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Fifth Years Lesson 4; *Archived* Hope you enjoy this one :p *You're Welcome*
Topic Started: Feb 3 2009, 03:04 PM (481 Views)
Tom Fletcher
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“Quickly now, not much time, come on now” Tom said, as the students entered. “Grab the kettle, it’s a portkey” He said trying his best to answer quickly.There was a flash, and they were all gone. There was enough cover to shield them but enough to see the large andnasty looking Troll. Unfortunately they were downwind and caught thesickening smell of the bumbling creature.

The Troll was busy trying to manhandle a large hump-backed creature
with greyish-purple skin that rippled angrily like a dragons scales. It
had two horns that shone gold in the sun and oddly enough it walked on 4 thumbed feet.Abruptly the Troll, in a rare moment of ingenuity, changed its course of action and offeredthe creature something tasty to eat. While it was accepting the treat the Troll leapt on its back. The creature reared up and for many long, tense moments there was a fierce struggle as the Troll tried to stay on like a muggle cowboy on a bucking horse.

Professor Fletcher whispered to his students in a tense excited voice.
"That foolish Troll is attempting to ride that Graphorn. Aptly name
aye?" he said referring to the gleaming and deadly looking horns.
"Dangerous beasts they are, arguably stronger than dragons some say. Mountain trolls, try to mount the Graphorn, for some strange reason.. If we're quiet enough they shouldn't bother us here."

"The Erumpent is a large creature." He waved a hand and a
moving picture appeared within the flames like a projector. The creature
moving about looked like a giant Rhino. "Wicked looking horn it has
eh? Wouldn't want to catch yourself impaled on that one. You see in that
horn there is a fluid and once it comes into contact with you. Wham!" He clapped his hands together. "You’ll explode. So you’ll want to show
these creatures great respect, well you’d rather not meet this creature in your lifetime.

Now I would cast incendio, but I don’t want to attract unwanted attention, so you’ll have to do your best to keep warm I’m afraid” Tom said. “Shouldn’t be here too much longer” Tom told them all, glancing at his watch, Wham, a body fell to the floor, The Graphorn roared triumphantly. The Troll’s eyes rolled towards the class, but the eyelids closed over, and the breathing stopped. “Quickly now, you don’t want to become the Graphorn’s next victim, grab the kettle” Tom said in a hushed voice.

They got back to the classroom, all safe. “Good lesson eh?” Tom asked. “Right for homework, please come up with a mini saga, between a troll and a graphorn please not too violent” Tom asked grinning, “due next week, class dismissed.

Homework : Rp the lesson, then write a mini saga, about a fight between these 2 creatures. Be creative for E.C. in rp/homework :)

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Alex Cullen
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Alex walked to class nice and early and found the Prof usherign them to the kettle. I feel late for any latecomers, Alex thought grabbing hold a part of the kettle. He was sucked through suddenly and landed on hard surface(i'm guessing it was rocky terrain by the way). He wobbled slightly but kept his balnce before hearing some noise. he looked and saw a mountain troll. Alex's eyes widened with excitment before realzing the stench in the air. he wrinkled his nose but didn't say anything, knowing he would get used to the smell in a bit. Alex watched the troll with enthusiasm, glad he was managing to see a troll as close as they were. Amazing, he thought. Of course, it being Alex he didn't believe the rumours that they were dumb creatures; just that they went by natural instinct first before anything else. Alex watched the Troll trying to ride a creature that looked slightly like a triceratops. Alex laughed slightly as the Troll suddenly changed his mind and tricked the creature to take the treat while the Troll jumped onto it's back. The Prof finally spoke and Alex listened in, intentively. The fresh air did him good. Maybe that was why he always seemed to pay more attention in COM than any other class.
Alex watched as the Prof begun to explain another creature that wasn't present at the time. Alex looked and was pretty sure he wouldn't want to be involved with one but the meeting one didn't sound like a bad idea. After all, the creature couldn't be that bad. Alex smiled before hearing a thud that travelled down his body. He turned a saw the Troll on the ground dead. Alex bit his lip seeing the victory in the Graphorn nature. He felt sorry for the Troll. It was only trying to ride it, nothing more. Alex listened to the Prof before grabbing the kettle and falling on his backside as he landed in the classroom. he got up and dusted himself before hearing the homework. That's alright, he thought to himself as he walked out still feeling sorry for the troll.

