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Fifth Years, Lesson Two
Topic Started: Aug 3 2018, 08:34 AM (48 Views)
Professor Maurice Welch
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Maurice sat on his wooden desk as the students slowly started to fill the classroom. He folded his arms across his chest and waited patiently for all of them to arrive. He watched as students walked in and nodded his head at the few that greeted him. ''Goodmorning, folks,'' Maurice said with a smile on his face once he was sure that everyone was here. He stood up from his desk and put the plant they were going to learn about in today's lesson on the desk. ''This is what they call a Puffapod, which will be the plant you are going to learn about in this lesson,'' he said as he looked around in the classroom. On his wooden desk stood a beautiful pink flowered potted plant with purple and pinkish rings on the petals.

After a moment of silence, Maurice continued, ''In a few moments you will collect these seedpods and shell them and place them in the containers in front of you.'' he pointed at one of the bright pink seeds on the plant before looking back into the classroom. ''But first, watch me.'' With a sharp quick twist the seedpod came off and fell into his hand. Maurice then broke it open carefully and showed the class the shining bean that was inside of the seedpod before placing it inside the open container next to the plant. ''I advise you to be extremely careful when shelling a seedpod, as it is a rather fragile thing. But don't worry if it a few slip out and hit the ground.''

Maurice then placed a couple of beans on the table and watched as the beans burst open and transformed into flowers. ''You may begin.'' he announced and sat down on the edge of his wooden desk again. When the Professor noticed everyone was finished he raised his hand to get everyone's attention and announced, ''For homework this week, I would like you to write an essay on why the Puffapod would prove useful in any situation. Class dismissed.''

Homework: RP the lesson. For extra credit do the essayHerbology,5,2
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Jerara Tapsell
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Questioning Everything | Honeydukes Assistant | fifth year

[justify]Jerara’s lack of involvement in school related things had always paid off, but he was somewhat apprehensive about the valentines day dance, he had a lot of work that needed done and work that would need done come the week’s end but he couldn’t not take Ellie to her final school wide event that wouldn’t be her own graduation ceremony. The teen knew he had to manage his time well this week, and perhaps he’d have to just dedicate a little less time to sleep to ensure that it all got done and he could have a night with her relatively stress free. The ravenclaw brushed his hand through his hair as he got himself together for the week ahead. He had homework mostly done for all the classes and he was finishing things off as he went along, he had books in the dorm ready for his homework so he could just get right to it, and all of his notes were in a bit of disorder, to be fixed once he had a moment. All in all, Jerara knew he would just happy when this week was over. He put his uniform on and pinned his prefect badge to the front before double checking he had everything for the day ahead and then leaving the room.

Jerara walked into the herbology greenhouse. He took his usual spot in the room and looked towards the professor. He was looking forward to being able to move on to more difficult elements of all of his classes but perhaps none more so than the herbology class, where he just knew that they would get into some more dangerous things. He looked to the professor as the man got started, telling them what they would be learning about. He looked towards the plant on the professors desk and nodded to himself. He watched as the professor told them what they would would doing and then showed it to them. How they should be doing it, and that it was fragile. Jerara wasn’t too used to dealing with fragile things unless you were talking about books, which he had dealt with a lot. He nodded as they were to begin. He grasped one of the bright pink seedpod as lightly as he could manage and pulled it out. He dropped a few as he was working on getting them, but it wasn’t too bad, at least the effect was just a flower and nothing too sinister. He worked slowly and steadily for the hour until the professor wrapped up the class and allowed them to leave.
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Signy Forstrom
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farm girl | giggly | hard worker | fifth year

[justify]Signy had once against signed herself up on the rose giving, she had been doing that since one of her first years in the school and though it hadn’t been the best experience that first time, Signy loved the feeling of satisfaction it gave her. She could feel that she meritted the ball that came after it, and that was always a good and fun event, especially this year where she assumed that she would be going with Xavier. The teen was getting ready for the day ahead of her. She was completing a piece of homework that she didn’t want hanging over her at the week’s end. She was trying to be ahead of all the work so that she could do the rose giving and subsequent celebration stress free. Or relatively. She was an OWL student, she thought that most would suggest that at any given moment she should be stressed about them and studying for them, especially in this second semester, but the teen didn’t need to. She knew she was keeping up with her work and studying, that she would be able to cope with the day and night off from it. With that, she finished up the homework and placed it into her bag before walking to the first class of the day.

Signy walked into the herbology green house and greeted the professor warmly as she took her seat. She did thoroughly enjoy this class. It was the best class for her, she had so much experience with being outdoors and dealing with varying plants though maybe none of them were this ones that she usually deal with when she was with her parents on the farm. She looked up at the professor as the man began the lesson and showed them what they would be dealing with. A puffapod. That was awesome, she loved this plant. She listened and watched as the professor told them what they would be doing and how they would be doing it. She had done that once in her life before, and she’d been too young to be any good at it, so that would be of no help to her now. She looked at the plant that was then in front of her and began to do what had been asked of her. The teen worked carefully, far more so than when she had done this before, she gripped lightly, to ensure she didn’t drop any and by the end of the lesson she had only dropped one, which she had to think was pretty good. The lesson was eventually brought to an end and Signy made a note of the homework before leaving the class.
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Rose Holland
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Fifth Year | Impulsive | Oblivious | Loyal | Knitting Enthusiast | Scared of Heights |♡Charlie

Rose looked forward to the Valentine's day event at the end of this week, as she always loved delivering roses to people. She was excited for the dance too, as it would be the first time she and Charlie would go together as a couple. Rose was a little nervous for it, but mostly in a good way. She hoped Charlie would like her dress. The girl was also a bit worried for her friend Harley. It really was too bad her breakup with Odette happened only a little while before Valentine's day, and Rose hoped she would be able to cope.

Herbology was always an exciting lesson, and actually one of Rose's favorites. She took her seat and was excited to see the professor carry a plant to his desk, one she didn't recognize. It was really pretty. She listened as the professor told them what they were going to do during this lesson. They had to collect the seedpods, shell them and place them in containers. Thankfully, the professor showed them how to do it. Rose took a mental note to be careful while shelling. Then it was time to try for herself, and though Rose tried to be very careful she did drop a few of the seedpods. In the end she had done pretty well, though she knew she should try to be even more careful during the next lesson.
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Corrine Lagos
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Smiling at Rose as she settled into her seat, Corrine quickly got lost in her thoughts. On a whim, she had decided to send Cullen a pink rose. They had gone to the Yule ball after all, and she had a great time. They hadn't spoken much since then and he hadn't asked her to the Valentine's dance, but Corrine kept hoping he would.

She couldn't think about it longer as the professor began his lesson. The man taught them how to work with puffapods and Corrine looked down at her nails, a bit miffed. She had just painted them the night prior but this looked like the kind of work that would ruin them. And she was right. Shelling the plant wasn't hard work, but her long nails made it slightly more difficult and she ended up dropping a few. She was thankful the professor had expected it. Still, she succeeded far more than she failed. Frowning at a nail she had broken during her work, Corrine wondered if she would have time to fix it now.
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