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Transfiguration 4:2
Topic Started: Aug 5 2018, 09:33 AM (58 Views)
Professor Aeon Summers
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[justify]Professor Summers was excited to begin today's lesson, eyeing the biscuit tin pushed to the side of his desk. He recalled going through the same lesson in his fourth year, and it had been a lot of fun. Things were a little different now than they were in the old days, however.

Aeon leaned back in his chair as the students walked in, some immediately noticing the tin sitting in plain view. Items on his desk, other than paper and quills, usually pertained to the day's subject. He waited for them to take their seats, some curious, others oblivious, until finally he stood up to address them. "Good morning and welcome back. Today's lesson is going to involve transfiguration and food." He explained, picking up the tin and shaking it between his hands, the biscuits rattled around inside until he withdrew one. In appearance, it resembled a mundane custard cream.

"This is called a canary cream. Not many people eat them on a regular basis, though. Can any of you tell me why?" He pointed at a student with their hand up in the back row.

"...Because we'll turn into canaries?" They said.

Professor Summers smiled again at the answers accuracy. "Exactly. Once upon a time, transfiguration spells were placed into objects so that when they were touched; or in this case, ingested, a transfiguration spell was triggered."

Professor Summers picked the little biscuit up and continued to speak. "These little treats look tasty and small, but the spells that go into them to turn the eater into a canary are some of the more difficult to cast. You have to weave the spell into an object, much like the creation of a portkey, or charms that affect items. It also requires a delayed Untransfiguration spell to kick in after a certain period of time, to avoid permanent transformations."

"One would think that such a complicated spell would draw the most intelligent and powerful wizards to think of creative and useful ways to use it but so far we have mostly joke items. You can find canary creams such as these in a few shops."
He looked around the room with a devilish smirk on his face. When he was a student, the professor had convinced him to eat one, then promptly transfigured herself into a cat to chase him around the classroom as a canary. Fun times. That wouldn't be the case here, however. "So. Is there anyone brave enough to eat this?"
Homework: None. Feel free to RP trying the canary cream. There's plenty to go around. ;)
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Elizabeth Chatwin
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The second lesson was here and everything was going fine. Soon the valentine events would be here and Elly had decided to skip a year of delivering the flowers. It was so much work each year and she had no clue how she could fit the time into her busy schedule. Although it was a lot of fun each year she wanted to know how it was on the not delivering side of things. Quidditch was also in full blast and Elly wanted to be there for the team. Her job as keeper was important and since she hadn't been the best in the last couple of games she wanted to train more and longer. It was going well and Elly was sure they could win this year. It was nice seeing the blue decoration in the hall.

Elly grabbed her stuff and waited for the lesson to start she was excited for Transfiguration. Although it was usually a lot of theory Elly knew she had to do well in this subject otherwise the Professor would cancel her training. Elly grabbed her stuff and wrote down that the lesson was about the transfiguration of food. When the Professor asked a question her hand rose up in the air. When she was picked she hoped she had the right answer for his question. "...Because we'll turn into canaries?" Elly was glad she was right and when the Professor explained what process was behind them Elly was mesmerized. It sounded incredibly difficult and complex. Elly was curious and took one of the biscuits from the Professor. As soon as she ate it she felt herself changing. She sprouted feathers and a beak. After a minute or so she started to moult and the feathers and beak fell off and she turned back to normal. Elly laughed and thanked the Professor for this class.
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Sophie Wilson
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The first week of the semester was now over, which meant that the real lessons were about to start. Last week it was mostly introductions and rules, and staring from this week there would be a lot of lectures and homework. Sophie didn't mind too much, it was the point of school after all. She just didn't feel the need to strain herself to get all O's, not when an A or E would suffice.

She enjoyed Transfiguration a lot, so she didn't mind having to go to another lesson of it. The professor was usually not too annoyingly cheerful, and he always explained the things they needed to learn well. Sophie entered the classroom and found her seat, noticing a tin on the Professor's desk. She was sure that would have something to do with this lesson, and she had a feeling it would be a practical one. The professor started the lesson and predictably grabbed the tin, though Sophie hadn't expected what was inside of it. She stared at the professor incredulously. Wasn't this something that was sold in the prank item shop? What uses could they have for such a thing? The professor continued to talk about transfiguration spells on objects, and Sophie understood the connection with the canary creams. But she didn't understand why they weren't trying these spells on their own, or at least seeing some useful item rather than something so silly. She didn't know who would be stupid enough to eat one, but then Elly did it and she was glad she hadn't said that out loud. She stared at her friend with a scowl on her face, and refused to try any of the canary creams herself. This wasn't educational, nor was it useful in any other way. She had the sneaking suspicion this lesson was mostly here for the professor's amusement, and she wouldn't take part in it and make a fool of herself for his benefit.
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Phoebe Holland
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It was now the second week of the semester, which meant Valentine's day was around the corner. Phoebe was debating if she should send Charlie a rose. The girl had been fun to talk to at the dance, but it had been a bit difficult to gauge if she had been flirting back. It really was more difficult to figure out if girls liked other girls than it should be. But Diana was seeing a boy, and Phoebe was a little annoyed her little sister was beating her to dating. She would just take the risk, what was the worst that could happen?

