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Seventh Years: Lesson 3; All Houses
Topic Started: Aug 9 2018, 02:48 PM (26 Views)
Professor Matt Ward
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Matt sat at his desk, trying to organize some of the mess on it. Why did he have three half empty cups of coffee? He looked up to see the seventh years arrive and decided that was a mystery for later. For now, he had a class to teach.

Seventh year was going to be all revision from now on, but he hoped he would be able to keep it interesting. He waited for everyone to take a seat before he started. "Morning, class!" He greeted them cheerfully. "As promised, we start with revision today. We start off by going all the way back to your first two years at school. I know it's been a long time since then, but it's all stuff you'll have to know for the NEWTs. I have revision sheets here to fill out, feel free to ask me any questions. I'm here to help! Though it is good to take note of what subjects you find harder to remember, so you can look them up later." With a wave of his wand, the sheets flew to the different tables. "Good luck!"

1st & 2nd Year Quiz
1. The most famous wizard of our time is...?
2. When did the Salem Witch Trials take place?
3. Name two people who were named as witches in the trials, and who named them?
4. Explain a little about King Arthur's childhood (one or two sentences)
5. Who is the 'boy who lived?'
6. Who was Merlin's greatest foe, and how did he defeat them?
7. What is the name of King Arthur's fabled sword, and how did he acquire it?
8. Who was King Arthur's half sister?
9. What is alchemy the study of?
10. What stone did alchemists dedicate their lives to finding?

Full Marks: RP Lesson
Extra Credit: Do Test
History of Magic,7,3
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Sianna Djordjevic
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[justify]Sianna had enjoy her last school event of her school career, she knew that though things were going well for her in classes, that she had to now buckle down and really focus on her classes and what the future after this place would bring her. She was a little frustrated that she wasnít allow to begin applying for jobs straight away, like she knew some of the quidditch players in the school could do. But, Sianna knew it was because she had to get her grades and with those she could any job she wanted. Even if she just wanted to be a photographer, she needed a job that would keep the lights on until she could do the photography full time. The ravenclaw had to start on the real studying now, and she absolutely intended to. The classes this semester much like the last seemed to be revision heavy with only a couple actually allowing her to sit and learn new things, which she didnít mind, Sianna had high spirits over how sheíd do in the upcoming exams, but she would still have to work them. With that thought, she put the last of her work from the last week into her bag and headed to class.

Sianna walked into the history of magic classroom, she was expecting that a lot of her classes over the next few weeks would all just become classes in which they would do revision. She didnít want to do that much revision but there was a lot to cover. They had done a lot over the last few years. She took her seat in the classroom, and looked up towards the professor as the man stood before them. It took a few moments before the class got started. She had her notes out in front of her and looked to the professor as the man began speaking, telling them that they would in fact be starting the revision lessons that day. She took the revision sheet as it was handed to her, and thought it was more of a quiz than revision, but that didnít really matter. Instead she just began filling it out. She hadnít thought particularly hard about the first and second year courses of history of magic, since the OWL exam, but it didnít take her long to refresh her memory about it. She had the revision sheet filled out in next to no time and spent most of the rest of the lesson reading over what sheíd written to be sure she was right. When she was absolutely certain, she handed in the quiz and then left the room.
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Ares Jeffreys
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[justify]Ares was glad that for him at least, most of the quidditch tournament was over, he could focus himself upon the brotherhood, light practices for his own improvement and of course upon the upcoming NEWTs. He already knew what he would be doing with the brotherhood which had taken another worry off his mind, but he knew that he was just barely keeping himself together. The slow march towards his exam and all the work he had outwith it were still heavy and still constant but at the very least he was a step closer to being practically done with it all. Having just come in from a quidditch session for himself he was a little tired, but all of the necessary homework was done, and his day to day life was fractionally easier. He needed to step up his studying but that was about all that needed to change. All of the time heíd spent worrying about the games he had upcoming could be spent on his studying. Ares was just hoping for an easy time with it. He was better than heíd ever been before. The boy was feeling a little calmer about everything in general and was just hoping the feeling would last as the classes begun to wind down and his exams loomed even more.

Ares was struggling as ever to keep up with the amount of work that was being asked of him in this late stage in the school year. He needed to get his revision and studying up. The hufflepuff stepped into the room and took his usual spot in the classroom, he pulled out his notes and books but was hopeful that like the professor had said they would just jump right into the studying in this class. He knew the professor had said they would, but he didnít know when that would be. The teen placed all of what he would need upon the table and looked up towards the professor. The man started the lesson after everyone had arrived in the class. He was pretty relieved when the professor said they would just be studying, he wanted that. He wasnít too pleased that they had to fill out a revision sheet, but he knew that he would like it once he just got started on it, it was the pre-jitters that got him worried, what if he couldnít answer a single question. It was of first and second year, he had barely scratched the surface of that. Ares took it when it was handed to him and began working on it. It wasnít nearly as bad as his head had built it up to be, and Ares was done in no time. He did take his time with it and take his time reading back over it, but it was almost unnecessary. He handed it into the professor before packing up his things and leaving the room.
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Zared Katsaros-Styx
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independent & distant | seventh year

[justify]Zaredís life had always been rather easy at Hogwarts, he had never gotten involved in things, so it had always been easy to get adjust to this semester, his final semester. He had plans to follow the election results, no because he particularly cared about any of it, but he was of course curious about who might take over from the last one, he was hoping for a Finch victory but assumed that might be rather difficult. The teen was finishing off breakfast behind a revision book for Charms and headed back to his dorm when he was done eating. He was spending less time with Elysia than he mightíve wanted but with the amount of work they both had it was inevitable. Zaredís life consisted mostly of studying and his prefect duties, and he was dedicated to both of those things. The teen knew that doing well in both help in in job applications even with the support of his wifeís family. The Slytherin got to the dorm room and began getting ready for the day ahead, putting his notes, homework and books into his bag. Making sure he had his wand and everything else he would need for the day and when he had everything, he left for the class.

The slytherin had been doing a little more revision than in previous weeks, but he wasnít yet feeling too much pressure, he just knew it would be better to keep his studying up and build it up as the weeks went on. There wasnít a whole lot of time left in this semester. Zared stepped into the history of magic class and took a seat within the room. His gaze shifted to the front of the class, and he noted that the professor wasnít late today, in fact the man seemed right on time. Zared pulled his notes towards him and prepared himself to learn something, but all he learned was that they would be spending this class revising, and not even a good kind of revising. Theyíd be doing a quiz. There was nothing worse to the slytherin than these quizzes, he knew they were practical to help him revise but he wasnít happy with it in any case, he didnít need to be doing these. However, Zared did take it as it was handed to him, and he held it in his hand reading over it and rolling his eyes at how simple it was. It didnít take him long before he was done and he didnít even read over his answers before he handed them in to the professor.
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