wheel. thx.
  7. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Happy happy birthday!!!
  8. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    For Adrian

    This looks great! Is it possible for the PB to be less saturated?
  9. Professor Hezekiah Mowry


    Take care! :hug:
  10. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    For Adrian

    (This is not for Hezekiah.) Name: Adrian Maley Playby: Sharina Gutierrez Image: One Two and I like the polaroids at the bottom of this site Text: Adrian Maley Color Scheme/Theme: I normally have a good idea of what I want color/background wise, but not today. :r Just know that Adrian is a...
  11. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Stressed and less active

    I feel this! Welcome backk!
  12. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Closed Velvet Cake

    Hezekiah was furious. Rama was ruining whatever he and Monty had by playing them like this. Now, he looked like he was not interested, and Monty most likely was feeling like crap, which was valid, but Hezekiah felt terrible he was the reason. He was investing so much time in something that would...
  13. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    HNZ meet-ups!

    SO CUTE! I almost bought tickets to see Claire, but i think I ran out of money? xD
  14. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Group Read 📖

    With this I think it's a way to put Neville in a class lower than a Squib? A Squib can at least pass on their magical traits, if they marry a muggle, but those traits many not surface until generations later leading to a muggleborn. (why do i think so much? :zip:)
  15. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Closed Velvet Cake

    Hezekiah abruptly turned around when Monty revealed how long he had been there. "What?" he asked calmly, but it was clear the werewolf was agitated. Hezekiah turned back around and took a deep breath. This was frustrating. Rama was going to be dead meat, at least, after she gave birth. The...
  16. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Hez's comeback

    Yayyyyyyyy! This is great! I really love how the quote is on the moon lol.