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Good Times; *Closed* Anna
Topic Started: Jul 12 2018, 06:26 AM (40 Views)
Aodhan Kaelen
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Aodhan didn't like how the yule ball had ended for the two of them, as he expected there to be a lot more candy eating involved before they would leave, but knew that at some point he had to drag Andi away from the insufferable oaf. He didn't know who the boy was but he had ruined their night and he couldn't just let him get away with it. Thanks to the boy's date Aodhan now knew that his name was Rory which was the only piece of information he needed for the moment. Surely Andi would tell him more about Rory if he asked her. He led them far away from the Great Hall to his favourite spot in the Hogwarts gardens. It was still rather nice outside, and since they would probably be the only ones out at the moment, thought that spending the rest of the night there would be a perfect idea. Aodhan let go of the girl's hand when they arrived and turned around to face her. ''How are you doing?'' He asked. ''Let's forgot about that prick and enjoy the rest of the night here, okay?'' He added.
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Andi Forstrom
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[justify]Andi wanted the full yule ball experience, dressing up and dancing with her boyfriend before they stuffed their faces with sweets and ran off carrying even more sweets for later. But instead all she was given was a confrontation with hands down the worst person she had ever met, only moments after she and Aodhan walked into the hall together. The resulting blind rage she found herself in and Aodhan dragging her outside to keep her from causing more of a scene didn't falter when they reached the school gardens and he let go of her hand. He had the best intentions to enjoy what was left of the night and she would otherwise have reveled in the typically romantic scenery around them, but in a huff she crossed her arms over her chest, kicking one of the nearby flower bushes and swearing loudly. "I hate him so much. So entitled and judgemental, and a liar! Ugh!" She kicked the same plant again, wanting to take her anger out on something. Forgetting about Rory's words and actions let alone the nerve of him to twist the truth of what happened to his sickly naive date wasn't easy for her, as much as she wanted it to be. She never wanted to waste her time attending the yule ball again if the ordeal of that night was going to be repeated.[/justify]
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