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Rosy Sibling Love; Yellow Rose; Open After Anna
Topic Started: Aug 1 2018, 11:26 PM (22 Views)
Gwen Owens-Lee
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Gwen was almost halfway done with her rose deliveries for the day, but she wanted to take her time with them. It was a good distraction from the fact that she had never received any roses herself, and people didn't potentially bully her for being the only person who didn't have one. The girl wandered the corridors of the castle, trying to figure out where the Hufflepuff common room was so she could deliver her next rose. Truthfully, she was slightly shy about meeting another Hufflepuff, as she didn't really like the only Hufflepuff that she had met whilst at Hogwarts. People had always said that they were the nicest out of them all, but Gwen was unsure whether or not she believed that. The Gryffindor asked some people that walked by if they knew someone named Xavier Jeffreys, and when she spotted a Hufflepuff prefect, she quickly made her way over to him. "Hey, um, do you know Xavier Jeffreys?" she asked, hoping the prefects knew almost everyone in their house.
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Xavier Jeffreys
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[justify]Xavier loved the rose deliveries a few years ago, considering it his favourite event at Hogwarts. He even received the most roses out of any student one year, but after his phase of being a recluse he couldn't find himself wanting to dive back into rose deliveries. He wasn't sure if it was the fact he was maturing out of holidays meant to represent love or if returning to delivering roses would be too overwhelming given simply reuniting with his friends was overwhelming enough, but he did know that seeing the sign up sheet hadn't motivated him to write his own name down. Nevertheless he was enjoying his valentine's day, or trying to, and after getting ahead on school work decided to go outside for some fresh air. As he walked out of the common room he was surprised to see a young girl approach him asking if he was Xavier, but as he realized she might be delivering a rose to him it suddenly made more sense. Surely Ares or Signy would have thought to send him something, possibly even Kauri. "I'm Xavier." He said, smiling at the girl. "Did you need something?" He asked shortly after, just in case she needed his help for something else and wasn't actually delivering him a rose. [/justify]
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