The previous lesson of Transfiguration had introduced the fourth years to switching spells, and Phoebe was very curious about what they would be doing now. She took her seat in the classroom, her gaze moving curiously to the tin on the professor's desk. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait very long until the professor told them what this lesson would be about, and she also didn't have to wonder what was in the tin for a long time. She had seen canary cream's before at Gambol and Jape's, and had actually been very curious about the magic involved. Phoebe was glad to learn something like this, even if it seemed they weren't actually going to learn how to do this themselves yet. She listened to the professor explain what the canary creams were and how they worked, taking a few notes specifically on the delay of Untransfiguration, which she hadn't known was possible. She would argue that joke items could be used in creative and useful ways, if one had enough imagination, but she decided not to point that out the professor. When he asked who was brave enough to eat it, Phoebe was second only to Elly to actually trying one. She didn't wait to see what would happen to Elly before eating it herself. Before she knew what was happening, she was sprouting feathers and second-guessing her decision to eat the cream. Being a canary was definitely very strange, and Phoebe was glad it didn't take very long. When the lesson was over, she was trying to think of fun things one could do with these biscuits. Maybe she would have to pick some up next time they got to go to Brightstone.
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Norton Gillespie
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[justify]Norton had been enjoying the gardens more and more, especially in the prep towards the rose giving. Norton had never seen so many roses in bloom, from what heíd known from the muggle world about roses the flowers were quite difficult to grow, but the gardens, run by students didnít seem to blink at it. The roses were so beautiful and of course had sent plenty to others. He had sent plenty to the people he could send them to. He loved the act of giving them too, all in all, the rose week as he called it, was the best week in the school, when it came to non-school activities (which of course excluded quidditch). It was definitely a busy week for the teen who had a match and so much else that he needed to do. But the boy wouldnít have it any other way for himself. It would be a good week for him. Norton had just come in from the rose garden, he had taken to waking up early and getting a little practice in before then going to the gardens and enjoying the sight before heading back inside to get some food and then ready for classes. Which was the point he was at in the morning, getting the last bits and pieces together for classes before heading out of the dorm and to class.

Norton stepped into the transfiguration classroom, after the defence against the dark arts class the days before Norton had been feeling a little down. He didnít really know why but there had just been something lingering in his head about it. But he just needed to focus on other things. He needed other classes and he was sure that a long lecture by professor summers would help him feel way better. He looked at the man as he began speaking. He didnít know what a canary cream was, but he was definitely interested in finding out especially if it had something to do with transfiguration. He pulled his notes towards him and kept the quill in his hand expecting the professor to launch in to an explanation about what the connection was and to in depth about it, but he was pretty pleased that they actually were and the lesson was about the canary creams themselves. Of course there was a little bit of a lecture, telling them about the fact it needed a second spell to kick in and that you could get them in stores and Norton was sold to try it. It would definitely be a different demonstration from the one heíd done in DADA, so after a few others had, Norton tried it. He grabbed one of the biscuits and ate it, suddenly feeling weirdly different. It didnít last long, but he loved it. That was the magic of magic. The teen watched as a few others tried it and then once it appeared all who had wanted to had, he packed up his things and left the room.
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Gilly Gillespie
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[justify]Gilly wasnít sure she could ever truly enjoy hogwartís events, there was only one she really liked, the others were just variations of dull, and Gilly really hated the fancy ones when she was supposed to wear a dress or something fancy. Gilly didnít do fancy. Gilly didnít do anything close to that. The girl had always been quite tom-boyish but she wasnít the type to be happy to be dirty either, she just didnít feel entirely comfortable in dresses and heels where people could see her. Sheíd thought about just wearing a suit of some kind but she didnít like those either. She just wasnít the type who liked to clean up nice, she just liked what she liked and that was all that was important. The slytherin was getting ready for the day, she didnít have any plans to attend the valentineís day celebration, definitely not. She was just hopeful for an easy week and nothing too complex to happen during it. She just need to get through it. The slytherin was putting her homework into her bag and began to get herself ready for the day, spending a moment to tie bad the unruly hair and then putting on her tie and shoes before double checking she had everything and leaving for the class.

