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    Closed Books.

    "I see. Congrats with prefect!" Andrea told him without smile. She was deep down still prety sad about that. They was no more friends and he was so rude to hear and hurt her feelings why she still try be nice to him. "I'm fine!" Why he asked how she was doing? Why he still try? She was not so...
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    Closed Books.

    Andy was hear for the moment familiar voice but she was still trying avoid him and ignore him all the time while she can but he started first talk and she take deep breath. Right now she can run away from him becouse he was here and always smell nice. "Hey! If you need place to sit you have free...
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    Closed Books.

    There was the place where she was happy. Andrea spend here lot of time and she loved read books and some books gave her hope when live can be better. Andrea walked and find the good book for read and she take the one and walked closed to table and take to sit. Andrea looked for the moment around...
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    Open Lonely dance night

    She didn't wanted go the dance but she don't wanted sit alone Huffepuff coomon room. When she walked the grate hall everyone looked grate and happy with her partners. She was not so dad about that and she going closed to table and something first eat and mayby later a little dance. She was alone...
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    I think, i just wanna say hi!

    I think, i just wanna say hi!
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    She didn't know how was time bisy with friends. Andy always was alone here at Hogwarts and she didn't know why she was spend time coomon room alone and no more friends. Ajax didn't know how was be alone all the time. She have Chloe yes but they was no close friends but only good friends. "I'm so...
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    Y37 Costume Contest

    Andrea Turner as crazy scientist
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    Andy looked fo Ajaccio and she didn't know why he wanted her about her feelings and he was bisy about shcool popularity. "I not sure and we spend so much a small time! I remember first year how was so diffirent." She told him and Andy needed tell this to and what happened to then ans mayby she...
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    "Thanky, Ajax for understanding to me and i realy apriciate!" She was finaly relief when she told him and still was more thing told him if he remember. "Just remember if you ask somoune to out please don't forgot and other people get realy hurt" She told him remaind him about Valentin's dance...
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    She take again rock her hand and trown the lake and looked how the rock down. Andrea was ready tell him and Chloe was right and she needed tell him but she was not tell him about her crush to his best friend."I'm fine and how about you? I'm glad you here and we need to talk" She know that was...
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    "Hey!"She was trying her self be ready end friendship but now she take the rock and threw it towards the lake. . @Ajaccio Skey
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    Closed Lost Friendship.

    School had started and she was slowly getting her first success and it was good. Andrea was still trying to escape Ajaccio, afraid to admit that she had feelings for him and in the end Andrea would remain a fool. Because she was still in pain when he was dancing with someone other than him. Did...
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    Open Y37 Start Of Year Feast!

    Andrea know this year will be hard to finished her friendship with Ajaccio and she will finaly do it. He was a bad friend and what he did Valentin's ball but she needed him talk that she was him liked a lot and she missed up everything and she was bad friend to. Andrea was here and she still was...