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    Open Breakfast Bloom

    Kauri wasn't surprised the younger boy had questions; roses without notes often brought up a few questions. He smiled kindly. "Well, it's anonymous, so I expect the person who sent the rose didn't want you to know who it was from." He said gently. "Pink roses are for admiration or crushes...
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    Graduation Ceremony 2049: Guests

    Kauri was growing used to attending graduation ceremonies, but every year they grew a little bit sadder. First he had been saying goodbye to Xavier, then Flavio and his entire year, and now it was the year above Kauri's own, a year group he knew plenty of people in. He wouldn't especially miss...
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    Closed Different Principles

    Kauri was anxious about today, there was no other way to describe it, and he didn't much like feeling that way. He had never been this kind of anxious about spending time with Rose. Happy-nervous, sure, but right now part of Kauri would much rather have just turned and run, dodged the entire...
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    Apparition Exam

    Kauri hadn't been anxious for many of his exams this year, a nice change of pace from OWLs, but apparition was an entirely different thing. He had been able to apparate successfully in class, and had used that time to practice as much as he could, but not being able to practice more before the...
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    Y33 Rose Directory

    And we're all done for the year! The final roses have gone out, and the directory is complete! A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and energy this year to make this event a success! In a couple of days we'll go around and check for any threads that didn't get completed for...
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    Apparition: Lesson Three

    Kauri was still walking on air with happiness about the last apparition lesson. He had learned to teleport! Though he was mostly getting used to life being filled with magic, some things still made Kauri feel the same sense of wonder he had felt waving a wand for the first time, his first real...
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    Open A Moment Alone

    Kauri could tell his words hadn't been enough to soften April's, and he would have to find the girl and apologise to her some time. For now though, he wanted to focus on his best friend, relieved when it was just the two of them again. He sighed at her chiding, eyeing her. "Being upset isn't...
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    Closed Just Killed off What Was Left of the Optimist in Me

    Kauri's heart sank as Tristan went on, trying to figure out what to say. He knew not everyone was as positive as him, but Kauri didn't think he had ever met anyone whose cynicism ran so deep. "But it's not an act..." He repeated emphatically. "I really am happy most of the time. I try to...
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    Open Delightful Delivery

    Kauri smiled brightly as he watched the girl receive her rose, happy to have made her happy. "No problem!" Kauri took a step back, ready to head off on his way, but he paused as the girl spoke to him again. "What?" He asked, taking a moment to register what she was saying, but finally it...
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    Open Petals and Pages

    Kauri felt his face flush very slightly when Tristan clarified it had been a joke, but he decided to drop the matter. He nodded when Tristan explained who it had been from, surprised at how comforting he found it that there was someone looking out for Tristan. As much as Kauri wasn't...
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    Open Petals and Pages

    Kauri's stomach dropped slightly at Tristan's question and he shook his head quickly. "What?!" Kauri asked. "No! It's not from me, it's just a delivery." He whispered quickly, picking the yellow rose and its card from his basket. "Here." He whispered, handing the rose over to Tristan. "I...
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    Y33 Rose Directory

    Hey guys! Just wanna say a quick thank you to the delivery people who've been sending their links in promptly. Over a hundred topics get posted for rose deliveries every year and it's a lot to keep track of to make sure everything gets delivered properly, so the directory is a really important...
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    Open Delightful Delivery

    Kauri beamed when the girl spoke, pleased to have tracked her down. "Hi! I've got a rose delivery for you!" He said cheerfully as he stepped into the arts room, searching through his basket for the right rose and card as he made his way over to the younger girl. "Here you go!" Kauri said...
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    Open Sweet Sunrise

    Kauri didn't know if he was the best person in the world at comforting others, but he was prepared to do whatever he could to cheer Kengi up before he had to be on his way. It was a shock, then, when the younger boy slapped his hand away, and Kauri was so startled he could only stare at Kengi's...
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    Open Cheerful Coincidence

    Kauri was glad Jatin seemed happy with the rose, smiling at the sight of the boy's happiness. He nodded at Jatin's question, holding up his basket. "A few left to go, but not too many." He said cheerfully. "I should get going though, enjoy the rest of your day!" Kauri said happily.