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Fourth Years: Lesson One; *Archived*
Topic Started: Jul 25 2018, 07:28 PM (56 Views)
Professor Cyndi Kingsley
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HNZ Class of 2023/ Gryffindor HoH/Mom of 3

The professor sat at her desk, her gaze towards the window, her thoughts very far away. It wasn't until she heard someone clear their throat that she realized the lesson was meant to have begun several moments before. “Sorry" she apologized, cheeks flushing in embarrassment at having been caught so unawares. “Let's not waste any more time. This year will be spent learning more about runes and identifying how they are created. We will also be making our own set.“ Cyndi watched to see the student’s reactions. She knew some students had a different idea of what runes were meant to be and do, and she wanted to respect that.

“Before we can get to that point, however, I'd like to review what we learned last year.” With a swish of her wand, an identical sheet appeared on the desk of each student. She had the feeling that expecting them to have kept their old sheets in pristine condition over an entire year was asking just a little too much.
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She proceeded to review the Aetts, taking solace in lecturing the students, not realizing how much she'd needed a distraction from her personal problems. “We'll get to making runes in future classes, but first, I want you to think about what you want your runes to be carried in” and Cyndi flicked her wand again, summoning her bag to her. The professor held it up for the students to see.

"This is a bag that my husband bought for me shortly after I was married." She looked at the bag sadly before continuing. "It has a lot of meaning to me, which is what you want for your bag. It should be something that makes you feel" she explained, her finger rubbing her bag as her voice lowered again. "For your homework, I want you to search, buy, make, conjure, a pouch to carry your runes in and bring it with you next class as your completed homework assignment.” Cyndi forced a smile at the class. "Class dismissed."
Roleplay the lesson. Find a picture of a bag/pouch that suits your style, that will be what you would carry your stones in and explain why that bag is the one you choose. Be creative and show a little of who your character is in your description of why you chose that particular bag.Ancient Runes,4,1
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Sophie Wilson
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While the holidays had been nice, Sophie didn't mind returing to Hogwarts. Here she had friends, a boyfriend, and the paper. The girl really enjoyed writing for Hogwarts Monthly, and working on it since her second year had really helped her improve. She was now determined to become a journalist after Hogwarts, and she knew she had to work a bit harder to make that a reality. She never used to want to be like her sister, but when it came to grades perhaps she could learn a thing or two from her.

Sophie couldn't say she had greatly enjoyed Ancient Runes last year, but it had partly been because she had resented it from the start because Amber liked it. Looking back on that now, it seemed silly and immature. Sophie was going into this year with a more open mind, though she was still critical. The girl took her seat in the classroom and took out parchment and quill, she was certain they would at least get some information about how this semester would go, which was usually useful to note down for later. Professor Kingsley seemed to be lost in thought, and after a few moments Sophie cleared her throat to let her know they had arrived. The professor seemed embarrassed, but at least the lesson was beginning. It was surprising that they would make their own sets of runes this year, though now that she thought about it Sophie thought she had heard Amber mention something like that.

But first, they were going to review what they had learned last year. This wasn't a bad thing for Sophie, who really hadn't tried very hard last year. Sophie took the new sheet, then took a few notes ont he lecture. Maybe she could ask Amber for her old notes, just to get a better grasp on it all. Having a slightly closer relationship with her sister wasn't all that bad, and she had the feeling Amber would be happy to help her. The homework made her a little uneasy, though. Sure, a bag you got from your new husband had meaning, but they were fourteen years old. How much meaning did anything they did really have? Sophie couldn't really think of anything, so she figured she would just get a random pouch somewhere, though perhaps she could make it look a bit more fun. While she focused more on writing lately, Sophie still enjoyed visual art too.


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This is just a simple black bag I bought, but i put some blue paint on it to make it more unique. I don't know if it makes me feel anything, but i like it anyway. At least, enough to use it for this class this year.

Ok, I encourage you to keep thinking about a way to hold your runes that invokes more meaning as I mentioned in class. Your readings will be better for it.

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Jessica Cade
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On some level Jess had picked up Ancient Runes in her fourth year to make a point to Professor Kingsley that not only was she bag to attending classes but she was taking them seriously. She knew her actions and her attitude had tested the limits of her head of house's patience and her understanding. More than ever Jess wanted to prove that she had put that time in her life behind her and prove herself. The Gryffindor entered the classroom and smiled at the woman at the front of the classroom before taking her seat.

After a Ravenclaw girl cleared her throat to get Professor Kingsley's attention the lesson began. Jess had learned from the helpless experience she felt the previous semester where she went into classes without knowing what had been covered the previous year. Jess wasn't going to do the same with such a complex subject as Ancient Runes. When the professor began to go over the details of what they covered last year she had a good idea of what it all was and she took out notes she had made to make sure she was following everything. Jess hadn't put much thought into her rune bag and what it would be made of or look like. When Professor Kingsley it should have some meaning attached to it Jess could only think of one thing, or rather one person and Jess wanted to try and honour her with her choice of design. Once the lesson was over Jess packed everything away and made her way out of the classroom.

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I don't like flowers but my best friend Leila does and anything that reminds me of her is meaningful. I chose a bright colourful pattern with a floral design to remind me of Leila knowing the thought of her makes me smile even in my darkest hour.

Excellent choice!
Edited by Professor Cyndi Kingsley, Aug 1 2018, 08:50 AM.
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Elizabeth Chatwin
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The holiday was over and that meant the second semester had arrived and the lessons were back on track. Her holiday went over fine and her exams had went by just fine. Elly was still slightly tired, but that wasn't going to make her homework suffer in any kind. The weather had been nice and Elly had enjoyed her little period free from school. She had worked in the menagerie and also tried to keep up with her training to become an animagus. It had been hard, but it was a lot of fun. Elly had a new goal for this semester which was to create nice and healthy balance between schoolwork, friends and other things she had to do.

Ancient Runes was on her schedule today and Elly was excited for the subject. She liked doing the subject it was amazing. They first got a part about what they had done last year it was somewhat of a revision. Elly made notes since she wasn't sure where she had left her old notes. When the Professor started about their own rune bags Elly had to think she hadn't really thought about where she would put her runes in and how it would look like. It had to have some meaning so Elly was thinking really hard so she could have a bag that suited her. With a choice and design in mind she left the classroom.

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I picked a bag with a owl. I love the animal and for me it is a animal that is very wise and knows things. Something that can be achieved with runes as well. Also an owl stands for bringing messages and that interlocks with runes. I also feel like an owl is my spirit animal and I picked for the dark color because its so mysterious. There are two different beads on the strings that stand for diversity and difference and that is what I want to portray.

Nice choice!
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Big thank you to Annaleise for making this banner.
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Kauri Tipene
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Kauri was excited to be returning to Ancient Runes after the break. He had enjoyed the subject a lot last year, and looked forward to learning more. Taking a seat near the front, Kauri got his things ready to take notes, and waited for the lesson to begin. As they started he was pleased to have remembered to bring his handout from last year, though he took the second one as well, figuring a backup was a good thing to have. He read through the list again, refreshing his memory of the runes and what they meant. He remembered a couple of them, but it had been a long time, and it was good to go through and refresh them in his mind. As Professor Kingsley told them what they had to look for in a rune bag he took notes, though a thought was already coming to him. Once class was over Kauri packed up his things and made sure to thank the professor before heading up to the owlery to write to Mum as quickly as possible.

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My mum and I made this kete when I was little and she was teaching me weaving. It's made from harakeke from our backyard. I used to keep my lego people in it when I was a kid but I think it would be perfect as a rune bag.

I think so too. Great choice.
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