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Fifth Years: Lesson Three
Topic Started: Aug 7 2018, 07:43 AM (39 Views)
Professor Sarah Harrington
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Mother of Two Girls | Astronomy Professor | HS Graduate Ravenclaw

[justify]Professor Harrington wondered how the fifth years were fairing, they seemed to all being doing well in their lessons. "This week we are moving on from the moon and going further out to comets. They are a rather rare sight but we are effected everyday by them. They have tails that stretch across the solar system as they come close to the sun, warming their icy cold centers," Professor Sarah started on this week's lecture. She hoped the students wouldn't be bored by another, but she knew next week would be full of exciting lessons if they only make it through this year. "Comets are often during their formation created nearer to planets and as smaller planetary bodies they can be referred to as planetesimals. Made of small specs of dust and ice fuzed together forming larger bodies. Comets are these planetesimals that were pushed to the brink of our solar system during the time of formation," Sarah spouted out feeling as thought it were all a lot to say. She hoped the students understood.

"Think of them as very giant dirty snowballs, and that's basically what they are in a simple sense. They come from two places The Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, as you can imagine they come from a very great distance away," Sarah said to the class. "Now occasionally one of these planetesimals will be nudged or kicked from their typical orbit causing them to head towards the center of the solar system, those are what we then would refer to as comets. This is when the tails will form as the inner section is much warmer from the Sun than the farther reaches of the Solar System," Sarah said with a smile, she found all this talk about great travel very exciting indeed.

"Now, a comet doesn't live forever once it's begun this new orbit that brings it close to the Sun. While on the rare chance a comet runs into any of the planets, it's more likely the comet will continue to circle the Sun for thousands of years each time melting within the Inner Solar System becoming smaller and smaller until it is nothing at all," Sarah said commented on the life of the comets. "Now on average a major comet can be seen from Earth around every five years, however each comet is different including the length of time it is visible and the Hemisphere you can see the comet in varies. Also depending on where the comet is coming from the time between visits will vary greatly."
"Oh, looks like we've run out of time for this week, uh, no homework! Enjoy your time off of that by studying the skies!" Professor Sarah said waving her wand to open the door and see the students out.

Homework: Please roleplay the lesson.
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Professor of Astronomy
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Jerara Tapsell
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Questioning Everything | Honeydukes Assistant | fifth year

[justify]Taking the time out to spend it with Ellie at the valentines day dance had not been as detrimental as Jerara had thought it would have to be, if anything, it was helpful. He felt refreshed and focused in a whole new way. He had other worries like about what would happen between them when they were apart and she was out of the school, but none of that matter in comparison with his exams, and his mind was solely focused on his studying for his multitude of classes. Once he finished this semester he could let go of a few, namely the muggle studies and astronomy classes which he knew he’d never have any use for. The boy had high hopes for just about everything and he had such plans to learn more when he left school. When he’d have the time to dedicate to it, so what did it matter if he didn’t do all the NEWTs. Jerara was getting ready for the day, all of the homework complete already because he’d done it so much in advance of needing to. He put the last of what he would need for the entire day and then headed to class. He knew this would be a good day and he knew he would manage this semester. It would be a lot of work, but he could see the end and how much all of it would pay off.

Jerara walked into the astronomy classroom and took his usual spot within the room. He hoped that they would learn plenty that was new and not just revision. His own revision was certainly stepping up, but he knew that it was going to be helped by classes if they did revision, something he should want, but Jerara liked learning new things. He pulled out his notes and his books and placed them down upon the table in front of him, getting the quill and ink ready for the note taking that was likely about occur. The boy didn’t need to wait long for the class to get started. They would be learning about comets. Jerara knew a little about comets, admittedly not a whole lot, but enough that this class wasn’t entirely new to him. However, this didn’t mean he didn’t take notes, he took a whole host of notes as the professor was giving them the information. About what they were made of, where they were generally found. About how they did eventually die. He hoped they could see a comet some time soon, but he wasn’t certain he had the time to just be looking up at the stars. Certainly not until after his OWLs. Jerara made sure he had everything down that the professor was saying and then the lesson was wrapped up. He appreciated that there was no homework but he wasn’t sure about it. He packed up and left the room.
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Signy Forstrom
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farm girl | giggly | hard worker | fifth year

[justify]Signy had thoroughly loved the time spent at the valentines day dance, she had loved giving out the roses, because of course she did. The girl had loved the moments that she had at those events and the time she could spend with Xavier, since it would always be the most amount of fun that she could have. It was such a simple outpouring of kindness and love but she loved it. It was why she always endeavoured to take part in it, and it was usually what she gushed to her father about first. Which this year had the addition of Xavier. The girl was however thinking about the future few weeks as the time towards her OWLs got closer, and largely the girl realised that she could spend too much time doing anything else. Signy was getting ready for the day, finishing off bits of homework that she hadn’t gotten to during the last week with all she had, but there wasn’t a whole lot of it and plenty of time for her to complete it. After spending a bit of time on it, she noted the time and that if she didn’t hurry she might be late. Signy gathered what she would need quickly, still taking the time to double check she had everything before rushing out of the room and heading straight to the class. She wouldn’t make a habit of that hopefully.

Signy stepped into the astronomy classroom and gave a small greeting as she passed the professor and made her way to her seat within the room. She got her books and her notes out and took her seat. She was looking forward to what they would be learning. As it turned out they would be looking at comets. She liked comets. They were always cool to see. She took her quill and pulled her parchment towards her as the professor got started on the lecture. She was quick to begin writing down what the professor was saying, making sure that she got all of the important information from what the professor was saying, like what they were like, how they were made of ice. She didn’t want to really miss anything, all of her owl studying had reminded her how good it was for her to have long and thorough notes. So, she was looking to get everything important down, though deciding what was and what was note-worthy was a little difficult. But she just tried to get as much of it down as possible. Signy wondered what comet would be next visible and decided once the exams were all over she’d ask the professor. There was no time for that currently. However with that last part of the lecture, the lesson was wrapped up and Signy was able to leave the room.
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Corrine Lagos
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Corrine smiled kindly at Jerara as she stepped in. Having learned he was taking every class, the teen felt a measure of sympathy for the boy. She settled into her seat, intrigued to learn about comets. It was different from their usual Astronomy lessons. The explanation of them was pretty funny and she giggled to herself as she took down some notes. They'd always looked so pretty to her in pictures, so to find out they were nothing but dust and ice was amusing to her. They were items she had readily available but they'd never combined to look quite so pretty to her.

The lesson seemed to go far more quickly than some other lessons had. When the professor declared them dismissed, Corrine was surprised. She could have learned far more about them and been content. Packing her bags, Corrine said good night to the professor before heading off.
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