Troll vs Graphorn 500098903333333
Take 1
Johnny Osbourse: Today is the day when...*cough cough* the biggest fartbomb was dropped? *cough* No, that is disgusting, you can't expect me to presnt with this stench. Nope, no way.
Camera Man: Get on with it.
Johnny Osbourne: They better pay you extra for this.*hmph hmph* Today is the day when the Graphorn will face the Troll. Who will win this 5 billion odd try made by the Troll.
Graphorn and Troll enter scene
Holy Crow! They're huge, I mean just loo-
Camera Man: Shut up and be quiet. That's us for dinner otherwise.
Billboards along the screen now:
Graphorn spots Troll and starts to get all hecked up.
Troll snorts and charges at beast swinging club round his head.
Troll: Ohhgahohhgah
Graphron snorts(almsot chuckling before bending his head till the hron is now parallel to the floor almost.
Johnny Osbourne: *whispers*Now you see how the Graphorne is completelly relaxed. Are we still rollng yeah?
Troll chrages up to Graphorne not seeing the horn and crunch, suirggle
The blood gurgles slowly out of the Troll stomach as the Graphorne throws the Troll off easily, the blood still on the magnificent horn.
Grunts of pain come fromt eh Troll but they slowly grow very faint.
Johnny Osbourne: And they pay to see this?*rolls eyes and looks very faint* Well,t hat was another splendid battle we have viewed with the Troll of the Rizzen Tribe and the unconcurable Graphorn. Join us once again in a while for the 500098903333334th battle.
Camera Man: And cut. *quickly jumps off chair* Where's that bucket?!

Excellent rp and homework=15+3E.C. for posting first=18=O :)
Edited by Professor Tom Fletcher, Feb 11 2009, 01:01 PM.
Hmm, I wonder who it could be

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Rhyspa Marinescu
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Rhyspa walked into the Care of Magical Creatures class and waited for the rest of the students to come in. She wondered what this lesson would hold for them, what would they be learning? She secretly hoped it would be a creature she had never seen before, but had heard of, maybe a dragon, which she doubted. Rhyspa walked closer towards Professor Fletcher as the rest of the class entered. When instructed, she took hold of the kettle that was a portkey. Rhyspa felt the sickening tug at her naval and grimaced. That was one feeling she detested the most.

Seconds later, the class landed in a forest, down wind from a rather large and smelly troll. Rhyspa wrinkled her nose in disgust and waved her hand infront of her nose. She desperately wished she were at home with her mother, sipping on fresh, delicious, and aromatic coffee. Rhyspa watched as the troll tried to mount a graphorn, which she thought as odd and comical. The troll and graphorn tussled and Professor Fletcher described the predicament to a tee. It did, oddly enough, look as if a cowboy were trying to stay on a bucking stallion. Rhyspa stifled her giggles with her hand, she didn't want to be heard by the pair. Then, Professor Fletcher showed them a Eurmpent, a creature that looked like a Rhinoceros. With that, they took the portkey back to the school and Rhyspa took a seat at her desk and began scribbling down a story of two trolls battling.

Rhyspa Aireous
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Care of Magical Creatures

The Troll Bowl

Once upon a time, in the forests of Romania lived a herd of Trolls. Among the oafish group were 3 females, 5 males, and 2 children trolls, a boy and girl. The leader of the group was Og, a large male troll and far more intelligent than the others, though had the maximum capacity of knowledge for a troll. His mate was the head female, Oglee. Together the two had a troll child, Oglier. Oglee was the most desirable of the female trolls and the four other trolls wished for her to be their mates, but she wouldn't leave Og for, despite her troll brain, felt love for the lead male.

One day, Oglee was gather food in the forest, digging up her nose for snot and leaving it on trees for a trail back to her mate, Og. She snacked on berries and twigs and squirrels, and putting the occasional foodstuff in her pack. Out of nowhere the second larges male came popping from behind a tree. His name was Lorz, and he desperately wanted Oglee for his mate. He clonked her on the head with his large club and dragged her away to his cave.

When Oglee didn't return, Og was very angry. He wanted to know where his dinner was and where his mate was. Oglier was whining in the back of the cave, wondering where her food was. Og left the cave in search of his mate, following the trail of snot that Oglee had left. It stopped at a large boulder and enormous fir tree, a dirt trail was left behind and Og, surprisingly followed it. Soon, the trail stopped at the entrance of a cave where Og knew Lorz lived. Og stormed into the cave and found Oglee tied up in the back of the cave, Lorz standing yards away from her.

Og screamed at his subordinate in the hideous troll language and Lorz screamed back. The two fought with their clubs and large fists. Oglee watched with anticipation wondering who would succeed. In the end, Lorz lay on the floor of the cave, whimpering and Og untied Oglee and the two returned to their cave.

Great rp and homework. Altogether=15=O. Keep it up:)[/color]
Edited by Professor Tom Fletcher, Feb 11 2009, 01:02 PM.
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