Gilly stepped into the transfiguration classroom and sat down in the class. She pulled out what she thought she would need for the lesson. She placed her wand on the table and then placed a few notes too, expecting that there would be a lecture. She was looking forward to what they would be learning about this lesson, Gilly liked the magic they tended to do. She looked up at the professor as the man got started. She nodded at what they would be doing and wondered if theyíd be learning more about chocolate frogs. But instead of that there were looking at a custard cream, or what to Gilly looked like a custard cream. However, as it turned out they were anything but that. Canary cream, she didnít think they would actually be turning into canaries, though both the professor and the name suggested it might. She listened to the professorís brief lecture upon it and then watched closely as others in the class went up to try them. She went to stop Norton from doing so the vague memories of watching him in the DADA classroom rushing back, but it was fine. She didnít want to try it, but she spent her time watching others as they did. It had been an interesting lesson, but she was not entirely sold on them.
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Kauri Tipene
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After last week, Kauri couldn't wait for his next Transfiguration lesson. He had done a bit of reading on his own, but was mostly eager to discover what new spells they would be learning. Switching things seemed like it would be an incredibly useful ability, and he was eager to get started. Taking his usual seat near the front, Kauri got his things ready to take notes, though he also kept his wand close at hand hopefully. As the lesson started Kauri took notes, a little disappointed that they weren't starting on spellcasting this week. It was interesting to learn about though. Kauri had heard about Canary Creams from classmates who found that kind of thing funny but he had never really thought much about them or seen one used, and it was a surprise to learn how much complicated magic went into something so silly. It was more fascinating than he had expected, and once class was over he found himself less disappointed than he had expected not to be using his wand. After packing up all his things, Kauri couldn't resist the urge to join his classmates in trying out the bizarre treats. He took a bite of one, eager to find out what it would feel like, and couldn't quite hold back a squeak of surprise as he felt his body changing. Once he had gotten over how itchy it felt to grow feathers and how deeply bizarre it felt to be a different shape altogether Kauri was overcome by how cool this was, and quickly did his best to figure out how to fly. The transformation didn't last long enough for him to really get a handle on it though, and once he was back to human form Kauri thanked Professor Summers before heading out of the classroom, still a little itchy from where his feathers had once been.
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Sara Benivieni
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[justify]Sara was beginning to get into the workload a lot recently, more so than ever before. Maybe it was the fact that next year was OWL year and that also meant that the curriculum for each of her classes was getting more interesting and harder. Sara didnít mind, in fact she was really excited and was looking forward to find out what the professors had in store waiting for them. The girl was enjoying every single class she had chosen this year and she doubted she would drop any of them anytime soon. She didnít think it would be wise to start changing subjects now, after all. She was already busy with everything else that she was involved in she didnít feel the need to add stress about catching up another class. And plus, next year she was going to be able to add on to her schedule as there would be even more course choices if she wanted. Quidditch had been a little disappointing, and she hoped that the team was going to do better than ever next time.

The fourth year arrived to Transfiguration and she took a seat quickly, not wanting to catch the professorís attention seeing as she had been running slightly late, which was a miracle for Sara. She was never late to class. Well, okay, maybe sometimes, but rarely. After last weekís lesson the brunette had not stopped thinking of what exactly they were going to do today, Professor Summers really knew how to captivate his studentsí attention for an entire week. Seven days was a lot for being excited about something. The prof. took out canary creams and Sara raised her eyebrows, if there was one thing she learned in the wizarding world it was that magic had a price - even when dealing with food. Sure enough, when Elly answered the manís question, Sara snorted softly. She took notes as per usual and when Professor Summers asked who would be brave enough to try one she seemed to have the same idea as her Ravenclaw friends. She smiled and took one before taking an awfully big bite out of her biscuit. Her smile turned into a...beak, and she began to sprout feathers. Wasnít this fantastic. Luckily Sara wasnít a bird long enough to panic, and she was relieved there was no homework. She packed up and grabbed her things before she left the classroom. [/justify]
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Satchel Howard
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Satchel had his wand ready for this class. He always put a lot of preparation into transfiguration. He dreaded the class. It was absolutely the most intricate magic they learnt in Hogwarts, in his opinion. He'd polished his wand, and read up on switching spells and yet he still felt unprepared. Arriving into the classroom, he was somewhat confused by Professor Summer's words. He thought that the laws of Gampt, or Grant or someone's laws of transfiguration meant that you couldn't create food? Quickly, however, it became clear that the transfiguration was performed upon food, rather than to create food. Now, his confusion was about human transfiguration, which he'd thought was a no-go. Everyone seemed very excited, and Satchel was quietly willing himself to stop thinking about the difficulty of the spell and instead enjoy the novelty.

As other classmates swarmed to the top of the room to try out the treat, Satchel hung back a moment, before ultimately deciding to force himself to try it. There was a small fear in the back of his mind that he'd be stuck as a bird, but taking one of the final biscuits, he found himself laughing as his body began to change, the feathers tickling his arms as they sprouted. Quickly, his laughter turned into squawks and he did momentarily panic, his wings flapping madly, which resulted in him doing some strange panicked-jumping jack when he returned to his human form. Blushing bright red, he quickly gathered his things and half-ran back to his common room.
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